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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Review: The Defenceless

Publisher: Orenda Books
I will start off by letting you all know that this is another most excellently translated book from the lovely lady at Orenda! Boom.
I don't think I lost out on not reading the first AF book before embarking on this one, however I would like to read it. So, as far as I can say, don't be worried about not having read the previous novel.
The style of the novel was great and I enjoyed the story flicking between not only voices, but complete narratives, points of view and on occasion, cases! I also liked the complete mashup of gang crime, immigration and greed that the whole book encompasses.
When it comes to the characters.....I surprisingly liked Esko and Anna the most. You will see what I mean by the Esko comment when you read it.
All in all, a good crime novel and excellently translated. It has indeed inspired me to read other AF novels and more by KH!
Happy Reading

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