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Monday 16 November 2015

A Banned Book: American Psycho

Publisher: Picador
SOoooooo, AP was banned in Queensland for aaaaages and now only those over 18 may buy it! BOOM!
I really enjoyed the film, so when Boy Geek read this on holiday I thought, hell I should too! However, I had to buy my own copy as he had borrowed his from a mate and they have that weird don't bend the spine rules! (Cheers for getting it for me Big Green).
The style of the book took a while to get used to, especially the conversations. I wasn't 100% into the style for a long while, but I persisted and got there.

Throughout the whole novel all I could think at the truly horrifying moments is, how can someone's imagination contain all this? I really struggled to comprehend it in places!

However, the really big question is, is this all just the crazy mind of a disturbed fantasist, or is what is going on actually real? It's a massive question the whole way through and really drives you to read on and think about the book a lot after.

Defos not a read for the squeamish or feint hearted!

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