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Thursday 23 July 2015

Review: I Fly

Publisher: Smashwords

I was sent a word file of this YA novel yonks ago and I have finally got around to reading it. It's the story of Jimmy who has a bit of a shit life and learns one day that he can fly.

I found the whole novel a tad frustrating in its writing style as it read like an adult trying to dumb down the way they write and speak so that they can write something for a YA audience. Yet, at the same time, it sometimes felt like young writing trying to sound more mature. I didn't really get it and it made for awkward reading in some instances.

The whole set up  with Jimmy and his Mum was rather The Casual Vacancy and all the characters (like TCV) felt very much like caricatures. This annoyed me tbh as the book didn't really need them at all. 

The book felt a little bit like a social comment more than anything else, and if that is what it was aiming to do, it did that well. It was very much a moral, learn lessons, social comment tale, and if it isn't meant to be, maybe that is what it should be touted as.

The ending brought more heart and warmth to the novel as a whole and made it feel less awkward and in some instances patronising.

There was potential in this book, that I don't think came through.



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