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Monday 9 November 2015

A Popular Author's First Book: Sarah Canary

Publisher: Gollancz
Just to kick things off, I preferred the cover on the copy I had! :-p
Secondly, KJF is considered a legend and master, so this counts as her first book and she is popular author in her genre!
This was not the book I expected at all! It wasn't as simple and basic by any means. I wouldn't say it is particularly sci-fi either tbh so the above cover has really thrown me off.
I really liked the inclusion of Native American/Chinese politics. That was really rather interesting and definitely unexpected!
I really enjoyed the historical context parts of this novel, but to be honest, the story just made me feel really, rather bored. There didn't seem to be one.
Overall, I spent the majority of this book hoping the story wasn't the main focus and what really mattered when it came down to the crunch was the comments on women, Chinese, Native Americans and those with mental health issues. I'm really hoping that this book is one big comment on the fairness that minorities deserve. I'm really hoping the story is not what people love about this book!
I'd like to know what other people think so let me know!

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