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Thursday 22 May 2014

Review: Blood, sweat and tea

Price: free ebook atm
Publisher: Friday Project
This ain't the cover but there are loads to choose from and I like this pic

So, TR is a paramedic (that ain't his real name) and he started a blog telling all of us about what it's like to be a paramedic in the LAS. This is a collection of his fave posts and if you are a fan of such books as, confessions of a NY taxi driver then crack on. 

This book ain't for those that can't cope with death and blood and real life horrors. If you are one of those people do note pick up this book. If you can cope with those things, then do pick it up as you will be filled with a deep respect for the ambulance service at the end....you should  have respect for them to start with, at the end of this book, it will have only expanded.

The book is dry, funny, sarcastic, sad, tragic, gross and cynical as cynics can be. And no bloody wonder, I would be too...and I'm bad enough as it is now.

You could read this in one go, like I did, or just pick it up and read a few bits and put it down again. You can do anything and that makes this a tidy little book too!

Anyway, get it, read it and learn to appreciate all these people do for us!

Happy Reading


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