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Monday 27 November 2017

Review: Pseudotooth

Publisher: Unsung Stories
So, first line, I really enjoyed this book. Second, thing I have to say that while I pretty much always end up enjoying books from Unsung, I'm not 100pc sure that I actually always get the nuances an subtleties of the genre mashups/creations etc that they strive for. This isn't because of anything on their part, it's because I do not think I am clever enough to get it always....but any way....
So, I, as I said, really enjoyed this book. I love the writing style, I loved the plot, I loved the creation of new worlds, I really enjoyed (what I think) is a look at mental health.
What I also enjoyed was that VH is not afraid to be dark, and different and focus on certain aspects of the narrative that was defos not expected at all.
I also loved the story in a story, with characters that blurred the lines between fiction and reality.
Definitely a novel that gives a lot more than is expected and took me to a place I was not expecting it to either.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Review: The art of fear

Publisher: Tabella House
This review is likely to be short as I'm not sure I have much that's constructive to say about this book.
Yes, the topic is rather unnerving, child sex trafficking is never easy as a topic and that really does give this book a gritty edge, and it even gave me some confidence at the start that this would be a good read. Also, as it deals with mental health and suicide, it also, I thought would be a gritty book with some balls.
But alas, as time goes on and the story develops it basically becomes one big cliché-fest. Ari's whole conclusion and progression is just gull of cliche and is VERY predictable. Tristan's development is just totally painful as is in the end his character in total which is really sad to see.
Also, how things all come to their conclusion and head is just rather painful. I wish I'd known (paid more attention) that this book will be part of a series, I may then have avoided it.
I'm to be honest getting rather sick of there being very few real standalone novels left in the world. What's wrong with writing an independent book I ask???


Monday 13 November 2017

Review: Black Spring

This is the final book in the tournament trilogy. If you haven't read the first two, please don't read this one as I don't want to give anything away!
Let's go.
So, after the second book which, to be honest, seemed a bit like a filler of a book, this one had a lot more going on.
We see the tournament evolve and become a bit corrupt, but we also see what those involved in the tournament are really made of. And that is awesome.
It's great to get the action, grit, exhilaration and fun of the first book back.
The new characters are a good choice it turns out, and indeed it was good to get to know some of the other ones even better. I still have several questions, largely surrounding Black and Green and their history/heritages but you can't always have everything tied up in a nice little bow.
But indeed, a very satisfying conclusion to what has in the end turned out to be a cracking set of self published novels.
Defos got something for you if you like mile and minute action, characters you can grow to like and characters you can grow to hate and a good imagination to boot.
Yep, worth a shot