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Wednesday 18 March 2015

A book by a female author: The Schoolboy

Publisher: Cinnamon Press

I've followed this lovely lady on twitter for a while, she is an author and cat fan! YAY! So when the opportunity to read one of her books came about I jumped on it!

Nick is a school boy and a very scary and fucked up one at that. We are going to get to know him a bit...brace yourself!

Nick is so so so creepy! He is a terrifying teenage boy, the type you dread being around when you are a teenager and probably as a parent would dread being near your son and daughter! He was well constructed and it was interesting to read a book written from a teenage boy's perspective that is authored by a woman and a young woman at that. The only criticism I would have is that on occasion the vocabulary and turn of phrase was a tad adult, however, Nick is obviously intelligent so it did work in places.

The story and style were awesome, I loved the way that the narrative constantly alluded to what had happened in the past but didn't give it all away at once. The need to find out what the hell had gone on was a constant draw and HH is teasing the reader constantly, making you read on and on and on!

The whole book is dreadfully confusing, but in a good way as you constantly don't know who to believe. Is Nick a misguided youth who you can actually trust or is it Gravy who is the one who is on the side of right. Did people really lead Nick on and he is actually the innocent party. So many questions and you flip flop constantly!

The most terrifying thing about the whole novel however was how sexual violence is portrayed as being a woman's fault by the men involved. It really is horrifying and portrayed in a way that really hits you.

A really gripping read that is at the same time totally terrifying.

Happy Reading


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