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Friday 7 February 2014

Review: The Machine

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: Blue Door

Vic went to war, Vic came back and The Machine destroyed him. Beth wants to fix him though. Will she create a monster?

This is a story of madness, loneliness and desperation. Beth is devastated and guilt ridden and all alone in a scary future world that is totally bizzarre. I will say it now, but I wish there was more said about the context of the time and how the UK ended up like it is in the book. That's the only bit I found annoying and it did wind me up the whole way through. SORRRRRRRY!!!

This is a complete modern scifi novel for the modern day. And I totally agree with the reviews and comments that this is like Frankenstein. Bravo to whoever noticed that. It would also make a great film. I don't really say that very often as adaptations worry and often annoy me, but I can see myself watching this in an art house cinema somewhere!

Beth is a hateful character. Totally hateful. I think it's due to her selfish desire to make herself feel better and make her life happier despite everything and how it will impact everyone else. But, at the same time I felt sorry for her due to the depression and turmoil she is actually in. Laura was ok, and I bloody loved the waiter. YAY!

I also enjoyed the debates about The Machine. I like the religious element. It all reminded me somewhat of the debates about abortion and euthanasia that still get thrown around these days.

JS's books are great. I don't always know what to expect from them but they never disappoint. This one didn't and I say that you should all read it. You'll be hooked from the beginning by the plot and style.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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