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Monday 27 July 2015

Review: Skies of Ash

Publisher: Titan

Lou Norton and RHH first came into my life in May last year with Land of Shadows, which was a book I thoroughly enjoyed! So, of course when this landed on my door mat I was super keen to get on with it!

Once again it's amazing to have Lou around. She is so normal! In and out of work she is real, and interesting and you can relate to her in some way. Her language, her moods, her men, her way of being is great. She isn't holier than though and it's perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and Colin more as the book went on also. I love them and their dynamic!

The story is twisty and turny and you just don't know who to trust at any one point! I love how the whole book just leads you to believe that the world is full of Machiavellian bastards! Be they mums, old men, kids or granny next door. BTW, LOVED the granny with the machete! 

The literary references throughout were another thing I loved having back in my life as an english graduate. It made me love Lou more. Also, I love how the book just told you thing we all know, money is the root of all evil! Oh, and the ending....WOW! I WANT THE NEXT ONE NOW!!!

Overall, another superb read and a truly fantastic lead character. These books really are roller coasters but they are worth every second if you love a crime novel and a real female lead.

Happy reading


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