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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Review: The Lucky Ones

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer
I have the feeling I've read something by Mark Edwards before, and I'm being lazy and not searching for it...I am sorry. But let's crack on with this one.
I enjoyed the different voices and povs. I even enjoyed the switching up from first to third person etc. It gave the book plenty of variety and kept it moving. Was also good to see things from other people's perspectives.
This is definitely a page turner of a book and I was gripped, but it's not horribly hard core in its crime and violence which I think people who like this type of book but can't cope with violence will be pleased about. There is one hardcore section but it's ok....it's more the description of someone's reaction that's horrifying compared with what happens.
I have to ask, why do novelists keep making their police women sound like they look like me!!!???! Imogen seems to look like me and it's rather terrifying when this happens. It also means i get very attached to these characters which is sometimes not a good thing ;-)
I was delighted in general with this novel, and none  more so because I couldn't guess the who dunnit. I have a knack of getting them but not this time and I thank you for that Mr Edwards.
Definitely a good read, defos one to pick up!
Happy Reading

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Review: Sinner Man

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

Previously I've only read the Michael Crichton/John Lange books from these chaps before so it was great to get this one and see what other bits and bobs they had. Obviously, the novels/authors/styles have similarities but it was gooooood to get nonetheless.
From the first page I was absorbed and it was good to get a book that wasn't so slap stick or housing a lead man who went to the James Bond school of wooing women :-p. You were thrust into the action from the word go and even though the novel is set in the (I want to say) 1950s it was very easy to forget that it was alien to today in its lack of technology and ease at which Nat slipped in to a new world.
I can see this book as a Layer Cake style film. I can also see it being made in like a film noir style but with a modern tech and character twist. I think you can see I clearly was captured by this novel.
So, this is short (like the book), but I hope it encourages you to read. The grit, the fear, the worry, the old school gangster fun, totally worth a pop!


Monday 12 June 2017

Review: If We Were Villains

Publisher: Titan Books
In December last year I read The Secret History - Yes I haven't reviewed it yet, yes I'm getting that bad. But I finished this book this morning and felt the need to review it, and I bring up TSH as, as the press release says, there are touches of it in this book, and if I'm honest I would maybe go so far to say that this feels like a less dense version of TSH.
We meet Oliver as he's being released from prison for murder and we're going with him and a retired cop to retell the story of why he's there. We are going to watch it, relive it, experience it. We're in an arts college and these kids are leading the life I would have liked to have led if I hadn't have been told come back in 1 year when I auditioned for a post grad music course and then went to work in publishing where I then resided for 8 years before I moved to where I am now. But, the life if maybe a bit darker and full of a bit of horror, and that bit I am not jealous of.
I was absorbed from the very start by the writing style if nothing else. Thoroughly loved the nod to a layout like a play, the scenes, the acts, the way dialogue was written. I also loved how we had scenes, dialogue etc from the plays they perform in the novel too. MLR knows her Willy Shakes obviously as the plays and scenes and passages chose to include and recreate reflect perfectly what's happening in the story and seemingly in the minds of characters.
The characters were fantastic also. The fourth years, I just don't know if I loved or hated them, I think I did all at one point and their little world was so fascinating. For Oliver, I kept picturing Boy Geek's cousin as he's in a small private drama school, and I'm not sure tbh if he will be flattered or offended when he reads this.
Defos enjoyed this book, will be recommending it around.
Happy Reading

Monday 5 June 2017

Review: Tyrant's Throne

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

I was so so happy to have Falcio, Kest and Brasti return to my life. If you've followed my blog for a while you will know that I've now read all four of the books involving this spiffing trio and I'm completely in love with them.

I often worry with series that things will fizzle out and become shite...this has not happened with these four epic tomes!

The adventure, the humour, the comedy, the heartbreak, the angst, the passion and the fun returned again in what is sadly, the last book in the series. The writing continues to be glorious and the friendship and loyalty between these three is amazing. The plot that was started 3 books prior comes to its final conclusion also and that is great, but I'm not giving anything away as I want you to read these four books and enjoy it all.

What I have to say about these books in particular is pretty much every single one has made me cry be it in happiness or sadness. This occasion I was sobbing on my train to work. ACTUALLY SOBBING and people were looking at me really weirdly and it was all very awkward. But I think the fact that these books have made me cry (when I don't think others have) is a testament to the talent of SdC!

The only criticism I have is that these books were published with big gaps between them. But that can't be helped, we can't rush these things.

So Enjoy, Read them now! READ THEM ALL

Happy Reading
BG :-)