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Monday 24 February 2014

Review: It is just you, everything's not shit

Price: 99p ebook
Publisher: Friday Project

So, I'm one of those people who really does think everything is shit. I get pissed off and grumpy and things very easily and I'm not a real fan of people. However, sometimes, I will see something that makes me very happy...well not always see, sometimes hear, or eat etc etc.

I read this as it was on my kindle and I need whatever I can get my hands on to boost my mood atm. And, to an extent this book did just that. Some of the entries were spot on, especially the breaking frozen puddles one. I AM ALLL ABOUT DOING THAT WHEN THERE IS ONE. Some of the entries I didn't quite get as I'm either too cynical or not old enough, or even too old to get them, but I'm sure as time moves on that will change. 

I liked the inclusion of interviews and fascinating facts which made this a little different from other books that fall in to this realm.

I will try to see a little more joy in the day thanks to this book...however, I can't promise how long it will last.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Friday 21 February 2014

Review: Pride and prejudice and vampires

No idea on price or publisher

Oh holy Jesus! Why would anyone write this and why oh why did I take time out of my life to read this shit. I had, for some reason, imagined that this could be a laugh, however, it was just balls, total balls. It was trash and not even good trash and that is all I can tolerate to say. 

When Pride and Prejudice and Vampires finishes half way through the book, you are relieved as it is over, but no! There are short stories left and they are bollocks. I mean seriously, 'Guide to Immortal Sex', 'Extreme FairyTale Faceoffs'? WHAT IS THE POINT. They weren't even funny or well written. The only bit I could mildly tolerate in the whole thing was the Twilight piss taking.

Do not bother with this book, ever

Book Geek

Thursday 20 February 2014

Holmes Challenge: A Study in Scarlet

So, I've decided to set myself a challenge, and that is to read alllllllll the Sherlock Holmes stories in order. I've read some here and there and I've read some of the 'new' ones written by other authors. It was my maternal grand father's favourite thing to read and I have a big complete collection at home that was his. It even has chocolatey finger prints in it as he used to sit with a bar and read one when he wanted to relax. It's pretty sentimental to me too as I was only 3 months old when he died and it's just lovely to know he enjoyed a good read as I don't know much else about him. Other than what Mummy Geek has hold me.

Anyway...I've read A Study in Scarlet and this is what I thought.

I was not expecting it to be in three contrasting parts. Two, your typical Holmes and Watson, one in North America in a Mormon colony in Salt Lake City. The turn of phrases and language was even American in the second part and that was pretty cool for something that was written in the 1880s.

This wasn't a short story but it wasn't a full book so I'm dubbing it a novella and that was also pretty cool as it gave you a lot of time to learn about how Holmes and Watson met. I didn't really know about their first encounters and meeting so it was darn spiffing to learn allllll about it and see how Watson first perceived Holmes. Their personalities were also there from the offing and that was darn good too.

Unexpectedly, the hows and whys of Sherlock's discovery and workings were delayed until after part 2 which was the US back story. That was in the first part really infuriating as I wasn't sure at all why this part was linked at all. However, as it got going you could tell instantly that it was integral and gave a bit more umph to the story as a whole. When Sherlock's conclusions did come they were awesome as always.

I'm pretty pleased with myself that I've read this (I know I'm modest) and I'm really looking forward to reading more and getting to know the chaps even better.

Join me?

Book Geek


P.S. Benedict, it's a mind ATTIC not a mind palace.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Review: Traitor's Blade - Greatcoats Book 1

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Price: £20 (hardback)

Well then, what is there to say about this book? It's pretty darn awesome. Falcio and his buds have been having a rough time. But times are going to get a bit rougher before they get better.

SdC, I loved how self conscious this book was. I loved the self referencing, I loved the little asides, I loved how you are basically being told a story by Falcio and he isn't always getting things in the right order, he's cracking jokes, making snarky comments and going way off tangent on occasion too. It was in the first person but the style was spiffing so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some of the characters took a while to warm to, some I will never warm to as I HATE THEM and some will just be there for plot purposes I'm sure. The camaraderie between Kest, Falcio and Brasti was pretty darn cool and when the Tailor gets involved then I have to say, it does keep getting better and better.

A few of the plot twists were a tad obvious, but I think I was looking for them as I've read so many fantasy books that I now know when they are going to come/are likely to. But, this didn't detract from my enjoyment one little bit.

I got really invested in the Greatcoats plight, Aline's plight and Falcio's need to sort his shit out. I don't want to know how long I have to wait for the second one as it will no doubt depress the hell out of me.

Defo a book for the fantasy lovers out there and those who like things with a pinch of salt!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Friday 14 February 2014

Review: Cry of the Children

Price: £ 18.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Severn House

Lucy went missing when out with her mum's 'friend' now there are some coppers on the job to look for her.

This book doesn't focus as much on Lambert and Hook as I expected and as the underhead implies as it reads 'A Lambert & Hook mystery.' This was rather surprising, in a good way, as I do sometimes get a tad annoyed when too much time is devoted to the detectives and we miss, what I feel, is the opportunity to get to know the case better. Anyway, this was more case focused and I was delighted.

I'd like to draw particular attention to the characters and how they were developed, especially the suspects in the abduction. All were discussed and described in such detail that they were almost like character studies. In the case of Big Julie, her life was so expertly described and analysed that on occasion I was made to feel really upset, depressed and grief stricken for her and her lack of life, purpose and happiness. Also when it came to Dennis, his character was brilliantly disturbing! So, in conclusion, on the characters, bravo JMG!!!!

When it came to the story, I was rather gripped as there were 5 suspects and no clear perpetrator for the whole thing. What did annoy me was the ending. It seemed rushed, the conclusion was drawn without any real build up and it wasn't totally clear how the detectives came to the conclusion that it was the perp over the other 4. It kind of let down what was a pretty good read and a very well written crime novel.

I would recommend this book, just for the great character constructions alone. However, I would warn that the ending will let you down.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Monday 10 February 2014

Review: Blood Fugue

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: Proxima Books

Around this time last year I read Splinters by Mr JD'L and really really enjoyed it! I've now read another of his books but I'm afraid to say that I didn't totally get this one. I'm sorry!

Kerrigan lives in the woods, he was adopted, he has some kind of blood thing and can kick arse when it comes to the Fugues. In principal this book is right up my street but I'm afraid that there was just a certain something that kept holding me back.

I could see that this could be a great plot and a great concept but I just couldn't get in to it. I found some portions really really gratuitous and I didn't really find Kerrigan to be a very believable character for what went on around him. 

The Spanish family were possibly the best thing in it...but even then some of the tenuous links got on my nerves some what.

I don't know what it was exactly but this book didn't really do anything for me. I found myself picking it apart as I read it and I just couldn't get in to it. 

I really wanted to enjoy it and I'm really sorry that I just didn't get the right vibe. I'm looking forward to reading more from JD'L though as I really enjoyed Splinters!


Book Geek

Friday 7 February 2014

Review: The Machine

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: Blue Door

Vic went to war, Vic came back and The Machine destroyed him. Beth wants to fix him though. Will she create a monster?

This is a story of madness, loneliness and desperation. Beth is devastated and guilt ridden and all alone in a scary future world that is totally bizzarre. I will say it now, but I wish there was more said about the context of the time and how the UK ended up like it is in the book. That's the only bit I found annoying and it did wind me up the whole way through. SORRRRRRRY!!!

This is a complete modern scifi novel for the modern day. And I totally agree with the reviews and comments that this is like Frankenstein. Bravo to whoever noticed that. It would also make a great film. I don't really say that very often as adaptations worry and often annoy me, but I can see myself watching this in an art house cinema somewhere!

Beth is a hateful character. Totally hateful. I think it's due to her selfish desire to make herself feel better and make her life happier despite everything and how it will impact everyone else. But, at the same time I felt sorry for her due to the depression and turmoil she is actually in. Laura was ok, and I bloody loved the waiter. YAY!

I also enjoyed the debates about The Machine. I like the religious element. It all reminded me somewhat of the debates about abortion and euthanasia that still get thrown around these days.

JS's books are great. I don't always know what to expect from them but they never disappoint. This one didn't and I say that you should all read it. You'll be hooked from the beginning by the plot and style.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Review: The Lantern Menace

Publisher: Self
Price: £ 2.05 ebook

I'm a Darren Craske fan girl it seems. I've read a fair few CQ books, all Guard and Rat books and Mythbound. Now, I've flung myself back to the first ever self published book by Mr C and it was a corker as usual.

Finch has a mate who is a Princess, and a bit of a nob. They get in trouble with Rufus and have to go on an epic quest around the Wold. I bloody love a good quest.

I am totally in love with Rufus and I'm in love with Finch's dad, even though he is only in it briefly. Also Mrs M is a total babe all round! (Finch is too young for me). The Princess is a bit of a pain in the arse, but her character does have purpose and provides much entertainment.

This is indeed a book for the younger reader but as always with DC's books, there is something for everyone. There are some adult jokes in there too and the odd bits of wit that would totally go over a kid's head. However, you only need the action and the plot twists and turns and the all round swash buckling joy of it to get along fabulously regardless of age!

I love how this book isn't really in a fixed time. There are carts and magic and druids and torches but people discuss cloning and downloads. It's a proper fantasy world that you can't associate and taint with the thoughts of a more real time and place.

Another excellent read from a man who is now defo one of my favourite authors! Read this, read them all and get involved in the magic!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Sunday 2 February 2014

Review: The Demonologist

Price: £7.99
Publisher: Orion

David is a professor who ends up in a rather crap situation. He goes on a bit of a trip and has a great friend with him.

I wasn't too sure what to expect when I opened this but I was very excited to read it because of that. David and Elaine are fantastic characters...it is a bit unnerving that they have the same names as my rents and one of the situations one is in hit home with me a tad, but that I think, forced me to embrace the book further. I totally fell for Elaine and I felt deeply for David.

I really enjoyed the discussions of demons, evil and religion. It was interesting indeed, especially seeing possibly what someone else thinks of the whole thing (the author obviously) and their position on the church also. To see them hiring the Pursuer is pretty damn interesting as an idea. 

The book also scared me shitless in places and it left me struggling to sleep and then open my eyes in the dark. It was like being a little child all over again. However, don't let children read this by any means!! oOO, also have to say that I was very impressed with the Milton references and aspects. Lots of homework done there I believe.

On the whole, an enjoyable book and a highly interesting one indeed. I would indeed recommend it as it is stimulating as well as shit scary and does indeed have its share of action, love and drama.

Happy Reading

Book Geek