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Monday 14 December 2015

Review: The Unquiet House

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
I'm in two minds when it comes to this book.
It was an enjoyable read on the most part and it was an easy read. It's nice to have one of those some times. Also, I've not read a ghost type novel in a while so that was pretty cool too.
However, I could really see some of the plot coming from about 55 million miles away and the ending was a bit of a let down.
My main quibble with the book though is this....surely not all people from near Leeds in the 1970s and 1930s spoke like the author makes out, so regionally and OTT allllll the time. That drove me a bit bonkers.
Anyway, short review, I know, but if you want an easy and quick read that's a bit on the spooky side, give this a shot.
Happy Reading

Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Pulitzer prize winning book: The Road

World Book Night
The Road won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007!
The book is weirdly disjointed but it keeps you as on edge as the man and boy most likely are! You end up feeling rather connected to them because of this and as if you are on the journey with them.
It's strange how heart warming yet at the same time heart wrenching I found this book. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions from cover to cover!
However, I always wanted to know more. How the world came to be as it is in the book? What exactly is happening in the world? What is the hierarchy? Why are some people to be avoided and others not? Why did some people survive and others not? The questions are everywhere!! But even though I didn't get answers I weirdly wasn't disappointed...hmmmmm.
Basically it seems to be above love and relationships, trust and bastardlyness, the good and pure and the evil.
This is very much a lingering book and I will continue to recommend it to people for many moons.
Please read this!

Friday 4 December 2015

Review: Fool's Quest

Publisher: Harper Voyager
I was so excited to see this was out....but I'm sure you all know my love of Hobb and Fitz by now...
I do have one downer to mention on this book...and well this series in general...I really don't like Bee. I have been rather non-plused by her voice and her story. I find her boring and well, intensely dislikeable...sorry!!!
Love the front cover! Don't want to give anything away for spoilers but wahhhhhh!! You will all see!!!
I'm going to try not to talk about the plot btw, as I'm sure no one wants this ruined, so this will be a short review!
There are so many revelations in this novel and so many suspicions I've held not only for Fitz and Fool novels but other characters in other Hobb books were confirmed. One in particular I was desperate to have confirmed and it was!!! If anyone else was pleased by this do let me know!!!!
The book filled me with anguish from start to finish and I got so so drawn in to the emotion. I think it's partly Hobb's glorious style and my deep deep love for the people of these books. I love them all (even Bee....ish) in their own special ways and feel like I am one of them. Fitz is still my one true love though, as he has been part of my life for 13 year!!!
I will say that towards the end I started to panic that not only will this be the last Fitz based series but it will be Robin Hobb's last series...too much is being neatly tied together. PLEASE WRITE MORE MS HOBB!
Oh and a word of advice. If you haven't read the previous books, I mean ALL the Robin Hobb books in the back catalogue, DO NOT READ THIS THIS TRILOGY FIRST! IT WILL RUIN THINGS FOR YOU AND NOT ALL OF IT WILL MAKE SENSE!
Love this book, Love Hobb, Love Fitzs, LOVE READING!

Monday 30 November 2015

Review: Savage Lane

Publisher: No Exit Press
To start off with, I really liked the writing style. It was right up my street. Also, whilst the boko is creepy and unnerving, it seems so very real and normal. That makes it even more creepy and alarming...arrrrgghhh!!!
I think one of my fave things about this book were the curve balls that are thrown at you...then all of a sudden JS backtracks and you get the explanation. It kept me hooked, 100000000% hooked and it was really well done.
When it came to the characters, they are so well formed that I hated the ones who got comeuppance and loved the ones who were good. The humour in the book made this a great read too, and that can't be forgotten by any means.
I think what really hits you with the read however is that people are, in normal every day life, really rather complex but can be seriously bloody stupid when they want to be and let emotions, love and obsession take over.
A cracking read, that I really enjoyed and I think the cover is rather awesome too!
Happy Reading


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Review: The Defenceless

Publisher: Orenda Books
I will start off by letting you all know that this is another most excellently translated book from the lovely lady at Orenda! Boom.
I don't think I lost out on not reading the first AF book before embarking on this one, however I would like to read it. So, as far as I can say, don't be worried about not having read the previous novel.
The style of the novel was great and I enjoyed the story flicking between not only voices, but complete narratives, points of view and on occasion, cases! I also liked the complete mashup of gang crime, immigration and greed that the whole book encompasses.
When it comes to the characters.....I surprisingly liked Esko and Anna the most. You will see what I mean by the Esko comment when you read it.
All in all, a good crime novel and excellently translated. It has indeed inspired me to read other AF novels and more by KH!
Happy Reading

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Review: The City Stained Red

Publisher: Gollancz
Right then, I'd not read a Sam Sykes before, regardless of having the Tome of the Undergates on my bookshelf for about forever. And I do ask now, should I have read that before this????
This novel seemed spoof like in places, and then really rather serious and hard core in others. That was a tad odd to me! Also, I didn't find it 100% easy to follow and in many places I couldn't actually find a discernible plot to follow in the first place. I don't know if I just wasn't concentrating or if I'm an idiot, but that's how I found it.
The book did however actually make me laugh out loud in places! WELL DONE SS! That takes some doing!
Now, the plot...well what I made of it...it seems to be about a band of Adventurers finding their places in the world with some politics on the side. And whilst I do have the above bugbears about it, I did find the novel entertaining and I am encouraged to read more by SS to see how his other books go.
Happy Reading and do let me know about Tome!

Monday 16 November 2015

A Banned Book: American Psycho

Publisher: Picador
SOoooooo, AP was banned in Queensland for aaaaages and now only those over 18 may buy it! BOOM!
I really enjoyed the film, so when Boy Geek read this on holiday I thought, hell I should too! However, I had to buy my own copy as he had borrowed his from a mate and they have that weird don't bend the spine rules! (Cheers for getting it for me Big Green).
The style of the book took a while to get used to, especially the conversations. I wasn't 100% into the style for a long while, but I persisted and got there.

Throughout the whole novel all I could think at the truly horrifying moments is, how can someone's imagination contain all this? I really struggled to comprehend it in places!

However, the really big question is, is this all just the crazy mind of a disturbed fantasist, or is what is going on actually real? It's a massive question the whole way through and really drives you to read on and think about the book a lot after.

Defos not a read for the squeamish or feint hearted!

Read on!


Monday 9 November 2015

A Popular Author's First Book: Sarah Canary

Publisher: Gollancz
Just to kick things off, I preferred the cover on the copy I had! :-p
Secondly, KJF is considered a legend and master, so this counts as her first book and she is popular author in her genre!
This was not the book I expected at all! It wasn't as simple and basic by any means. I wouldn't say it is particularly sci-fi either tbh so the above cover has really thrown me off.
I really liked the inclusion of Native American/Chinese politics. That was really rather interesting and definitely unexpected!
I really enjoyed the historical context parts of this novel, but to be honest, the story just made me feel really, rather bored. There didn't seem to be one.
Overall, I spent the majority of this book hoping the story wasn't the main focus and what really mattered when it came down to the crunch was the comments on women, Chinese, Native Americans and those with mental health issues. I'm really hoping that this book is one big comment on the fairness that minorities deserve. I'm really hoping the story is not what people love about this book!
I'd like to know what other people think so let me know!

Friday 6 November 2015

Review: Gleam

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
I love a good fantasy novel and I bloody love a good quest! Huzzah all round for Gleam on that front. It's a cracking quest style fantasy novel but the best part is that the group we become friends with are bad ass losers! BOOM!
I loved the fact that the (anti) hero is called ALAN! And I love that the others have odd/interesting names in comparison.
The style was good and the characters were cracking, epic beings. I liked the slight scifi edge and the book as a whole reminded me of Ecko series due to that (still waiting to get my hands on the last one of that series BTW).
The description in this book was also epic and it was clear enough that I really could picture it all in my mind! And what was even better is that I didn't find the descriptive passages at all self indulgent as can often be the case in books of this style.
Oh, and a not on the physical aspect of the book....LOVE A HARDBACK WITHOUT A DUST JACKET! YAY!
So, happy reading

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Review: Hack

Publisher: Titan Books
Just a quickie as I'm in the office and have shizz to do...

This book is very, very, very funny! It has an excellent loose and free flowing style that I absolutely loved. Totally easy to read because of this and rather enjoyable to boot.

I really enjoyed how surreal many things seemed, but how normal KC makes these events in his style of writing and approach to them. As well as how the characters deal with them. Apart from FX, he is surreal.

I also thoroughly enjoyed how the book delves into hard hitting things such as military corruption, blackmail and murder, but the combination of it with the quips and parody is excellent.

So, enjoy this read, I defos did!

Happy reading


Sunday 1 November 2015

Book of Short Stories: The Angel Esmarelda

Publisher: Picador

Soooooooo, yep, this is book of short stories. I'm going to do my usual and just comment on each story.

BTW, always really loved DD, so when I came across this book about 4 years ago I was psyched. Not sure however how I didn't come to read it till recently. It seems that each story tells you a lesson...so here are some thoughts.

To start this story made me feel warm and excited. However there is reality that the men are bastards and the beauty of the story turns completely black.

Human Moments in WWII
An immense sense of loneliness came with this story. Also attempting to gain/maintain a life seems to be the drive. What is human about us? That's a question that I found made this story what it is.

The Runner
People can't and don't want the wars to be true. And others want to protect people from things even thought they knew things to be true. 

The Ivory Acrobat
Is this all about confidence? You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in each other as well. You have to ignore what everyone else says that's bad but embrace what's good. Oh and ignore mass hysteria.

The Angel Esmerelda
People really really aren't always what they seem. Oh and nuns can really be bloody judgemental it seems! I don't think I got the visions bit though....

Anything can happen in an instant, anything at all! Also, everything can go bad/tits up in an instant. The story starts off a bit whimsical but soon enough gets as dark as they come. 

Midnight in Dostoevsky
People don't want others invading and destroying their world. Especially when they are proved wrong at the same time. 

Hammer and Sickle
The story starts to make sense but then it disintegrates. Are we in a prison or a loony bin? Do these people really see daughters? The book made me feel really weird whilst reading.

The Starveling
This book told me that real life is deaf weird but it can also be pretty awesome. Take time to watch and also, enjoy it. 

Anyway, DD fans will enjoy so have a read


Tuesday 27 October 2015

A Book Written by an Author with Your Same Initials: Purefinder

Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books
BG + BG = same initials so there :-p
This young man has a very unique writing style, and while I was a bit apprehensive about it to start, I soon fell and was completely absorbed by it. The book seems like 24 hours in the life of lower class Victorian Britain and what a whirlwind tour it is. It feels like social commentary but in one easy to manage and bite chunk that can be enjoyed as well as pondered.
LOVE THE WELSH - That I think for those who read it should be obvious.
The book does however take a sudden turn and we are thrust into a high violence, chaos filled, fast paced thriller. But, TBH I really enjoyed this aspect too. It was an alarming change of pace but the reassuring and familiar genre arrival was welcome.
I can't help but think of this book as a bit like A Christmas Carol. Murphy is around to show Purefoy his life, who he is, who he was, and who he can be.
A surprising and enjoyable little read that you should hunt down!
Happy Reading

Thursday 22 October 2015

A book with a one word title: Heft

Publisher: Windmill (my copy anyway)
Sorry I've been so quiet recently loyal readers! I've started a new job and got rather carried away. But as a treat, and to celebrate being shortlisted for Love Stories Awards 'Blog of the Year', I'm bringing you one of my many over due reviews! HEFT.
This book is incredibly heart breaking. It will actually break your heart and leave you completely bereft! I have warned you!
Anyway, LM adopts the different voices and personas wonderfully. The characters a beautifully created and they are fantastically convincing. I was certain they were real for the majority of the book! And I do hope they are! Also, when reading A's and K's sections you forget the other exists and had a section in their voice. That to me is the sign of a compelling book. I often find that when it comes to books with more than one voice I love one and can't wait to finish another one, but here, they were equally glorious.
The book misleads the reader wonderfully on many an occasion which I adored, but that didn't matter, it was still a superb read. In fact, I love being lead up the garden path when it comes to books. I hate being right and guessing correctly, it always spoils things!
The book is fantastic, its written in a perfect style, it is heart wrenching, it is heart breaking, it is an emotional rollercoaster and all you want is happiness for every single character! I have a big lot of love for this book, even though it's been on my shelf for years and I've been avoiding it like the plague.
Thank you LM and happy reading all!

Friday 2 October 2015

A Book Based on a True Story - Red

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

I have listed this as a book based on a true story as well, it's a history, and is probs mainly true...so there.

I'm a red head, so when a dear friend pointed me in the direction of this book I was super delighted. When it comes to being a red head in the world many things have been said to me from my mum telling me 'I've brought you up tough as you are short, Welsh and ginger', to my grand mother attempting to compliment me by saying 'you aren't as ginger as you used to be love.' Also, I've heard many 'facts' such as gingers have a higher pain threshold than others and that gingers are on the way out.

Anyway...now on with the review.

I loved the conversational style of writing in this book, it was truly gorgeous an made it a very personal experience. This was particularly so as it's written by one red head and was being read by another. Awwwwww.

The whole book provided myth busters, little known facts and taught me a lot. Not only about the history of my fine locks shade, but about the world in general and how to really embrace being part of the ginger umbrella. You can see that JCH has a great affinity to the red headed world and her passion for it, the identity it brings and all else it encompasses are embraced to the max.

A really great read for red heads and other coloured bonces out there.


Happy Reading


Monday 28 September 2015

A Book With a Number in the Title: NOS 4R2

Publisher: Gollancz

Soooooo I have had this on my shelf for a while and thought boom, read it, why not. MAN IS IT DARK!!!! Dark, dark dark! Not only dark, but weirdly inconsistently compelling. When I was reading it I couldn't put it down, but every time I put it down, I wasn't hugely enthused to pick it back up again...weird.

Manx is a truly hideous creation, vile, grotesque, creepy and a real thing of nightmares. Very well crafted. Also, he is horribly mean about red heads which really did put him in my bad books!!!!! I loved Lou as a character, he is a gorgeous man and provides a stable rock in all the craziness. Felt rather sad for Vic. Is she mental or has she been made mental by her circumstance. Poor love. Just wanted to look after her the whole time.

I really couldn't tell if this book was a horror or a thriller and I liked that. I also thought that the ending was superb.

Short but sweet as I read this a while ago!

Happy Reading and don't have nightmares


Wednesday 23 September 2015

Review: The House of Wolfe

Publisher: No Exit Press

Huzzah! It was so great to be reading this book after the last one which was sadly quite the let down. Yay, the good times are back!

I really enjoy how the styles of writing vary between all three books and in this book, the style switched back and for according to which section we were on. I liked the change in POV and from 1st to 3rd person. I also like that with JCB's style, you keep on reading and are completely engrossed, but it is not at all cliched. 

The Wolfe family in this book are once again superb and whilst they are a questionable bunch when it comes to morals and more, you can't help but constantly route for them and love them. They are a loyal pack and it's totally awesome to see. 

This was a hugely satisfying read, back in the realms of the first book!



Monday 21 September 2015

A Book Set in Your Home Town: Telling Stories

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press

So then, a book set in my home town....well that would be ridiculously hard to find as I'm from a little village in Wales originally...so I chose this as it's set in Cardiff which is the nearest big city and it's where my Dad is from...deal with it.

When it comes to CEP books, I've noticed that the publishers either lead you along by a delicate hand or smack you full on in the face, and this book is definitely of the latter category. Also, this book is easy to get involved in as all of us can relate to it as we all have friends like this group who we want to love, and protect who we have allegiances with, who we have a web of deceit with and who in some instances we lie to!

The whole time I was reading the book I was struggling with my feelings for the main characters. I don't really know if I liked them at all now I think about the book almost 5 weeks after reading it and at the time I continually struggled. Sometimes I felt sorry for one and hated others, some times I loved them all for their own qualities and sometimes I loved them for their group and friendship as a whole. They are a really marmite bunch. 

The style of writing makes the whole novel feel a bit autobiographical and very personal. The end in particular did that and I would indeed be interested to know if BJ has put any of herself/life/friends into the book.

I have one criticism of the novel and that is the use of Welsh turns of phrase. They are not consistent enough to have been included at all, in my opinion. They feel like a bit of an after thought/addition made during editing...but that could be just me.

All in all, a very dark (true to CEP) novel which is overwhelmingly sad at the same time. Defoe another read from the CEP cannon that fans will want to read.

Happy Reading



Tuesday 15 September 2015

Review: The Darkness That Divides Us

Publisher: World Editions

I'm going to let you all know from the start that this is a very intense book, but one you all should read!!!

Part 1 is written by a mass voice of 6 year olds. It was one of the most intimidating and intense things I had ever read. A big homogenous voice/opinion from a collection of tiny humans about one person, their life and family is truly terrifying as a concept and is even more terrifying when written down!!! WAHHH!!!! It makes you think however. Well, at least it made me think about how opinions change as people get older, how group mentality shifts/develops/shrinks or breeds and how stigma is dealt with.

Part 2 is from Lucy's POV. This is far more personal and comfortable to read. But it is still rather dark and out can see that she is very different from the other kids.

Part 3 is so so tragic. It's so sad that life goes meh again for one that is so young and messed up because of their past, and what other people have done. Especially those people who are meant to be the ones who loved you all along. Lucy's more adult POV is good once again as she is so much older, however, I think her emotions really hit me as I wasn't in the best frame of mind when reading and could empathise.

When it came to the characters I would like to say that despite all you may think throughout reading this book, and learn about L&D, you will find them wonderful in the end. Truly wonderful.

Before I finish this review two final notes. The translation is stocking....well done. I really don't get the cover...AT ALL!!

Happy Reading



Wednesday 9 September 2015

Review: The Country of the Bad Wolfes

Publisher: No Exit Press

If you will all recall, I read the first book in this series The Rules of Wolfe when on holiday earlier in the year and thought it was a stonker. So, when this one arrived I was thrilled, especially when I saw the size of it (I like big books and I cannot lie).

It was odd to go back to the history of the Wolfe family after the Rules of Wolfe, however, I can see why this was done, because if this was the first Wolfe book I had received, I honestly would not have bothered to read the others. I mean, I enjoyed reading it to an extent when I picked it up as I had the more recent Wolfe story in mind, however, fucking hell, did I struggle to pick this book up!

The whole thing also seemed to get very rushed after JR and this portion would have been better to have been the focus as it was far far more interesting!!!

So, we can safely say I am not a massive fan of this book..but don't worry.....I'll be reviewing the third one soon and I did enjoy that indeed!

Happy Reading


A book set in the future: Lockin

Publisher: Gollancz

Hey all

Sorry I've been so quiet for so long review wise. I've been having a shitter of a time. Things are however starting to look a bit better so I've put my review hat on for the first time in FOREVER.

I apologise that until I catch up, my reviews may not be as usual as I'm writing from notes and I read some of these books a long time ago. However, I will try my best, and thanks for sticking with me!

Now the review.

This book is set 15 years in the future (from 2014) and the concept is totally scary as hell! So scary due to the questions it brings up surrounding control of people, disease and technology. Also, as I have a very vivid imagination it gave me the heebie jeebies as such a thing as being locked in one's body but being able to live through tech is possible in my mind!! (It's an odd place) The Agora also freaked me out, as there is a whole virtual community that only the select portion of the population can have access to when they can access the rest of the world with ease!

There were a lot of moral questions brought to mind whilst reading this book and I had a lot of internal debate about if Haden's should be equivalent to people and have the rights of people...don't worry, I came to what I believe is the correct answer. But it's great to come across a book that really gets you thinking and is so politically minded.

It was strange to have the main character without human description until much later on. You really get to know Chris' personality and you completely forget that he is a person. So when his human body was described and his family it was not what I expected. It also got me wondering if physical description has an impact on opinions readers form of characters! 

On the whole a good read that was more business and politically minded than blood and gore minded. That was a good thing to see and was a refreshing when looking at the type of book I've been reading recently (you'll see).

Happy Reading


Tuesday 4 August 2015

A book with magic: The Adventures of Vaclav the Magnificent and his Lovely Assistant Lena

Publisher: Windmill

I'm doing a lot of apologising to you lot lately as I keep being rubbish at tweeting, writing reviews etc. Sorry about that....got a lot of shizz going down still...hopefully it will end soon though!

Moving on...

I've put this as a book with magic for my 2016 reading challenge as Vaclav is a magician. I know it's not fantasy magic, but it's honest real life magic and I like that! YAY.

This is a perfectly, beautifully and delicately written book. It deals with love, life, family, friendship and more. I challenge you not to fall in love with it, and the gorgeous characters that have been created!

Lena will break your heart and you will feel desperately sad for her. You only want her to have something she can hold on to and get the answers she needs. Rasia is a wonderful mum! She does her best, but worries and cares. All she really seems to need is someone to love her back and listen to her. Vaclav...well...I tell you what, it's his whole place in the story that made me really get to grips with him. His relationship with Lena is incredibly touching. He really understands her fragility, angst and trauma and that is gorgeous. Trina was a character that I, to much surprise to myself, started to feel sorry for she is a caring soul in her own way.

As I said above this book is delicately written, it really is, and when you read some portions you will see what I mean. I enjoyed this book far, far more than I thought I would and had somewhat of a book hangover. It was an unexpected gem!

Happy Reading


Monday 27 July 2015

Review: Skies of Ash

Publisher: Titan

Lou Norton and RHH first came into my life in May last year with Land of Shadows, which was a book I thoroughly enjoyed! So, of course when this landed on my door mat I was super keen to get on with it!

Once again it's amazing to have Lou around. She is so normal! In and out of work she is real, and interesting and you can relate to her in some way. Her language, her moods, her men, her way of being is great. She isn't holier than though and it's perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and Colin more as the book went on also. I love them and their dynamic!

The story is twisty and turny and you just don't know who to trust at any one point! I love how the whole book just leads you to believe that the world is full of Machiavellian bastards! Be they mums, old men, kids or granny next door. BTW, LOVED the granny with the machete! 

The literary references throughout were another thing I loved having back in my life as an english graduate. It made me love Lou more. Also, I love how the book just told you thing we all know, money is the root of all evil! Oh, and the ending....WOW! I WANT THE NEXT ONE NOW!!!

Overall, another superb read and a truly fantastic lead character. These books really are roller coasters but they are worth every second if you love a crime novel and a real female lead.

Happy reading


Thursday 23 July 2015

Review: I Fly

Publisher: Smashwords

I was sent a word file of this YA novel yonks ago and I have finally got around to reading it. It's the story of Jimmy who has a bit of a shit life and learns one day that he can fly.

I found the whole novel a tad frustrating in its writing style as it read like an adult trying to dumb down the way they write and speak so that they can write something for a YA audience. Yet, at the same time, it sometimes felt like young writing trying to sound more mature. I didn't really get it and it made for awkward reading in some instances.

The whole set up  with Jimmy and his Mum was rather The Casual Vacancy and all the characters (like TCV) felt very much like caricatures. This annoyed me tbh as the book didn't really need them at all. 

The book felt a little bit like a social comment more than anything else, and if that is what it was aiming to do, it did that well. It was very much a moral, learn lessons, social comment tale, and if it isn't meant to be, maybe that is what it should be touted as.

The ending brought more heart and warmth to the novel as a whole and made it feel less awkward and in some instances patronising.

There was potential in this book, that I don't think came through.



Tuesday 21 July 2015

Review: The Weightless World

Publisher: Galley Beggar Press

The instant I read the blurb for this book, I wanted to dive right in. The blurb was perfect! 

I may gush about this book, and I'm sorry in advance. I just thought it was brilliant and particularly so after a bit of a run of hit and miss books.

The characters were flawless...well flawlessly created, they had many of their own flaws. Ess, I kept imagining looking like my publisher but I could never work out if he was a huge fantasist or just someone on the cusp of a melt down. I kept thinking that Alison looked like me. I liked her more as the book went on. Steven, well, I just wanted him to be ok in the end. I became very attached to him as the writing style really made you empathise with him and get completely sucked in to all he was feeling and going through. Harry was a knob.

As I alluded to above, the writing style sucked you in. The emotions enveloped you and it was so personal. It made me feel that AT knows his characters very very well. There were however laugh out loud moments which were not originally expected and I really enjoyed them as they were defo my type of humour. 

Over all this was a heart breaking and heart warming book all at once. You feel pretty knackered after reading it and it gave me one hell of a book hangover. Fab read!

Happy Reading



Thursday 16 July 2015

Review: Path of Gods (Valhalla Book 3)

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

We are back in the world of vikings with Snorri KJ! I was sooo excited that the final instalment was in my mits! Huzzah!

I will admit that in the beginning I didn't enjoy this book as much as I hoped. I think this is because it had been AGES since I read the last two and I felt it was more bitty and broken up so there wasn't as much time spent focused on sets of characters. But But But....

I got over that!

This book was in the end as awesome as the other two, but if possible, even more epic. The ending was incredible and the Epilogue really, in fact set the whole thing off! There are Gods, there is action, there is adventure, there are LONG BOATS, there is everything you would ever need. Even feisty and strong female characters! BOOM!

I know this is a very short review but I really don't want to give anything away as you all need to read this series.

For more thoughts on the series go here and here!

Happy Reading

Oh and PS... Arse Badger and a Richard III reference?? GET IN!!!

Monday 13 July 2015

A book at the bottom of your to read list: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Publisher: Quirk Classics

This was at the bottom of my to read list as Boy Geek kept mocking me about it every time I went to choose a new book to read. He is mean.

The illustrations were possibly the best thing about this book. There are about 12 of them and they are pretty cool. I like them.

The whole book was VERY long and I don't really think that was necessary. It wasn't as funny and original all the way through as I think it could have been. There were moments, but not enough to keep me enjoying the book.

Basically, have a look at the pictures...that's all you need to do.

Happy viewing


Thursday 9 July 2015

Review: We Shall Inherit the Wind

Publisher: Orenda

I'm going to start off this review with an apology to Orenda, as well, this isn't going to be my best review in the world, as overall I found this book really disappointing.

I'll start with what I liked and got on well with. Great having an older hero/anti hero figure who had grit and balls but feelings and morals and emotions. Also enjoyed all the characters around him who were completely eclectic! I wish I had read more books from GS before so I had more context as it seems rather fascinating at times. 

I also really liked the fact that renewables are the bad guys. I work in oil and gas, and you get pretty sick of constantly seeing the industry slagged off in media, fiction, politics etc. It is refreshing to have this side of the story and I thank GS for that!

Now I'm afraid I have to tell you why I was so disappointed with the book.
1. Who the hell is the chap on the cover? WHO?
2. I could see a lot of the plot turns coming a mile off, I hoped that my predictions wouldn't be correct over and over again, but alas I was and felt a bit sad every time.
3. The ending was rather cheesy.
4. Whole thing felt like a bit of an anti climax.

I'm really sorry about this. It makes me sad that I didn't get 100% satisfaction out of the book as I thought it did show so much promise.

Better luck next time?


Monday 6 July 2015

Review: Yellow Room

Publisher: Cutting Edge Books

I thoroughly enjoyed SR's previous book. Twin Truths was beautiful in so many ways and you will all be glad to know that this does not disappoint! 

We are spending our time with Chala and we are learning all bout her, who she is, how the past has formed her and what's going to happen next.

The book is compelling from start to finish! It's really dark, but still full of hope. The writing style is once again glorious and I think that is how it can be so dark but glorious at the same time. 

When it came to the characters (my fave things to talk about) I as in love with Femke! With Chala I started off hating her, I just couldn't get on with her but I don't think it was the past that made me feel like that, I think it was her continuous woe is me attitude. In the end I just pitied her and it didn't move on. Paul, well, I'm not sure about him either. Their relationship as a whole really felt hard and far more work that it should have been!

The book made me feel really untrusting and really doubtful of people and their intentions, but, I think this is a good thing as it illustrates just how powerfully written and constructed this book it. Also, the problems in Kenya really hit me. They were incredibly difficult to comprehend and read.

A gorgeous book, thank you!

Happy Reading

Friday 3 July 2015

A book based entirely on its cover: The Terminators - Matt Helm

Publisher: Titan Books

Yet another Matt Helm novel under my belt and of course it starts in true style with its misogynistic style! I don't know why I can put up with it, but I do, and in a way find it all very amusing!

The Scandi aspect of the book was brilliant, I liked the change! Diana was not as much of a drip as the usual females are so that was great and made me feel a bit better about the misogyny.

I can't seem to escape the oil sector also it seems as this is what drives the plot of this book. This high action, faux bond style thing that DH seems to do so well.

I have a criticism of this book though. I think it went a bit too far even for a Helm novel and that made me a bit sad. But, it's a fun and easy read nonetheless.

I also want to say...Wahhhhhh STUMBLEBUM!!!

Oh and it's a book based entirely on its cover a well...it's set in Scandinavia, there are snipers and naked ladies.....

Happy Reading


Wednesday 1 July 2015

Review: Scarred for Life

Publisher: Pan

This is the second Jessica Daniel novel I have read. The first I read when really jacked up on pain killers and antibiotics before Christmas, but I really enjoyed it...I know that much. And I still enjoy these books it seems.

Jessica is really normal and I really like her comments, what she says and what she does. KW doesn't try to make her in to a wholesome and moral female figure that is an all conquering hero like so many authors do with a character like her. For that I am thankful and I think it contributes highly to my enjoyment of his books. Also, it's fab to see a bloke create a strong and normal female character so easily. Well done.

I enjoyed the fact that there were so many plot threads in this book, but I was a bit worried they would all link and it would be mega cheesy in the end. That always bugs me as not everything has to be tied up in a neat bow.

The whole book was very easy to read. The writing style is very natural and KW obviously knows his characters very well. Archie was a great new addition and I really liked him.

I do have to say two things though. 1. Manchester seems bloody terrifying and full of crime and 2. STOP BEING MEAN TO WELSH PEOPLE!

Other than that, yes, I really liked this book, I love the characters and I think that makes the book what it is.

Happy Reading


P.S. The Afterword was FANTASTIC!!!

Monday 29 June 2015

A book with more than 500 pages: Knight's Shadow

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

If you haven't read Traitor's Blade then piss off, don't read this! Go read that book then come back as I really won't want to spoil anything for you at all!

Now on with the review...

I adore the humour in these books. I'd completely forgotten how funny they are as it's nearly 18 months since I read the last one. It's brilliant and I am so happy it's there! Brasti is a huge source of it and he is a real babe. I have a massive soft spot for him. 

Falcio brings the turmoil to the novel once more. He is twisted and tortured inside, but you have to love him. He does the job, he has his morals and he has loyalty. Kest is so real, his turmoil is real and he is a very touching character. It's great to have them back and to get to know them even better.

I loved the story, I loved the style, the book just kept on giving and never lets you down. It's a perfect fantasy story and I am SO excited to read the next one!!! There are good old fashioned swords and arrows, not too much magic and not too much weirdness, so it's awesome. However, don't forget that there is real heartache and anguish in this book, as there was in the first one. While it is often tough, it really brings the book a sense of heart and that is magic in its own way.

Happy reading


Thursday 25 June 2015

Review: Elizabeth is Missing

Publisher: Penguin

So, we get to our hotel room at The Betsy on Miami Beach and there is a little in room library. I am immediately drawn to this book and have to read it! 

The book is about Maud and her life and her friend Elizabeth who is missing it seems. The book is beautiful. You are in Maud's mind and basically experiencing an Alzheimer's stream of consciousness. It is amazing how the mind slips from remembering things of the past to forgetting everything in the present, how things link, etc. EH must have done a whack of research to present it in such a delicate yet convincing way.

Katy was a fantastic character also and I adored her. It was lovely how she interacted and dealt with Maud. It made the book as heart warming as it is heart breaking! 

The ending, I do have to say, was also very satisfying.

A very short review, I know, but I find it hard to express how this book made me feel, and how gorgeous I found it!

Read it!