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Friday 30 September 2016

Review: A Brief History of Seven Killings

Publisher: Oneworld
I got a Waterstones voucher for my birthday and I ceased the opportunity to go buy books immediately, and this is one that I bought.
I started reading this book at the end of July. I started reading it on my commute to and from work....bad idea. You really need to concentrate on this book as the Jamaican dialect used by some characters (similar to Irvine Welch and the varying Scottish dialects) are hard to follow when you have distractions. I therefore relegated this book to my book before bed, but even then I couldn't manage much as it's rather taxing to read before bed and sleep soon arrived.
BUT, when on holiday last week I really got stuck in to this book and finally found my pure enjoyment in it.
Yes, some of the chapters need to be given time to absorb and work though, but you do get in to the swing of things and the story is really really interesting as well as gripping. The music, the politics, the gang life in Jamaica are all things I didn't know anything about so this was interesting there as well as on the story level. And what I also think goes for the plot is that I did a lot of picking up and down of this book with days or so inbetween, but despite this I didn't forget the book, it's one that lingers.
The best thing for me though was watching the characters develop some subtly and some unsubtly. They all changed in many ways, even down to their affected way of speaking, removed from 'Jamaican'. MJ really has crafted an excellent novel here and I will indeed recommend it.
Also, I do have to point out the final portion/ending - superb.
Do read this also!
Happy Reading


Tuesday 27 September 2016

Review: Tony and Susan

Publisher: Atlantic Books
This is a book republished after a time of being left behind and apparently it's to be turned into a film soon, how exciting. I will defos be VERY interested to see how they do that as this book is a rather unique one in concept.
So, we are with Susan who is reading a book about Tony that her ex-husband wrote, sent to her and asked her to read and review. That's the basics.
The female voice, Susan, is really very convincing, well done AW, the man, for writing this. I enjoyed it a lot. The Edward (ex-husband) book was also very convincingly created by AW. The tone and style of writing was very different and felt somewhat armature like and unsubbed by professional hand and eye.
What I don't know about the book is what I enjoyed more. I was compelled by the feeling of voyeurism, watching Susan read this book, her life around it and her feelings in and out of the book's grasp. I was also compelled by the story of Tony and Edward's book. It was interesting, it was good, it was basically a thriller/crime novel. What I do know is that I think this book is rather good.
Also, it feels rather timeless, despite being written so long ago. I didn't know it was an oldie to start and didn't notice the letter writing and the lack of mobile phones. So I think that's a good testament to its timeless way.
Defos give this a go
Happy Reading


Friday 9 September 2016

Review: A Man With One Of Those Faces

Publisher: McFori Ink (Self)
Mr Scott Pack of @meandmybigmouth fame put  me on to CMcD and this here book telling me that even Miss Sarah Millican is a fan. So of course, with me loving her I was all over this from the start.
To kick things off, the cover feels amazing. Yep, you read that right, the cover is so smooth and soft to stroke, it's brills!
Anyway this book is all about Paul and how he has been mistaken for someone else, people seem to think he's someone else a lot, but this time, this mistake has got him in trouble! Arse!
As I'm sure you will imagine, with this book being written by a comedian, it's funny. It is in fact so funny I actually laughed out loud on several occasions and this is always fun on a packed ThamesLink commuter train. You get lots of looks. But it was worth it tbh.
Next thing, it's rather dark in it's own way. Even though the tone and writing style is light hearted, the violence, the events, and even some of the characters are so dark and twisty they are almost uncomfortable on occasion. I think that the darkness is in fact enhanced by the comedy, it's all very starkly contrasted, but by gum does it work.
I really loved Paul in the end. At the start I found him to be a bit of a tosser but I warmed to him. Bunny and Nora were dudes from the start and don't even get me started on good old Granny with a Gun. SHE WAS AMAZING!!
I think, for me, the book was more about the characters than the plot. They were so strong, and well developed I would have enjoyed the book regardless of the plot line. But I am indeed looking forward to the next one. A great read.
P.S. Chairman Meow....that's what I wanted to call my cat...Boy Geek wouldn't allow it! I also like Cat Boy Slim.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Review: Punishment

Publisher: Corvus
Bloody hell! Completely forgot that I hadn't reviewed this little gem!!!
So, we are with Johanna and Adam who have become embroiled in a very horrible trail of kidnaps and murders. And from the word go, I was gripped.
Fantastic set up for Johanna getting involved, fantastic linking of a main plot and sub plot and great relationships all round between characters you like and characters you loathe! Very detailed, thoughtful and insightful writing all round in this novel. There are also many layers to this book which I thoroughly enjoyed and the translation is spot on!
Kristiane is a total babe and possibly one of my favourite characters and I look forward to delving in to her story and situation more in the other Anne Holt books that there are...please let Kristiane be around. 
The twist in the novel is OUT STANDING and I did not see it coming at all. So do enjoy that avid crime readers who can usually see a twist coming from 50 miles away! I'm not sure if I didn't see it because I was so enamoured with the writing and absorbed by the characters or just because it is so clever! Maybe a bit of both?

Over all this book is great. The characters are outstanding, the book has real heart, depth and feeling and I really cannot wait to read more.

I'm going to stop raving about the novel now in case I give something away!

Happy reading