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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Review: The Seventh Miss Hatfield

Publisher: Gollancz
Soooooo, the cover and the love bit had put me off initially reading this book, but now I have read it.
I felt that the first portion of the book was a tad rushed, I would have liked to learn more of the relationship between Cynthia and RH, I would like to have had more context and background to the previous 6 Miss Hatfields. The novel seemed keen to get to the main thrust which is the painting. Also, the only other thing that annoyed me was the blurb, it could have done without portions which made some things a bit obvious.
BUT, to be honest in the end I rather liked this book. The love story didn't piss me off at all - whoop - I actually quite fancy the man in question. Also, I kept forgetting it was in America so that made me like the period-ness of it even more, it allowed me to imagine things more easily thinking of British period stuff.
This is a good period novel with a bit of fantasy thrown in. It's fun and well executed, and to be honest, I don't think I'd say no to more.
Happy Reading

Monday, 18 April 2016

Review: The Stonehendge Letters

Publisher: The Friday Project

I read The Evolution of Inanimate Objects yonks ago and it took me rather by surprise and I really enjoyed it. The same thing has happened with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it! YAY!

The continuous toying of fact and fiction was I think what I enjoyed the most. I loved how the book got me second guessing constantly. I also thoroughly enjoyed the whimsy of the novel as a whole. and the style of writing, and while I'm at it I'll let you all know that I enjoyed the tale that was being told itself.

And moving away from the fiction, the bits that were solid fact were also rather entertaining and I enjoyed them too! YAY!

Finally, I enjoyed how the things that the winner was famous for were used to conjure a theory regarding Stonehenge.

Happy Reading!