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Friday 9 September 2016

Review: A Man With One Of Those Faces

Publisher: McFori Ink (Self)
Mr Scott Pack of @meandmybigmouth fame put  me on to CMcD and this here book telling me that even Miss Sarah Millican is a fan. So of course, with me loving her I was all over this from the start.
To kick things off, the cover feels amazing. Yep, you read that right, the cover is so smooth and soft to stroke, it's brills!
Anyway this book is all about Paul and how he has been mistaken for someone else, people seem to think he's someone else a lot, but this time, this mistake has got him in trouble! Arse!
As I'm sure you will imagine, with this book being written by a comedian, it's funny. It is in fact so funny I actually laughed out loud on several occasions and this is always fun on a packed ThamesLink commuter train. You get lots of looks. But it was worth it tbh.
Next thing, it's rather dark in it's own way. Even though the tone and writing style is light hearted, the violence, the events, and even some of the characters are so dark and twisty they are almost uncomfortable on occasion. I think that the darkness is in fact enhanced by the comedy, it's all very starkly contrasted, but by gum does it work.
I really loved Paul in the end. At the start I found him to be a bit of a tosser but I warmed to him. Bunny and Nora were dudes from the start and don't even get me started on good old Granny with a Gun. SHE WAS AMAZING!!
I think, for me, the book was more about the characters than the plot. They were so strong, and well developed I would have enjoyed the book regardless of the plot line. But I am indeed looking forward to the next one. A great read.
P.S. Chairman Meow....that's what I wanted to call my cat...Boy Geek wouldn't allow it! I also like Cat Boy Slim.

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