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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Review: The City Stained Red

Publisher: Gollancz
Right then, I'd not read a Sam Sykes before, regardless of having the Tome of the Undergates on my bookshelf for about forever. And I do ask now, should I have read that before this????
This novel seemed spoof like in places, and then really rather serious and hard core in others. That was a tad odd to me! Also, I didn't find it 100% easy to follow and in many places I couldn't actually find a discernible plot to follow in the first place. I don't know if I just wasn't concentrating or if I'm an idiot, but that's how I found it.
The book did however actually make me laugh out loud in places! WELL DONE SS! That takes some doing!
Now, the plot...well what I made of it...it seems to be about a band of Adventurers finding their places in the world with some politics on the side. And whilst I do have the above bugbears about it, I did find the novel entertaining and I am encouraged to read more by SS to see how his other books go.
Happy Reading and do let me know about Tome!

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