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Friday 29 August 2014

Review: Jet

Price: £ 2.34 ebook
Publisher: Reprobatio Ltd

Maya is chilling in Trinidad and Tobago and seems to have a pretty nice life considering what she used to do. However, someone is out to ruin it for her. Bugger!

Jet is like the female Jason Bourne you have always wanted. I'm a fan of the Bourne books, they have action, they have politics, they have relationships but they do take a hell of a lot of concentration. Jet, doesn't take as much concentration but the characters are awesome, the action is there, the relationships are there as are the politics. 

If you want a sexy heroine and a bit of a cool hero then this is the book for you. If you want a few action plot cliches such as Russian's, boat chases, mass assassin attacks that fail and a bad ass bond girl scenario then again, this is for you.

I was pretty much gripped from the very start as the heroine is so badass and is a girl. Huzzah! It isn't high brow and it isn't going to take you years to read. But it is intense, fun and action packed.

I will not say more as it would be REALLY easy to spoil it. But Bourne and Bond fans alike, pick this up!

Happy Reading


Wednesday 27 August 2014

Review: The Dragon Keeper

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: Harper Voyager

You will most likely be aware of my MASSIVE Hobb love if you are a frequent visitor. So, I was delighted when Boy Geek's Mum told him to take me book shopping for my birthday. The Rain Wild Chronicles was my selection of choice as I have never before read them. I love alllll that is to do with the Fool and Fitz and I loved the Liveship trilogy, the recent new Fitz and the Fool was also AWESOME!!!! So, as I knew we would be in the realms of the Liveships I wanted to return.

At the start I was feeling a bit let down by the book as it was very slow to pick up and it was a all a bit woe is me I'm a girl. However, as I got more involved in the book I began to love it. The characters also grew on me and that was maybe because they grew a pair in some respects (Alise and Thymara in particular). Love the dragons and their crazy ways, they are awesome. Also, the Hest and Sedric relationship is brill and so different for a Hobb book. Also, love how Sedric is such an ambiguous character. I don't know if I like him, loathe him or just feel sorry for him! 

It's great to see the return of some of the old characters and seeing them interact with new. I'm most excited to see where exactly this series goes and what becomes of the dragons as their adventure continues. This is hopefully going to be another epic series from Hobb that fills my imagination with joy!

Happy Reading

Thursday 21 August 2014

Review: 50 Sheds of Grey

Price: 20 p ebook
Publisher: Boxtree

Every now and again I'll read a comedy book or coffee table book, and when I do, I of course write a review.

This will be a short un as this is defo a short book.

It's a parody on 50 Shades of Grey. Whilst I haven't read that and have no real desire to, I know what the plot vaguely is. This little book has a vague plot of its own and some excellent pics of sheds for those shed enthusiasts out there.

There is an edge of kink but it is most mild. It's basically a load of one line quips that I believe are taken from the twitter account @50ShedsofGrey. They made me chuckle and giggle. So I think if you want a bit of light relief then crack on. Also if you've read 50 Shades, you will probs enjoy it also!

Happy Reading


Monday 18 August 2014

Review: Graveyard Games

I can only find the audibook info now! SORRY
Read it as an ebook

Dusty's brother is dead and she is heading back to her old home town to grieve and find out exactly what the hell has been going on!

I will start at the beginning. The premise of this book had much promise as the relationships between alllll the characters were very complex. Some, were obviously so, like between Dusty and Shane and Dusty and her step mum, then some, such as the relationship between Dusty and Nick were far more complex as first made out. I absolutely loved the inter character relationships. You could see that they were all very emotional and had a lot of history and baggage. It was rather good indeed in that respect.

I also loved Dusty as her struggle with life in general, was hugely convincing. I felt really sorry for her and wanted her to be ok, I wanted to follow through with the book to make sure she found her feet and herself again.

The problem is, that the last 1/4 of the book is complete, total and utter bollocks. The book had such promise at the start. Even when Shane is telling Dusty about some things Nick told him, close to the end, it was great...then the ridiculous turn happened and the book became a complete pile of wank.

I am very sad that this book took such a turn for the worse, as until then I was really really enjoying it.


Book Geek

Friday 15 August 2014

Review: The Spectral Book of Horror Stories

Publisher: Spectral Press

This is, as the name suggests, a book of short horror stories, however, they are a completely modern take on horror stories, as far as I am concerned anyway. They aren't your usual monsters and ghosts and dead children, not your usual gothic horror. They are something all together different.

I'm not going to discuss each individually as there area many, but I will point out a few I enjoyed.

I loved the Dog story, which I think was the second in the collection. It was so completely normal, to an extent. That is true for most of the stories. They are so normal and run of the mill that you could actually see the horror events happening in real life. I think that is what makes this such a cracking collection of horror.

The Night Doctor story actually made me feel physically ill when I was eating my lunch. The description of the actual night doctor is not something you want to be reading whilst eating a pasta salad. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I think my favourite story in the book was Stolen Kisses. I had no idea how it could be a horror story and it was really different from the others as it was as if a woman was giving a rambling speech to justify her actions. When the horror aspect of it is revealed it is amazing, so brief and so to the point! EXCELLENTLY DONE.

So, on the whole, a cracking little collection of very different horror stories. Horror stories for the modern day and ones that will linger with you.

Happy Reading (I think)


Wednesday 13 August 2014

Review: Twin Truths

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
Price: £ 8.99

This is my fourth Chapter 5 Summer Read as I believe it is a Hidden Gem. I class it as this as CEP are a small indie publishers and need more people to discover them!! IMMEDIATELY!

I'm a bit scared about writing this review as I don't want to give anything away. I don't want to ruin a thing for anyone who is going to read this truly amazing book.

I started reading it on the train to London on Friday night, I read it alllll Saturday afternoon once I had finished cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen and read the last 5 pages on Sunday morning. And what I want to say is WOW!!

This was not the book I was expecting. From the blurb I was expecting it to be a bit soppy and nostalgic and girly and angsty....really, what was I thinking? Had I forgotten that CEP are the publishers?? APPARENTLY I HAD!!!

Jenny is living the vicarious life in South America and is taking each day as it comes. Playing people and working on what she needs to do now that her twin is gone. Then we move to looking at Jenny and Pippa's life as children. It was a traumatic time, in many ways and it's no wonder that they took such different paths. Then we move forward to Greece where some more soul searching happens, then to the UK and back to where it all began. It's a real journey for all!

The characters are fab. I love them all in very different ways! I want to say Nick (sorry, the book is at boy geek's so I can't look up the right name) was a particular favourite of mine. I loved his laddish carefree life! Also Ignacio grew on me indeed! He is just a lovely lovely man. When it comes to Jenny and Pippe I am torn...I don't know who I would choose to be if I could. I would maybe take qualities of them both.

This is a book of psychology, a book of loss, love and longing. It's amazing. It takes you places you never thought you would go and really takes the route you didn't see coming right up to the very last page when SR basically throws you off a cliff. Oh, and the relationships between the characters and especially Jenny and Pippa and those around them are beautifully crafted and explored. 

I will now say no more as I really don't want to ruin this true gem of a book for anyone!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Monday 11 August 2014

Review: Divergent

Publiser: Harper Collins
Price: £ 7.99

This is the third read from my Chapter 5 Summer challenge. It is the dystopia!

So, we are in the USA, life has all gone a bit pear shaped and the society that has thrived is not the usual. Tris has some big decisions to make, and is in for a lot of adventure.

First off I would like to comment on how incredibly jealous I am that Veronica Roth is so bloody young and has written such a successful book, well series of books! Go her!!!

Now, on with the review.

I was gripped from page one. I only meant to read a few chapters the night I started it but I was up for hours and hours and just couldn't put it down. Well I did finally, but only after a big plot revelation!! The whole world that has been created, the idea of factions and choosings etc is great. I also love the names for the factions and what they all stand for.

When it comes to the characters I have VERY clear images in my head of what they all look like. I've had a look at the pics from the film (not actually seen the film) and they look nothing like I imagine. I in fact, prefer the images of them in my head. For example, I see the Dauntless as more gothy than black PVC jump suits. Also, Four is far more attractive in my head than the bloke who plays him in the film, and Tris is far more delicate looking and little than the girl who plays her..Anyway...enough of that till I've seen the film.

I am VERY excited to read the next one and see what happens as the political movements that are starting are brilliant. . This is not YA for that young a YA set as there is a lot of quite brutal violence and there are some sex references. I think it's for the 15 plus age group. I'm going to say something VERY controversial here, but I think I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed The Hunger Games.....There are certain parallels, but I find that in the genre of YA dystopia there are and I have got over that. 

Happy Reading

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Review: The Twain Maxim

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: No Exit Press

This book was presented to me by Boy Geek not long after we got together. He was given it as a freebie along with either the Evening Standard or Metro. So, that's how it came in my possession and has been with me for knocking on for 4 years. It's the Chapter 5 Summer book I've been meaning to read and the second one off the challenge sheet.

I think there have been books about these characters before, especially Max, Jim and Jane. So, I don't think I grasped the whole book as well as I could have, however, that didn't spoil my reading of it.

Baz is a con man, an investment con man. Jim is a big time stock whizz and Jane is an agent in the US. They all get mixed up together in a story that is rather alright indeed.

I haven't read a financial thriller before, and now I'm mighty glad that I have. It was alright. I was pretty gripped by it and I read it over the weekend in one fell swoop. The financial stuff isn't too complex so don't panic and the writing style is really easy to read. 

The characters are pretty decent. I couldn't really get a picture of Jane or Jim in my head which was annoying as they weren't described in detail and I was confused by their ages. Man Bites Dog is an amazing character. He had depth, and heart and soul and gave the book a little something, especially when they reach the Congo and the business really begins. Baz was your cockney con man, he is Del Boy on steroids, and with more than half a brain and a lot of brutality. And Stafford...awwwwwwww!!!

So, if you want a holiday read that is action packed and easy to read this is it. It's defo one that the boys will enjoy as well as the girls so that's cracking. I'm interested to read more of the books that surround Jim and Jane so I think I will hunt them out at some point.

Happy Reading


Monday 4 August 2014

Review: How to Build a Girl

Price: £ 14.99 Hard Back
Publisher: Ebury

Meet Johanna/Dolly. She is trying to work out who she is, what she wants and where she is going in the crazy teenage world of council estate Wolverhampton in the 1990s.

This is the book I have been waiting for my entire life! THIS IS THE FEMALE ADRIAN MOLE. But it is the female AM with guts and for girls who remember the 90s and have had a hell of a quandary in finding out exactly who they are. 

The whole book is amazing (yes I'm going to gush a lot). The story is wonderful, the writing style is glorious and the characters are incredibly real. I laughed, I got upset, I got incredibly caught up in the whole thing that I never wanted the book to end and I feel like I know them all now it's over. This book actually made me laugh out loud in work, on the tube, on the train, in the garden on my own...that is no mean feat my friends. I was even awake at 7am on Saturday morning because I wanted to finish it in peace before Boy Geek woke up and we had to go and do DIY.

I  had one massive book hangover after finishing it. I still can't stop thinking about the bloody thing and I finished it 2 days ago. I keep wondering what Johanna is doing now, what Krissi is doing now...I am convinced these people are real! This book has made a real impact and I am over joyed I have read it. 

I think I'm going to leave it there as I'm afraid I'm going to gush even more and I don't want to say tooooo much as I really don't want to give anything away as this is a true delight from start to finish.

OOo oOOO, I do have to say that I really want to know just how much really is based on CM's life. I know the loose parts about her but I do want to know if the people she meets are just exaggerated or slightly morphed versions of people from her own past...or are they fiction. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Happy Reading


P.S. It was given to me as a birthday present by Fickle Mate who said, 'before I give you your birthday present, I warn you, I can't remember if you really hate or really love Caitlin Moran!' I love her so it's fine. Also, it's my first read off the Chapter 5 Summer list as this book is Hot Off The Press.