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Monday 27 November 2017

Review: Pseudotooth

Publisher: Unsung Stories
So, first line, I really enjoyed this book. Second, thing I have to say that while I pretty much always end up enjoying books from Unsung, I'm not 100pc sure that I actually always get the nuances an subtleties of the genre mashups/creations etc that they strive for. This isn't because of anything on their part, it's because I do not think I am clever enough to get it always....but any way....
So, I, as I said, really enjoyed this book. I love the writing style, I loved the plot, I loved the creation of new worlds, I really enjoyed (what I think) is a look at mental health.
What I also enjoyed was that VH is not afraid to be dark, and different and focus on certain aspects of the narrative that was defos not expected at all.
I also loved the story in a story, with characters that blurred the lines between fiction and reality.
Definitely a novel that gives a lot more than is expected and took me to a place I was not expecting it to either.

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