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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Revie: The Woman in Blue

Publisher: Quercus
I can't remember if I have read one of these before or not...and I mean one of the Ruth books. It feels like I have, things feel familiar....but I'm wondering this could be because this is a pretty standard/formula crime novel that fits all the required parts together nicely.
But the fact it fits the mould isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the book did the job of being an easy commuter read. It's also still a page turner and that's also, again what I look for in a decent crime novel.
I enjoyed the religious aspect of this novel as well. The women as priests debate may be a bit old now but it was interesting indeed as not come across it in a novel before....also suppose the woman as bishops aspect is topical of this for the moment.
Also, I laughed out loud a few times in the last 50 pages as there are some cracking one liners, I think I ended up enjoying the book even more because of those :-)
So, if you want an easy read crime novel, go for this one...it's decent.
Happy reading

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Review: Shoot

Publisher: Titan Books
Definitely do not judge these books by their cover. Hack which I read in November last year was a treat and this novel was too. Don't believe the slightly trashy looking covers.
This novel has been very aptly released as it obviously sits right smack bang in US election season and now the fall out so well done Titan on that. The political edge is also really interesting and amusing as US politics is something I enjoy following.
Shep and Skip continue to be a fab duo in this book and it's really great to have them back. Shep is becoming a more layered and multifaceted character which is great to see as it's following the novels which are themselves becoming more complex and layered. But do not fear, the deeper complexity is not detracting anything at all from the books and the fun that they contain.
As usual great to have some comedy and topical chat in a novel that's action packed and dangerous. BUT this time, do brace yourselves for some stress and worry! NOOOOOO!

So, once again a fun, fab novel which is a cracking page turner.



Wednesday 2 November 2016

Review: Flesh Coloured Dominoes

Publisher: Arcadia
So, from the very start, I'm going to tell you that I really don't think I got this book at all. I think it's gone way over my head. Either because something is lost in culture/translation or I really just don't understand it.
BUT, I can say a few things about the book.
I enjoyed the style a lot, it was very eloquently written and kept me engaged. The translation, at least when it came to the English language and syntax and all that did not falter once.
The alternate chapters of the Nazi/war section and the Olden time cut in half was very well contrasted and starkly placed. I did see the point/get the Nazi story line more than the cut in half story line....again i think I missed something.
So, overall, a book I think I would have enjoyed if I had have understood it!