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Wednesday 1 July 2015

Review: Scarred for Life

Publisher: Pan

This is the second Jessica Daniel novel I have read. The first I read when really jacked up on pain killers and antibiotics before Christmas, but I really enjoyed it...I know that much. And I still enjoy these books it seems.

Jessica is really normal and I really like her comments, what she says and what she does. KW doesn't try to make her in to a wholesome and moral female figure that is an all conquering hero like so many authors do with a character like her. For that I am thankful and I think it contributes highly to my enjoyment of his books. Also, it's fab to see a bloke create a strong and normal female character so easily. Well done.

I enjoyed the fact that there were so many plot threads in this book, but I was a bit worried they would all link and it would be mega cheesy in the end. That always bugs me as not everything has to be tied up in a neat bow.

The whole book was very easy to read. The writing style is very natural and KW obviously knows his characters very well. Archie was a great new addition and I really liked him.

I do have to say two things though. 1. Manchester seems bloody terrifying and full of crime and 2. STOP BEING MEAN TO WELSH PEOPLE!

Other than that, yes, I really liked this book, I love the characters and I think that makes the book what it is.

Happy Reading


P.S. The Afterword was FANTASTIC!!!

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