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Monday 27 July 2015

Review: Skies of Ash

Publisher: Titan

Lou Norton and RHH first came into my life in May last year with Land of Shadows, which was a book I thoroughly enjoyed! So, of course when this landed on my door mat I was super keen to get on with it!

Once again it's amazing to have Lou around. She is so normal! In and out of work she is real, and interesting and you can relate to her in some way. Her language, her moods, her men, her way of being is great. She isn't holier than though and it's perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and Colin more as the book went on also. I love them and their dynamic!

The story is twisty and turny and you just don't know who to trust at any one point! I love how the whole book just leads you to believe that the world is full of Machiavellian bastards! Be they mums, old men, kids or granny next door. BTW, LOVED the granny with the machete! 

The literary references throughout were another thing I loved having back in my life as an english graduate. It made me love Lou more. Also, I love how the book just told you thing we all know, money is the root of all evil! Oh, and the ending....WOW! I WANT THE NEXT ONE NOW!!!

Overall, another superb read and a truly fantastic lead character. These books really are roller coasters but they are worth every second if you love a crime novel and a real female lead.

Happy reading


Thursday 23 July 2015

Review: I Fly

Publisher: Smashwords

I was sent a word file of this YA novel yonks ago and I have finally got around to reading it. It's the story of Jimmy who has a bit of a shit life and learns one day that he can fly.

I found the whole novel a tad frustrating in its writing style as it read like an adult trying to dumb down the way they write and speak so that they can write something for a YA audience. Yet, at the same time, it sometimes felt like young writing trying to sound more mature. I didn't really get it and it made for awkward reading in some instances.

The whole set up  with Jimmy and his Mum was rather The Casual Vacancy and all the characters (like TCV) felt very much like caricatures. This annoyed me tbh as the book didn't really need them at all. 

The book felt a little bit like a social comment more than anything else, and if that is what it was aiming to do, it did that well. It was very much a moral, learn lessons, social comment tale, and if it isn't meant to be, maybe that is what it should be touted as.

The ending brought more heart and warmth to the novel as a whole and made it feel less awkward and in some instances patronising.

There was potential in this book, that I don't think came through.



Tuesday 21 July 2015

Review: The Weightless World

Publisher: Galley Beggar Press

The instant I read the blurb for this book, I wanted to dive right in. The blurb was perfect! 

I may gush about this book, and I'm sorry in advance. I just thought it was brilliant and particularly so after a bit of a run of hit and miss books.

The characters were flawless...well flawlessly created, they had many of their own flaws. Ess, I kept imagining looking like my publisher but I could never work out if he was a huge fantasist or just someone on the cusp of a melt down. I kept thinking that Alison looked like me. I liked her more as the book went on. Steven, well, I just wanted him to be ok in the end. I became very attached to him as the writing style really made you empathise with him and get completely sucked in to all he was feeling and going through. Harry was a knob.

As I alluded to above, the writing style sucked you in. The emotions enveloped you and it was so personal. It made me feel that AT knows his characters very very well. There were however laugh out loud moments which were not originally expected and I really enjoyed them as they were defo my type of humour. 

Over all this was a heart breaking and heart warming book all at once. You feel pretty knackered after reading it and it gave me one hell of a book hangover. Fab read!

Happy Reading



Thursday 16 July 2015

Review: Path of Gods (Valhalla Book 3)

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

We are back in the world of vikings with Snorri KJ! I was sooo excited that the final instalment was in my mits! Huzzah!

I will admit that in the beginning I didn't enjoy this book as much as I hoped. I think this is because it had been AGES since I read the last two and I felt it was more bitty and broken up so there wasn't as much time spent focused on sets of characters. But But But....

I got over that!

This book was in the end as awesome as the other two, but if possible, even more epic. The ending was incredible and the Epilogue really, in fact set the whole thing off! There are Gods, there is action, there is adventure, there are LONG BOATS, there is everything you would ever need. Even feisty and strong female characters! BOOM!

I know this is a very short review but I really don't want to give anything away as you all need to read this series.

For more thoughts on the series go here and here!

Happy Reading

Oh and PS... Arse Badger and a Richard III reference?? GET IN!!!

Monday 13 July 2015

A book at the bottom of your to read list: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Publisher: Quirk Classics

This was at the bottom of my to read list as Boy Geek kept mocking me about it every time I went to choose a new book to read. He is mean.

The illustrations were possibly the best thing about this book. There are about 12 of them and they are pretty cool. I like them.

The whole book was VERY long and I don't really think that was necessary. It wasn't as funny and original all the way through as I think it could have been. There were moments, but not enough to keep me enjoying the book.

Basically, have a look at the pictures...that's all you need to do.

Happy viewing


Thursday 9 July 2015

Review: We Shall Inherit the Wind

Publisher: Orenda

I'm going to start off this review with an apology to Orenda, as well, this isn't going to be my best review in the world, as overall I found this book really disappointing.

I'll start with what I liked and got on well with. Great having an older hero/anti hero figure who had grit and balls but feelings and morals and emotions. Also enjoyed all the characters around him who were completely eclectic! I wish I had read more books from GS before so I had more context as it seems rather fascinating at times. 

I also really liked the fact that renewables are the bad guys. I work in oil and gas, and you get pretty sick of constantly seeing the industry slagged off in media, fiction, politics etc. It is refreshing to have this side of the story and I thank GS for that!

Now I'm afraid I have to tell you why I was so disappointed with the book.
1. Who the hell is the chap on the cover? WHO?
2. I could see a lot of the plot turns coming a mile off, I hoped that my predictions wouldn't be correct over and over again, but alas I was and felt a bit sad every time.
3. The ending was rather cheesy.
4. Whole thing felt like a bit of an anti climax.

I'm really sorry about this. It makes me sad that I didn't get 100% satisfaction out of the book as I thought it did show so much promise.

Better luck next time?


Monday 6 July 2015

Review: Yellow Room

Publisher: Cutting Edge Books

I thoroughly enjoyed SR's previous book. Twin Truths was beautiful in so many ways and you will all be glad to know that this does not disappoint! 

We are spending our time with Chala and we are learning all bout her, who she is, how the past has formed her and what's going to happen next.

The book is compelling from start to finish! It's really dark, but still full of hope. The writing style is once again glorious and I think that is how it can be so dark but glorious at the same time. 

When it came to the characters (my fave things to talk about) I as in love with Femke! With Chala I started off hating her, I just couldn't get on with her but I don't think it was the past that made me feel like that, I think it was her continuous woe is me attitude. In the end I just pitied her and it didn't move on. Paul, well, I'm not sure about him either. Their relationship as a whole really felt hard and far more work that it should have been!

The book made me feel really untrusting and really doubtful of people and their intentions, but, I think this is a good thing as it illustrates just how powerfully written and constructed this book it. Also, the problems in Kenya really hit me. They were incredibly difficult to comprehend and read.

A gorgeous book, thank you!

Happy Reading

Friday 3 July 2015

A book based entirely on its cover: The Terminators - Matt Helm

Publisher: Titan Books

Yet another Matt Helm novel under my belt and of course it starts in true style with its misogynistic style! I don't know why I can put up with it, but I do, and in a way find it all very amusing!

The Scandi aspect of the book was brilliant, I liked the change! Diana was not as much of a drip as the usual females are so that was great and made me feel a bit better about the misogyny.

I can't seem to escape the oil sector also it seems as this is what drives the plot of this book. This high action, faux bond style thing that DH seems to do so well.

I have a criticism of this book though. I think it went a bit too far even for a Helm novel and that made me a bit sad. But, it's a fun and easy read nonetheless.

I also want to say...Wahhhhhh STUMBLEBUM!!!

Oh and it's a book based entirely on its cover a well...it's set in Scandinavia, there are snipers and naked ladies.....

Happy Reading


Wednesday 1 July 2015

Review: Scarred for Life

Publisher: Pan

This is the second Jessica Daniel novel I have read. The first I read when really jacked up on pain killers and antibiotics before Christmas, but I really enjoyed it...I know that much. And I still enjoy these books it seems.

Jessica is really normal and I really like her comments, what she says and what she does. KW doesn't try to make her in to a wholesome and moral female figure that is an all conquering hero like so many authors do with a character like her. For that I am thankful and I think it contributes highly to my enjoyment of his books. Also, it's fab to see a bloke create a strong and normal female character so easily. Well done.

I enjoyed the fact that there were so many plot threads in this book, but I was a bit worried they would all link and it would be mega cheesy in the end. That always bugs me as not everything has to be tied up in a neat bow.

The whole book was very easy to read. The writing style is very natural and KW obviously knows his characters very well. Archie was a great new addition and I really liked him.

I do have to say two things though. 1. Manchester seems bloody terrifying and full of crime and 2. STOP BEING MEAN TO WELSH PEOPLE!

Other than that, yes, I really liked this book, I love the characters and I think that makes the book what it is.

Happy Reading


P.S. The Afterword was FANTASTIC!!!