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Friday 30 May 2014

Review: Robin's Hoods

DC is back and yes, I'm going to continue to profess my love for him and allll his books.

This is a tad different to the usual stuff as it isn't so fantastical and magical and isn't completely off the wall or set in tut olden days. It is however set a bit in the future and it does draw from fable and folk law. Basically, we're looking at a rather swanky and techy version of Robin Hood! BOOM! I bloody love Robin Hood, especially the Disney version with the foxes...man Robin Hood is foxy as a fox!

As always, the characters were awesome. The parallels drawn between them and the people of Robin Hood was cool and so subtle on many occasions. It actually took until the notes for my brain to stupidly engage Freya-Tech..that's just because I am an idiot though. I knew she was Tuck but I didn't get the Freya bit...I'm a pillock! Robin was most sexy and I could clearly picture what they alll looked like in my head.

The story was also darn cool, the baddies were bad, the goodies were good and the ones inbetween were perfectly inbetween, there were distinctions and I like distinctions. The tale was gripping and I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. Also there was tragedy, and nothing is complete without tragedy as I am not really a fan of the 100% happy ending, smiles and cwtches thing!

A bit different from the usual DC stuff but defo one to read. I can't believe however that once again you get left on tender hooks...when is the next one coming???

Happy Reading

<:-)  (that's meant to be a hood)

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Review: Who Are You?

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press

This is EF's second book, the first Nearest Thing to Crazy was stonking and I love EF so I was totally over joyed to have this pop through my letter box.

Alex, Juliet and Ben are a little family. Alex was in the army and it has had a big impact on him. Juliet doesn't really know who he is any more.

The story is awesome. I was hooked from the off and completely torn as to what to think about who and what and why. I started off feeling sorry for everyone, despite my conflicting emotions, but the torment and the manipulation and refusals of help ruined that and I just couldn't go on with such thinly spread pity and empathy. I ended up forming a very strong bond to Juliet, but, due to the smooth creation of Alex, there was always a niggling feeling about her in the back of my head. And I did keep wondering, who is really right and how is Ben going to cope with either or both of them? wahhh! I know which side I should have been on throughout the entire book...it's just, damn that writing. It really ruined me and confused me!

Many, many emotions were provoked, and I ended up having nightmares at one point. The book, the characters, everything completely got under my skin and I'm so very pleased that I had a proof copy without this cover as that would have terrified me and disturbed me further. 

Exactly like NTtC, this book will absorb you, scare you, wrap you up and envelop you, then chew on you for a bit and spit out as a total wreck that, despite everything, thinks the book is amazing.

Happy (I think) reading


Tuesday 27 May 2014

Review: Cemetery Girl - Book 1

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Price: £ 12.99

Well, I have now officially read my first ever graphic novel, and I can say, I rather enjoyed it.

There's a girl in the cemetery and she has no idea who she is or how she got there. Some weird shizz happens and she has to sort a few things out.

I enjoyed the story, it was good, and I was pleased to say that it was thoroughly enjoyable in the form of a comic. Whoop. I felt suitably content with the fact that there was only dialogue and a bit of explanation. Usually I love a good description, but the pics were fab so I really didn't feel like anything was lacking and the story was spiffing to follow.

The illustrations were cracking and I really really liked them. It's cool to see Charlaine Harris getting out and about even more too as she is a babe. Also cool as wasn't too supernatural/wasn't as super natural as I expected.

Anyway, I approve of this book and now think I may delve in to a few more graphic novels and check them out.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Thursday 22 May 2014

Review: Blood, sweat and tea

Price: free ebook atm
Publisher: Friday Project
This ain't the cover but there are loads to choose from and I like this pic

So, TR is a paramedic (that ain't his real name) and he started a blog telling all of us about what it's like to be a paramedic in the LAS. This is a collection of his fave posts and if you are a fan of such books as, confessions of a NY taxi driver then crack on. 

This book ain't for those that can't cope with death and blood and real life horrors. If you are one of those people do note pick up this book. If you can cope with those things, then do pick it up as you will be filled with a deep respect for the ambulance service at the end....you should  have respect for them to start with, at the end of this book, it will have only expanded.

The book is dry, funny, sarcastic, sad, tragic, gross and cynical as cynics can be. And no bloody wonder, I would be too...and I'm bad enough as it is now.

You could read this in one go, like I did, or just pick it up and read a few bits and put it down again. You can do anything and that makes this a tidy little book too!

Anyway, get it, read it and learn to appreciate all these people do for us!

Happy Reading


Monday 19 May 2014

Holmes Challenge: Adventures 1 - 4

I'm plugging on with my Holmes Challenge and now that I'm on to the adventures a whole new world has opened up for me.

I do wish that the collection that I have on my kindle had put the novels in the correct order within in the adventures, but I'll live.

A Scandal in Bohemia
Irene Adler is introduced to us and she is a total babe, as despite my love for Holmes, it is awesome to see him beaten. I was particularly happy to see him beaten by a woman considering the attitude towards women that was displayed in this story and that has basically been displayed in the novels. I know it's of the time, but it still annoys me.

Red Headed League
I'm a ginge and I seriously wanted the really tedious but well paying job on offer...alas my gender would have prevented it. Anyway. The story was alright, however, I felt it a bit rushed for the complexity and cunning that was involved. Possibly would have suited being a longer story or even a novel!

A Case of Identity
It was bleeding obvious from the very very start what was going to happen in this adventure. It was nice however to see Holmes show some heart and feeling for another person and an almost stranger at that. It made him seem not so cold and calculating.

Boscombe Valley Mystery
Holmes had a bit of heart again! I was at this point most bemused as I've only ever really seen that towards Watson, but hey ho, onwards and upwards. The whole thing, I am afraid was very obvious again. Maybe it's reading four in such quick succession or maybe, I too am a crime solving mastermind.

I'll read more soon no doubt!

Happy Reading


Thursday 15 May 2014

Review: The Humans

Price: £ 3.32 ebook
Publisher: Canongate Books

I read The Radleys many moons ago, before I started this blog and I enjoyed it. I can't believe it has taken this long to read The Humans. In the book, AM has gone through a bit of a change, and he's having to live his life with humans to complete a mission set by The Hosts.

I can tell you now that this book broke my heart. Yes, there are some incredibly dry and funny bits and it did have me sniggering, but on the whole, I found the book overwhelmingly loveable and tragic and distressing and uplifting and ahhhh everything to be honest. I found it a really emotionally draining book, but don't worry, I enjoyed the book thoroughly. 

It's like a reverse Hitchhiker's Guide and I thought that was awesome, as I loved Hitchhikers Guide when I read it about a million years ago. I loved AM, well the AM we meet, I loved Gulliver and Newton was an absolute legend! I'm delighted he is on the cover.

I don't really know if anyone else found this book sad as the morality of AM kicked in but, I'd like to know if you did. 

Do read this book, and read The Radleys. They aren't at all what you would expect and they really are beautiful reads, especially The Humans. It is truly glorious!

Happy Reading


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Review: Land of Shadows

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: Titan Books

We are in LA and there has been a murder. But don't worry Lou is on it. Unfortunately it's bringing back some rather unpleasant memories.

So, let's face it, I was going to enjoy this book from the offing as the main character is a hard assed female police detective. Her comebacks are awesome, she takes no shit from anyone in her work and she is a total babe. The personal life aspects that were included made her human and showed you that bad ass cops are people too who have to deal with their own shit! They really have a lot to cope with.

The story was pretty cracking. There were twists and turns and it was dark. I enjoyed the different narrative voices, be they Lou or the perp. I also enjoyed the flash backs to the time when Lou's sister disappeared. It kept you on your toes and the perp sections were seriously creepy! SERIOUSLY!

Colin was a bit of a douche but a loveable one. The other dudes at the station were pretty awesome and I want them to be my friends..along with Lou of course!!

This isn't a gory read so those who are crime fans but not gore fans will enjoy. Also, those who love a good detective novel will love it also. I found the gang references particularly good, as I have a real fascination with American gang culture, I don't know why, I just do. The only flaw I see in this book is that there are two loose ends that don't seem to have been tied up at all. I'm not going to point them out as I will ruin the plot. But if you notice them too, do let me know! 

Anyway, cracking crime novel with a totally awesome main character. You can also find her on twitter @LAPDLouNorton.

Happy Reading


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Review: Home + Hearth

Publisher: Spectral Press

I was delighted when this hit my inbox as I've read the odd bit from Spectral Press but not loads. This was indeed a treat I was delighted to receive.

Caroline's son is home, he did something bad...maybe...this short story tells you of the time after, and how a mother can/does cope with a child like Simon.

Wow. I had many We Need to Talk About Kevin thoughts when I read this and a few James Bulger thoughts too. It always amazes me when writing can invoke such strong emotions and thoughts from the reader.

The whole story is a question of parental love. How far will a parent go to protect their child? What will it take for a parent to stop loving a child? Very strong questions for such as short piece to ask and in some ways answer too.

I sill have chills now and I finished it a little while ago. I think if I were a parent I would feel even more strongly about this read, and I'm sure many of you will.

Overall, a chilling and emotive piece that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Happy Reading (I think)

Book Geek

Sunday 11 May 2014

Review: Diary of a Nobody

Price: 61p ebook
Publisher: Wordsworth Classics

I'm not 100% sure when I acquired this ebook, but I did, and then the other day I thought, why not read it. 

It's the diary of a clerk in the city in the olden days called Charles. However, it's fictional and it's rather amusing in a very mundane and rather nondescript way.

I warn you now that I don't have loads to say about this book but it will be short.

The diary was amusing indeed. It's very quick to read and I don't really know why I found it so 100% amusing and entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tone of Charles, he was so blunt and so, detached from things. That really made the whole thing slightly bizarre. Lupin was cool too. The whole book is very much a parody and very intelligent for the day/period in which it was written.

I am most pleased I read it and would be inclined indeed to read such things again in the future!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Thursday 8 May 2014

Review: Shadowmagic

Price: 99p ebook
Publisher: Friday Project

Conor lives in The Real World, however, little does he know, he's not actually from there. He's from somewhere else and his life is about to be turned upside down...but it's bloody awesome!

I love a good fantasy novel, and I love one with a good comic edge which this one certainly has! Huzzah! The whole book is very Darren Craske and reminded me a lot of Mythbound (by the way Mr C, where is the next one??). Spose that's because they have the same publishers. Bravo Friday Project, Bravo indeed!

Anyway, the characters are great, the goodies are suitably good, the baddies are suitably bad and there is indeed a sufficient level of cross purposes and skulduggery for me to have had a total hoot reading this book. There is action and there are plot twists, there is a bit of love and there are some serious laughs. It's always great to read a YA/kids(ish) book that has something for the grown ups too...not that I profess to be that grown up deep down.

Also, the book is based on a big epic quest and you alllll know how much I love a quest. The whole thing let my imagination run wild and that's exactly what I love when it comes to fantasy and why I'm such a big fan.

To conclude, this is a cracking little read, and guess what, there are two more! I've already bought them and I suggest you all do too!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Review: The Judas Scar

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: Cutting Edge Press

Will and Harmony are a lovely couple, however, there are some things in the past that really do have the potential to shit things up, especially when Harmony meets someone at a party.

BLOODY HELL WOW! I will say from the off that this book is awesome. It kept me up reading, it kept me awake once Boy Geek bullied me in to putting it down as the whole thing kept running through my head. Just wow, bloody wow!

When I started reading The Silent Wife, this is the type of amazing page turner I expected it to be...I'm not 100% sure why it comes to mind when I think TJS, but it does. I think it's because they are both about married couples in very strange situations that impacts their entire lives. TJS completely dicks on The Silent Wife, it is everything I wanted it to be and more.

The characters and plot is dark and twisty, people are manipulators, and that made me think Nearest Thing to Crazy (another awesome book from CEP). You get really sucked in by Luke, you love but hate Will and you love but hate Harmony too. Waaahhh!

It's amazing that elements of the story were drawn from real life, and you can see that in the language, the arguments and the emotions. I really enjoyed the passages with arguments as they were real, there was nothing far fetched and ridiculous, as there so often is in books!

Right, I'm going to stop there otherwise I will spoil something for all you people who HAVE to read this book now.

A brilliant page turner that will keep you awake! The characters are incredible, the plot is dark and disturbing as it really is so normal and could happen at anytime to any one! Well done AJ and well done again Cutting Edge Press on finding ANOTHER awesome gem!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Thursday 1 May 2014

Review: Noose

Price: £ 14.95 (kindle)
Publisher: Severn House

When I saw this book on NetGalley I was rather intrigued...'No one can escape their past it says...'on the front. Yes, that's true, however, I'm sorry to say but this was a pretty tedious past to not be able to escape.

Ian is a Jurno, he used to be a little boy in the war, then he was in the RAF. Some stuff happened to him and bits of it impacted his life in the future. But really, not all that much.

When looking at Ian's childhood I wasn't all that fussed with the story. And when we looked at him from RAF career onwards, it was yes more exciting, but it wasn't really all that much to do with him escaping or being tied in by his past as the book leads you to believe. Which I was a tad disappointed by.

I found some of the chapters rather difficult to follow as the writing was very rambling and didn't flow, which then of course led me to have NO idea what was going on in places.

If this book had focussed more on Ian's life from RAF time onwards I think it would have been far more enjoyable, so I'll say the second half of the book was alright. I'm sure people will enjoy all of it, but I didn't alas. However, the first half was set in Wales. Yay for Wales!

Happy Reading

Book Geek