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Monday 14 December 2015

Review: The Unquiet House

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
I'm in two minds when it comes to this book.
It was an enjoyable read on the most part and it was an easy read. It's nice to have one of those some times. Also, I've not read a ghost type novel in a while so that was pretty cool too.
However, I could really see some of the plot coming from about 55 million miles away and the ending was a bit of a let down.
My main quibble with the book though is this....surely not all people from near Leeds in the 1970s and 1930s spoke like the author makes out, so regionally and OTT allllll the time. That drove me a bit bonkers.
Anyway, short review, I know, but if you want an easy and quick read that's a bit on the spooky side, give this a shot.
Happy Reading

Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Pulitzer prize winning book: The Road

World Book Night
The Road won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007!
The book is weirdly disjointed but it keeps you as on edge as the man and boy most likely are! You end up feeling rather connected to them because of this and as if you are on the journey with them.
It's strange how heart warming yet at the same time heart wrenching I found this book. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions from cover to cover!
However, I always wanted to know more. How the world came to be as it is in the book? What exactly is happening in the world? What is the hierarchy? Why are some people to be avoided and others not? Why did some people survive and others not? The questions are everywhere!! But even though I didn't get answers I weirdly wasn't disappointed...hmmmmm.
Basically it seems to be above love and relationships, trust and bastardlyness, the good and pure and the evil.
This is very much a lingering book and I will continue to recommend it to people for many moons.
Please read this!

Friday 4 December 2015

Review: Fool's Quest

Publisher: Harper Voyager
I was so excited to see this was out....but I'm sure you all know my love of Hobb and Fitz by now...
I do have one downer to mention on this book...and well this series in general...I really don't like Bee. I have been rather non-plused by her voice and her story. I find her boring and well, intensely dislikeable...sorry!!!
Love the front cover! Don't want to give anything away for spoilers but wahhhhhh!! You will all see!!!
I'm going to try not to talk about the plot btw, as I'm sure no one wants this ruined, so this will be a short review!
There are so many revelations in this novel and so many suspicions I've held not only for Fitz and Fool novels but other characters in other Hobb books were confirmed. One in particular I was desperate to have confirmed and it was!!! If anyone else was pleased by this do let me know!!!!
The book filled me with anguish from start to finish and I got so so drawn in to the emotion. I think it's partly Hobb's glorious style and my deep deep love for the people of these books. I love them all (even Bee....ish) in their own special ways and feel like I am one of them. Fitz is still my one true love though, as he has been part of my life for 13 year!!!
I will say that towards the end I started to panic that not only will this be the last Fitz based series but it will be Robin Hobb's last series...too much is being neatly tied together. PLEASE WRITE MORE MS HOBB!
Oh and a word of advice. If you haven't read the previous books, I mean ALL the Robin Hobb books in the back catalogue, DO NOT READ THIS THIS TRILOGY FIRST! IT WILL RUIN THINGS FOR YOU AND NOT ALL OF IT WILL MAKE SENSE!
Love this book, Love Hobb, Love Fitzs, LOVE READING!