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Monday 19 May 2014

Holmes Challenge: Adventures 1 - 4

I'm plugging on with my Holmes Challenge and now that I'm on to the adventures a whole new world has opened up for me.

I do wish that the collection that I have on my kindle had put the novels in the correct order within in the adventures, but I'll live.

A Scandal in Bohemia
Irene Adler is introduced to us and she is a total babe, as despite my love for Holmes, it is awesome to see him beaten. I was particularly happy to see him beaten by a woman considering the attitude towards women that was displayed in this story and that has basically been displayed in the novels. I know it's of the time, but it still annoys me.

Red Headed League
I'm a ginge and I seriously wanted the really tedious but well paying job on offer...alas my gender would have prevented it. Anyway. The story was alright, however, I felt it a bit rushed for the complexity and cunning that was involved. Possibly would have suited being a longer story or even a novel!

A Case of Identity
It was bleeding obvious from the very very start what was going to happen in this adventure. It was nice however to see Holmes show some heart and feeling for another person and an almost stranger at that. It made him seem not so cold and calculating.

Boscombe Valley Mystery
Holmes had a bit of heart again! I was at this point most bemused as I've only ever really seen that towards Watson, but hey ho, onwards and upwards. The whole thing, I am afraid was very obvious again. Maybe it's reading four in such quick succession or maybe, I too am a crime solving mastermind.

I'll read more soon no doubt!

Happy Reading


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