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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Review: Easy Go

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

At last! A Review!
So, I've got pretty much the whole Michael Crichton as John Lange series and I am working my way through them all. So far, as I'm sure you'll know if you read my blog when I post, I really enjoy them.
Yes, they do have some dated actions/reactions/interactions/portrayals of women and yes they are cheesy as hell, but sometimes you just need a bit of a fun page turner to relax you and ease your mind.
And guess what, Easy Go does just that along with alllll the others.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptology side we were rocking this time. It made the novel seem really different. It felt less bond and more Indiana Jones and that was very cool.
It was once again full of stereotypes (the inspector from the Egyptian museum), and sass (a certain babe of a personal secretary) but that is just fun as you really can't take these books seriously.
The ending was brilliant, and tbh it was the best one so far. Really different from the others, but then again, as I mentioned above, the whole book was a bit different to the others as we went more IJ and less JB. But I'm not going to say more than that about the ending as don't want to spoil it for anyone.
Do read these books, do be amazed at the skills of Michael Crichton and just have some fun with these. I've got a few more left and can't wait to read them!
Happy Reading

Friday 2 December 2016

Review: Forbidden Line

Publisher: Galley Beggar
I wish, oh I wish I was more intelligent so I could REALLY appreciate this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I really really did, but 1. I wish I had read Don Quixote before I read it and that I had the Peasants' Revolt sorted!
So, if you want to read this book and REALLY get to the heart and grit, get on the above first.
Nonetheless, I think this book is marvellous. It's mad, it's eccentric, it's gripping, it's lovely, it's beautifully written, it's absorbing, it's challenging...it's basically everything...it's even funny!
I love how nothing is questioned at any point, I love how the path that Is and Don are taking seems completely normal the more you get sucked in by the pages.
I think my favourite thing however is the narrator. The narrator interjections are fabulous and funny and make you realise every now and again that you should be thinking that these two unlikely friends are bloody mental.
Do read this book and embrace it. Let it suck you it and take you over.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Revie: The Woman in Blue

Publisher: Quercus
I can't remember if I have read one of these before or not...and I mean one of the Ruth books. It feels like I have, things feel familiar....but I'm wondering this could be because this is a pretty standard/formula crime novel that fits all the required parts together nicely.
But the fact it fits the mould isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the book did the job of being an easy commuter read. It's also still a page turner and that's also, again what I look for in a decent crime novel.
I enjoyed the religious aspect of this novel as well. The women as priests debate may be a bit old now but it was interesting indeed as not come across it in a novel before....also suppose the woman as bishops aspect is topical of this for the moment.
Also, I laughed out loud a few times in the last 50 pages as there are some cracking one liners, I think I ended up enjoying the book even more because of those :-)
So, if you want an easy read crime novel, go for this one...it's decent.
Happy reading

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Review: Shoot

Publisher: Titan Books
Definitely do not judge these books by their cover. Hack which I read in November last year was a treat and this novel was too. Don't believe the slightly trashy looking covers.
This novel has been very aptly released as it obviously sits right smack bang in US election season and now the fall out so well done Titan on that. The political edge is also really interesting and amusing as US politics is something I enjoy following.
Shep and Skip continue to be a fab duo in this book and it's really great to have them back. Shep is becoming a more layered and multifaceted character which is great to see as it's following the novels which are themselves becoming more complex and layered. But do not fear, the deeper complexity is not detracting anything at all from the books and the fun that they contain.
As usual great to have some comedy and topical chat in a novel that's action packed and dangerous. BUT this time, do brace yourselves for some stress and worry! NOOOOOO!

So, once again a fun, fab novel which is a cracking page turner.



Wednesday 2 November 2016

Review: Flesh Coloured Dominoes

Publisher: Arcadia
So, from the very start, I'm going to tell you that I really don't think I got this book at all. I think it's gone way over my head. Either because something is lost in culture/translation or I really just don't understand it.
BUT, I can say a few things about the book.
I enjoyed the style a lot, it was very eloquently written and kept me engaged. The translation, at least when it came to the English language and syntax and all that did not falter once.
The alternate chapters of the Nazi/war section and the Olden time cut in half was very well contrasted and starkly placed. I did see the point/get the Nazi story line more than the cut in half story line....again i think I missed something.
So, overall, a book I think I would have enjoyed if I had have understood it!


Monday 17 October 2016

Review: I Am Pilgrim

Publisher: Bantam
Last of my holiday reads then (I know I've been back three weeks but shush).
So, people have raved at me about this book for yonks and I bought it with the birthday voucher I got as I saw my opportunity to BUY MORE BOOKS! And man am I glad I bought this book.
So, we are with an secret-agent, we are at a crime scene and from there we are about to find out all about him, his life, how he has become who he is and how the world is going to shit.
I am not going to use the character's name as I don't want to spoil anything, so the main man is awesome. He is like Jason Bourne but with intelligence, sass, character, depth, layers and I imagine he's far better looking.
The writing style evolves with the novel. It starts off being very politically led and very in depth, you need to concentrate to a degree to follow it. However, as it moves on the action kicks in a bit more and a sense of urgency develops. It turns in to an action led thriller from a politically led thriller and it's awesome!
But even though the change happens, nothing detracts from how brilliant and gripping and entertaining and absorbing this book is.
There are a few things I have to point out in particular:
- The hotel manager and his mental but amazing English is possibly my favourite thing in the book. It's so endearing and so so funny at the same time. I hope you love him too.
- I cried/filled up with tears in public places four, YES FOUR, times reading this book. I hope that shows you how fantastically written it is.
- I exclaimed in horror once. So much so that Boy Geek came running in to the room to make sure I was ok as he thought something horrible had happened to me.
So, there you have it. Reasons to read this book, without telling you pretty much anything about the book as I don't want to spoil a single page for anyone!.
P.S. At a hen do a few weeks ago this really dickheadish girl said 'oh I am Pilgrim, I read that a few weeks ago and it's the worst book, it's so unbelievable.' She can sod off...she obviously doesn't get books!

Friday 7 October 2016

Review: Go Set A Watchman

So, Mummy Geek read this book and gave me hear copy with a review along the lines of 'it's rubbish'. But, as I read, as many have, To Kill A Mockingbird for my GCSE English and loved it, I had to have a go.
I read this on holiday, yes another one, and originally put it in the 'medium read' category of my holiday selection. Man was I wrong, it should have gone in the easy as I read it in a matter of hours.
Yes, it was nice to be back with Scout, 20 years after TKAM, and it was nice to see how everyone was getting on, how life had developed and what types of people the characters had turned in to, as let's face it, 20 years can change a thing or two. For the record, Scout pretty much is the person I thought she would be, and yes I am aware she is fictional.
But what I didn't like about the book is how unsubtle it is compared to TKAM. The nuances of the first book and the gentle tentative writing was gone that cropped up. I missed them. And no more so than towards the end, say the last quarter, where it all started to feel like a very self indulgent book. It seemed to me as if HL wanted the reader to know what a modern and civil person she was in the 50s yet how understanding she was of others and their lives and perception of the world.
Overall, not a patch on TKAM and a bit of a let down, despite having heard from more than Mother Geek that it was a bit shit. I am glad I read it though.

Monday 3 October 2016

Review: Dial up for Murder

Publisher: Self I believe
A couple of years ago I read The Twain Maxim and thought it was a decent holiday read. Following reviewing that I was asked to read this....due to some things it's taken me a little while but here is the review.
I read this on holiday, I took it as my selection of books as one of the 'easy reads' and it certainly fit the bill. The book is all about Peter and how he gets embroiled in the world of computer hacking in the 1980s...yes the 1980s.
The novel feels rather spoof like and tongue in cheek for the most part which was good after reading A Brief History of Seven Killings and finishing that just before I picked this up. This book is light, amusing and indeed an easy entertaining read.
The tech stuff is as I imagine it would have been in the 80s. I was born in 1986 so have no idea if it's realistic however. But, due to this, the grasp upon the technology was more hard to gather than when I see tech stuff in modern day computery based books and TV shows. That was amusing to be honest.
The sex scenes were totally cringe worthy, but I am hoping this is because the book is a bit spoofy in its style.
The real downfall for this book was the proof reading. I know this book is self published (I think it is anyway) and I know I am one for typos and errors, but there were a lot in this novel and in some ways that detracted from my enjoyment...probs something to do with my day job.
Overall, a decent read, once more suited to a holiday, but not sure I'm keen to read the rest of 'The Hacker Chronicles.'

Friday 30 September 2016

Review: A Brief History of Seven Killings

Publisher: Oneworld
I got a Waterstones voucher for my birthday and I ceased the opportunity to go buy books immediately, and this is one that I bought.
I started reading this book at the end of July. I started reading it on my commute to and from work....bad idea. You really need to concentrate on this book as the Jamaican dialect used by some characters (similar to Irvine Welch and the varying Scottish dialects) are hard to follow when you have distractions. I therefore relegated this book to my book before bed, but even then I couldn't manage much as it's rather taxing to read before bed and sleep soon arrived.
BUT, when on holiday last week I really got stuck in to this book and finally found my pure enjoyment in it.
Yes, some of the chapters need to be given time to absorb and work though, but you do get in to the swing of things and the story is really really interesting as well as gripping. The music, the politics, the gang life in Jamaica are all things I didn't know anything about so this was interesting there as well as on the story level. And what I also think goes for the plot is that I did a lot of picking up and down of this book with days or so inbetween, but despite this I didn't forget the book, it's one that lingers.
The best thing for me though was watching the characters develop some subtly and some unsubtly. They all changed in many ways, even down to their affected way of speaking, removed from 'Jamaican'. MJ really has crafted an excellent novel here and I will indeed recommend it.
Also, I do have to point out the final portion/ending - superb.
Do read this also!
Happy Reading


Tuesday 27 September 2016

Review: Tony and Susan

Publisher: Atlantic Books
This is a book republished after a time of being left behind and apparently it's to be turned into a film soon, how exciting. I will defos be VERY interested to see how they do that as this book is a rather unique one in concept.
So, we are with Susan who is reading a book about Tony that her ex-husband wrote, sent to her and asked her to read and review. That's the basics.
The female voice, Susan, is really very convincing, well done AW, the man, for writing this. I enjoyed it a lot. The Edward (ex-husband) book was also very convincingly created by AW. The tone and style of writing was very different and felt somewhat armature like and unsubbed by professional hand and eye.
What I don't know about the book is what I enjoyed more. I was compelled by the feeling of voyeurism, watching Susan read this book, her life around it and her feelings in and out of the book's grasp. I was also compelled by the story of Tony and Edward's book. It was interesting, it was good, it was basically a thriller/crime novel. What I do know is that I think this book is rather good.
Also, it feels rather timeless, despite being written so long ago. I didn't know it was an oldie to start and didn't notice the letter writing and the lack of mobile phones. So I think that's a good testament to its timeless way.
Defos give this a go
Happy Reading


Friday 9 September 2016

Review: A Man With One Of Those Faces

Publisher: McFori Ink (Self)
Mr Scott Pack of @meandmybigmouth fame put  me on to CMcD and this here book telling me that even Miss Sarah Millican is a fan. So of course, with me loving her I was all over this from the start.
To kick things off, the cover feels amazing. Yep, you read that right, the cover is so smooth and soft to stroke, it's brills!
Anyway this book is all about Paul and how he has been mistaken for someone else, people seem to think he's someone else a lot, but this time, this mistake has got him in trouble! Arse!
As I'm sure you will imagine, with this book being written by a comedian, it's funny. It is in fact so funny I actually laughed out loud on several occasions and this is always fun on a packed ThamesLink commuter train. You get lots of looks. But it was worth it tbh.
Next thing, it's rather dark in it's own way. Even though the tone and writing style is light hearted, the violence, the events, and even some of the characters are so dark and twisty they are almost uncomfortable on occasion. I think that the darkness is in fact enhanced by the comedy, it's all very starkly contrasted, but by gum does it work.
I really loved Paul in the end. At the start I found him to be a bit of a tosser but I warmed to him. Bunny and Nora were dudes from the start and don't even get me started on good old Granny with a Gun. SHE WAS AMAZING!!
I think, for me, the book was more about the characters than the plot. They were so strong, and well developed I would have enjoyed the book regardless of the plot line. But I am indeed looking forward to the next one. A great read.
P.S. Chairman Meow....that's what I wanted to call my cat...Boy Geek wouldn't allow it! I also like Cat Boy Slim.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Review: Punishment

Publisher: Corvus
Bloody hell! Completely forgot that I hadn't reviewed this little gem!!!
So, we are with Johanna and Adam who have become embroiled in a very horrible trail of kidnaps and murders. And from the word go, I was gripped.
Fantastic set up for Johanna getting involved, fantastic linking of a main plot and sub plot and great relationships all round between characters you like and characters you loathe! Very detailed, thoughtful and insightful writing all round in this novel. There are also many layers to this book which I thoroughly enjoyed and the translation is spot on!
Kristiane is a total babe and possibly one of my favourite characters and I look forward to delving in to her story and situation more in the other Anne Holt books that there are...please let Kristiane be around. 
The twist in the novel is OUT STANDING and I did not see it coming at all. So do enjoy that avid crime readers who can usually see a twist coming from 50 miles away! I'm not sure if I didn't see it because I was so enamoured with the writing and absorbed by the characters or just because it is so clever! Maybe a bit of both?

Over all this book is great. The characters are outstanding, the book has real heart, depth and feeling and I really cannot wait to read more.

I'm going to stop raving about the novel now in case I give something away!

Happy reading


Tuesday 23 August 2016

Review: Tenacity

Publisher: Headline
I will be totally honest but I judged this book by its cover and didn't read it for ages. But I have A Brief History of Seven Killings as one of my books on the go at the moment so needed some crime fiction to soften the brain stretching that Brief History requires.
I want to know first off why the case mentioned in the first chapter wasn't a book it sounds AMAZING and pleas write a prequel I would be allll over that like a rash. The reason I would be all over that? It sounds like a far better plot.
I have to say that this book bored me a bit, I found some parts interesting, but they all related to Dan and her past and what she'd been through. I really didn't get down with all the HMS Tenacity stuff, it was all a bit too far fetched and unrealistic and was very thin in its credibility and what have you.
Dan as a character is great and her relationships with the others was awesome too, so please do give us the back story in a new book!!!
The violence across the novel was very graphic and quite scary in places, especially when against women. But I couldn't like Dan. Yes, I found her character intriguing and interesting but I couldn't help but feel that she is an idiot of putting herself in the situations that occur and she needs to get a grip.
I just don't know what to make of this book, but there certainly is potential for there to be a cracker written around it!

Friday 19 August 2016

Review: Lucy Lockheart - The Awakening

Publisher: Thomas Hamilton and Co
So, my oldest and dearest friend presented me with this book when she came to visit over my birthday. She also had a great story linked to it, but I won't tell it here.....I do not wish to get in to trouble ;-p
So, we meet Lucy who has just woken up from a coma but, she doesn't appear to be Lucy anymore, or at least not just Lucy anymore.
I defos think this book is more of a YA novel than one just for adults. It has a more 'tame' tone to it that would make it perfect for the younger audience, but it's also an easy read for adults so why not...as always there is a cross over these days and I say it needs to carry on.
Anyway....I thought the bulk of the book was alright. I was intrigued, I was drawn in enough to keep turning pages, but the ending of the book really did seem rushed. There were pages and pages of build up and description and background, but when the final hurrah arrived, it really was very very rushed and that was a bit of a disappointment.
Also, I think this book not only needed better proof reading but it needed better editing as it did lack a certain something and read VERY oddly in places.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Review: Trail of Echoes

Publisher: Titan
So, this is the third Lou Norton book and I will just confirm I still love Lou. Land of Shadows was book one and was stonking. Skies of Ash made me fall in love with Lou and RHH more.
But, enough about them, on with this one.
I'm going to start with the story of the actual crime. There has been a murder (shock horror) and Lou is on the case with her crack team of amazing characters. The crime(s) are really rather horrible and unsettling and the emotions they bring out and other sub plots they encourage are good. BUT, I knew who the murderer was from the word go. I don't know if I'm just a super awesome detective, or if I've read so many crime novels I know every trick in the book and know what to look for. I do hope it's one of these two and not something else. The only real flaw in this book was that I could spot the do badder from the start, so the crimes didn't really grip me.
What did grip me was getting to know Lou, Colin, their lives, friends and loves even more. This novel, for me at least, was more about the context and the lives of those behind the crime fighting badasses. I enjoy how RHH doesn't make Lou infallible, I enjoy how Lou is normal, how Lou is pressurised, vitimised, troubled by life and not just by her work, as so many other female detectives are in books. She's a real person and I want to be her friend.
Overall, I don't think I liked this book as much as the other two when it came to the actual crime part, but I liked the character analysis and relationship building part and am much looking forward to what the next one will be like.
Happy Reading


Thursday 4 August 2016

Review: Marked

Publisher: Jo Fletcher
I'm going to be open and honest from the start, I have very mixed feelings about this book.
But I will start with this....
The book arrived on my doorstep a very long time ago (sorry about that) in a glorious parcel with my own Drakon, keyring, note and pic! YAY. It was lovely.
Now, the book to start with was an easy to read, funny and rather cool fairy tale styleeee novel. But, the more I read the more I was getting to feel that it was a bit like the Discovery of Witches series of books which really did piss me off in the end as the female characters are odd for the world, slightly poor on friends and need looking after by MEN. These men will make the woman seem useless and airy fairy, weak and stupid....this got to annoy me a bit.
BUT, there were some improvements on the above as Lucky did grow a pear and do a few independent things, but did need men to save her in the end.
I did like the characters other than Lucky and her feeble side. The humour amongst them, the cheekiness and the stark, fairy tale contrasts between good and bad were really enjoyable.
Overall this book had the feel of a kids book with some bad ass twists that defos are not for kids. I'm kind intrigued to read more of this Soulseer series, but then again, if Lucky stays as she is I may get cross.
But, you decide.


Monday 1 August 2016

Review: Bill the Galactic Hero

Publisher: Gollancz
I'm really not sure if I am either really stupid and completely missed the point of this book, or there wasn't a point and I'm trying to search for something. This book has bamboozled and confounded me in many ways!
So, what my review is really going to boil down to is, 'is this book an intelligent comedy/parody style novel like something the Pythons or Douglas Adams would wright. OR is it just a pile of fluff about nothing?' I HAVE NO IDEA.
I can see that there could be some meat to this book - there could be comments on the futility of life and how we all really have no choice and are controlled by things such as government, media and money. But then again, this could just be a space novel for pure entertainment.
What I can say is that I'm not sure why it was 3 books when it just continued on with the story, I didn't really like the style of writing sometimes as sentence structure read awkwardly...but I did like the humorous moments and I did like the end.
Book Geek

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Review: The Natural Way of Things

I read this book a little while ago, but I'm only just getting around to reviewing it as I didn't really know what I was going to say about it...but I need to do it so here is what I think...
The cover is really misleading which is rather good. It's subtle in many ways at alluding to the content but still, it's so nice and flowery and happy! The blurb is really rather dark and makes this book sound more intense and dark than it actually is so don't let that put you off.
The book has a very interesting concept of a group of women with a link all being kept like slaves, like animals, but it's not totally unique. What I did find more unique was that this novel seemed to hold/describe/take shape of an analysis of behaviour and how people, captor or prisoner, begin to behave when there is no hope of escape. That was really interesting.
The characters and how people change in a situation such as this varied in how convincing each was displayed. Some seemed far to caricature-y while others were outright brills....odd mix.
For the ending, it thoroughly annoyed me. It was not enough to be acceptably setting up the book for a follow on but neither was it enough to draw any form of conclusion....grrrrrr. Also, it was too vague to even suggest to anything and if the book could have multiple paths as to what next.
Anyway, different in many ways, mundane in others, and not as twisted as you think.
Book Geek

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Review: Saint's Blood

Publisher: Jo Fletcher
Falcio, Kest and Brasti are back and of course, they have battles to fight, thrones to win and a million other hurdles to overcome...but man do they do it all with flare and humour and do it well.

It started all back in 2014 with Traitor's Blade, and that is where YOU should start if you have not met these three before. And you should defos start this series if you are a fantasy fan!

So, on with this one. The story and the action are a tad darker than in the past two books. Things are a little more bleak, the violence is a little more hard core, and there are a few moments that really are brutal beyond brutal. But, this did fit with the novel and nothing seemed out of place. It seems as through these books SDC and the characters have evolved (as well as the plot of course), and therefore none of this extra darkness seems out of place, in fact it is positively needed.

But, have no fear avid fans, Falcio's narrative is still humorous. F's voice is still true and it's brilliant. His relationships with K and B are perfect and those two are fantastic characters. We are getting to know the other members of the crew better too and that's great. Aline is superb and is getting better with each book. She's turning into one ballsy lady.

I have to comment on one thing in particular. It takes a lot for a book to make me laugh out loud but EVEN MORE for a book to get me to cry. This one got me to fill up on my train in to work and feel glad I was wearing sunglasses. They were happy tears, and I give SDC a round of applause for writing a book that is so consuming that this happened to me.

I don't want to comment on the plot, as I really don't want to give anything away, I really, really, don't. But I hope my love of the characters, the writing style and the emotion this book drew from me is enough to get you to read it.

Oh and YAY this isn't the last time we will see Falcio, Kest and Brasti. Oh, and Arshole - BRILLIANT.

Happy Reading


Tuesday 12 July 2016

Review: Dietland

Publisher: Atlantic
First off I'd like to start off by saying how weird it was that the day I started reading this book, a This American Life pod cast I was listening to talked about it.....it's a good pod cast in general so have a listen if you don't already!
This book is not what you think it will be...don't judge it by it's cover, don't judge it as chicklit....yes it may seem like it to an extent but it's far more hardcore...if anything, I'd call it anti chicklit! Yeah, I said it.....
For the characters, I loved Plum from start to finish and her metamorphosis is well deserved, I became very attached to her very quickly and all I wanted for the entire read was for her to be happy.
The Jennifer sections are told in a VERY different voice the whole way through. They bring a really dark element to this story. But I liked them as they seemed more factual, more real and less flight of fancy. Also, they were so stark to Plum's adventures that they gave real depth to the novel in places where it may have lacked.
This is a vibrant, warming and comforting story, which houses humour and horror all at the same time. It is a real female call to arms and coming of self book - I'm not saying coming of age as Plum isn't too young, she just needs to be herself.
Read this, read it all
Happy Reading

Monday 4 July 2016

Review: The Arrival of Missives

Publisher: Unsung Stories
Not had anything from these guys for a little while, but when I do get something it's great as I have been a fan in the past.
I'm going to warn you now. This review is going to be short as it's a short book and I know that if I waffle on too long I'm going to give too much away. I really don't want to give anything away as there is a real treat in between the covers.
So, to start, I love the humour. The young and innocent voice is perfect and I don't think Shirley really realises she's being funny. Obviously AW knows she is, but you completely forget that. The whimsical tone is perfect and really does make you believe this is a novel from the post WW1 days.
This could be, upon first reading, the traditional story of a love triangle and misguided youthful love, but that all changes and it's perfectly awesome when the change occurs. It makes things VERY interesting and in some ways answers some questions.
A fab mash up of styles and genres with a touch of literary misogyny and feminism nods thrown in.
Happy Ready
BG :-)

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Review: The City of Mirrors

Publisher: Orion
I have been waiting (mainly patiently) for this book for four years! Yes, it's been four years since The Twelve!!! FINALLY I HAVE HAD IT AND READ IT!!! YAY! THANK YOU ORION.
Now, to start, please, please, do not read this review if you have not read the other two books, I don't want to spoil anything for you. Also, I am going to do my very very best not to include any spoilers, and therefore, apologise in advance for what may be a short review.
Firstly, the recap that the book starts with is great, it's like a bible, similarly to 12. So, if you don't remember everything this and a cheeky google will refresh your memory no end! Also, the use of this bible style reassured me that JC has not lost his talent for writing in numerous styles, voices, POVs and his ability to utilise splendid literary techniques. Yes, I am still a  huge fan of JC's writing style as whole and this novel really does not disappoint fans of that part of this series.
The novel jumps around in time a lot, forward and back, but this is also excellent. A lot of questions I previously had about how, why, who and where the hell is everyone else were answered, and very satisfactorily so, without any cheesy or gratuitous waffling. AND in this book the context that I have been desperate for has been provided to me. This alone made me so so happy when reading.
When it comes to the characters, it was great to see the evolution of them and their relationships. These guys became friends over the course of the three books so it was brilliant that they continued to be part of this, the final stage. But prepare yourselves for every eventuality, take my word for it...
Once again there is a lot of violence in this novel, and there is a higher volume of action and desperate action compared to the previous two, in my opinion anyway. But it fits and is necessary as the conclusion is approached.
I know this is short, very short, but fans like me have waited for this novel for years and I really don't want to give away anything. But to recap, a splendid series, with wonderful characters that is beautifully written in all its styles, genres and techniques and if you worried about the ending, stop...this ending is nothing but perfect!
Happy Reading
P.S. Mr JC, write more books, never stop!

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Review: The Suicide Exhibition

Publisher: Del Rey
I lost the dust jacket to this book in the great leak of 2013 (yes I've had this book ages) and so I took this opportunity to plunge into a book without knowing a thing about it...not really sure when I did that the last time, and MAN was it fun.
The whole book is set in WW2 and feels very 'What-oh' and Queen's English. All the main characters seem very wholesome (too an extent) and I loved their turn of phrase, it seemed most authentic. Then all of a sudden you move from a very traditional and classic feeling read to the sci-fi and it's fun.
Fun however, is what this book mainly is, it lacks depth and when I got halfway through I felt like I had read a lot, but I felt like nothing had actually happened, which was annoying. Also, I hate to say it but the ending was a bit rushed. It felt like it was written just as a set up for book two rather than anything else.
All, in all, a fun read, takes you a bit by surprise and some of the characters are rather good. But the book lacked a certain something.
I'd be keen to see what others thought

Friday 27 May 2016

Review: Wicked Game

Publisher: Orenda
If you like a good crime novel with a thriller aspect that's based on reality (to an extent) then this is the book for you.
I didn't realise until I was 150 pages in that this book is based on the life of a real man, the author. I obviously knew the events in the book were real, in many cases, but when I realised this novel was based on one man's career and life, it gave this read more credibility and extra depth. Also, the fact that this book is rooted in reality, meant that for the large part it wasn't sensationalist. There were movements towards this at the end, but I imagine you kinda have to do that if you want a commercial success.
I really liked the different POVs in the book, I'm a fan of this writing technique as I'm sure frequent readers have gathered. But, my main fave man was Kev. Bloody loved Kev!
If you want a book that feels real but has the key action, plot twists and intrigue that leads a thriller onwards then this is defos the book for you. I look forward to the next one!
Happy Reading

Monday 23 May 2016

Review: The thing on the shore

Publisher: Quercus
This is the second book from Tom Fletcher after THE LEAPING, and yes it needs to be in capitals.
There is one familiar face here, but nothing more, oh and there is a call centre, I think we are seeing a theme.....
I thought of how to describe this book when on a jolly with Boy Geek, 'horror for the techno age'. There is technology, but also HORRIBLE things and they are linked very well.
As per leaping, this book makes you feel uncomfortable, you don't know if you really like the characters and there is something up but you can't put your finger on it.
There are some really hideous grotesque characters, there are some that are really very alarming and then there are some which are almost acceptable, but that goes to pot pretty quickly.
This is a short review as I'm afraid to give anything away, but I will say, not for the squeamish, defo for fans of The Leaping, and don't read it if you have one of those faces that makes expressions and you don't know it!

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Publisher: Atlantic
I have had this book for years, years and years and I have put off reading it as well, I judged a book by its cover...sorry people!
Anyway, this book is addictive, it's trashy and easy to read but the tongue in cheek humour is fab and really was something I enjoyed.
All you do is follow around rich Singaporean families as a normal girl is introduced to them for the first time. It's like a soap opera on steroids! You have twiddley moustache villains, gloriously loved beautiful heroine style people and dashingly handsome heroes. Most were however complete cartoons, and that was super.
This book really is opulence and fun at its fullest. This is a really self indulgent book but it's great.
The very very ending did piss me off a treat, but the twists and rest of the read were actually worth it.
Take this on hols with you this summer.
Happy Reading

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Review: Hot Lead, Cold Iron

Publisher: Titan
We're in the 1930s, the heart of gangster age, but there is magic and fantasy and mystery too - PERFECT.
Loved the use of Oberon as a last name, that did not pass by me for one second. YAY. Also, I'm just going to say it now to get it done with, I LOVE OBERON!
The style is great, I like the little asides to the reader, it makes you feel like you really are there and you can just imagine an old film with the asides voice over. I also loved the gangster language. Perfect!

The mash up of worlds was also right up my alley, I love fantasy, love a good thriller/crime novel so this was just the type of book I was  meant to read. Also I was reading it on a work trip back in April, so the complete escapism was more than welcome!

The book gets very very dark towards the end which was a shock as the humour and other aspects were quite light hearted and jovial. But, it's not gratuitous or ridiculous and actually gives the novel a good brutal hit that makes you sit up and take notice.

And this may shock some of you, but I really loved the cheesy ending which has clearly set up another Oberon novel. If Titan are reading this, can I have it please?

Overall, just my type of book, and one that took me by surprise. Fun, gripping, entertaining, unexpected.

Happy Reading


Tuesday 26 April 2016

Review: The Seventh Miss Hatfield

Publisher: Gollancz
Soooooo, the cover and the love bit had put me off initially reading this book, but now I have read it.
I felt that the first portion of the book was a tad rushed, I would have liked to learn more of the relationship between Cynthia and RH, I would like to have had more context and background to the previous 6 Miss Hatfields. The novel seemed keen to get to the main thrust which is the painting. Also, the only other thing that annoyed me was the blurb, it could have done without portions which made some things a bit obvious.
BUT, to be honest in the end I rather liked this book. The love story didn't piss me off at all - whoop - I actually quite fancy the man in question. Also, I kept forgetting it was in America so that made me like the period-ness of it even more, it allowed me to imagine things more easily thinking of British period stuff.
This is a good period novel with a bit of fantasy thrown in. It's fun and well executed, and to be honest, I don't think I'd say no to more.
Happy Reading

Monday 18 April 2016

Review: The Stonehendge Letters

Publisher: The Friday Project

I read The Evolution of Inanimate Objects yonks ago and it took me rather by surprise and I really enjoyed it. The same thing has happened with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it! YAY!

The continuous toying of fact and fiction was I think what I enjoyed the most. I loved how the book got me second guessing constantly. I also thoroughly enjoyed the whimsy of the novel as a whole. and the style of writing, and while I'm at it I'll let you all know that I enjoyed the tale that was being told itself.

And moving away from the fiction, the bits that were solid fact were also rather entertaining and I enjoyed them too! YAY!

Finally, I enjoyed how the things that the winner was famous for were used to conjure a theory regarding Stonehenge.

Happy Reading!


Tuesday 29 March 2016

Review: Landed

Publisher: Windmill
This review is going to be a bit of a mixed bag...just to warn you.
I found the farm and childhood chapters a bit slow going to start with. The other parts were more eclectic and off the wall which I thought were stonking and really kicked off the book in a really interesting way. The history of everything via different mediums, voices and people was very good.
When part 2 began my feelings shifted, dramatically. I was sympathetic towards O to start with, I had understanding for how he was pained, but I'm afraid suspicion took over as I believe his selfishness began to reign.
The kids were lovely characters and balanced out the feelings of anger and annoyance I had about O.
I was not 100pc convinced by the use of Welsh dialect in the book. I was a bit miffed by the constant use of 'like' when the due wasn't really full Welsh and lived in Birmingham. 'Like' being inserted every other word in the  conversations of the Welsh characters seemed rather patronising, and a little bit along the lines of...'that's what Welsh people say' without any real research.
Finally, the ending...WHAT THE HELL??? I am not sure if I completely missed the point or if it's just really bloody weird....comments welcome!
Anyway, yep, a mixed bag, there were things I really liked about this book but things I didn't too...I just don't know where I stand.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Review: FAN

Publisher: Arcadia

I'm giving you another book that's been on my bookshelf for a yonk and one that I didn't think I'd like....apparently it's a theme at the moment.

Fan is the story of Finchy and his coming to terms with events that turned his life around, made it different 15 years prior. While, when you read the blurb and the start of the book you believe it's going to basically be about football and Hillsborough, it isn't. Yes, they of course play a big part, but it's about how one bloke is trying to sort his shit out and confront all the crap and doubts and troubles of his past.

I will admit that I now know more about Nottingham Forest and football to an extent than I ever thought I would (I'm a rugby kinda gal), but it was interesting, it isn't tediously written about and reported. It's integral to the novel, the events, the scores, the players and the matches themselves in telling the narrative of this one man.

This book is also very misleading, but I will not say more than that as I don't want to spoil it for anyone at all.

Book Cunt is a fan of this book, and now I am. If you don't think it's for you, just give it a go, try it. I'm really glad I did and will be recommending it to people for a while.....I am thinking I have a bit of a book hangover from it too!

Happy Reading


Monday 21 March 2016

Review: The Leaping

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
So, I've had this book and two other TF books for bloody ages and TBH I've not really fancied them as horror novels don't always wash with me. But I fancied a change, and I've not read any JF published books for a while.
I'll start off with this...this book, despite being a horror novel isn't as bloody and violent and horrific as one would expect. I was not grossed out, or upset, and when there was some of the grim stuff in play, it wasn't as in your face as it could be. It is creepy though, very creepy on several levels, mentally and heebie jeebie-y.
I really liked the two points of view, Jack and Francis. These are two very different characters and provide good variety to the novel. Also, I liked the friends dynamic as a whole. I enjoyed the concentration on one group of people and I thought the observations of interaction and thoughts was rather good.
This book is, well to me anyway, more about relationships with friends, family and one's self than the whole horror, scary, frightening monster thing. The scary stuff is a good basis to explore such themes and a very unique one and it works, but for me it wasn't the focus.
Also, I enjoyed the background of folklore and fairy tale, which took some of the scary edge off too.
Defos not what I expected, and in a very good way. Far more depth to this book than expected and I now look forward to reading the other two TF books in my possession.
Happy Reading