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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Review: The Tournament Trilogy: Grey Winter

We're back with the tournament, the second book this time. We're not too long after the end of the last book and there are a lot of questions. BUT a word of warning, if you don't want to spoil the first book, don't read this review.
We're on the hunt for the killer of 2/3 of Team Blue, we want to know exactly what Team Black are up to and we're about to discover that the world is learning all about The Tournament.
To be honest, I don't think I enjoyed this book as much as the last one.....the novelty of the concept had worn off a tad and there were a few ridiculous aspects (yes I don't find the premise etc ridiculous at all). But, I could overlook them on the most part and get on board with the novel as I want to know what will happen in the end of all of this.
This was your typical mid point filler book I feel. We now have ducks all in a row and the questions of book 1 answered. We have some new characters who I think are going to fit in well, and we have all the set up ready for the final novel, which I am suspecting is going to be one big shoot out.
Overall, your typical mid filler book, but decent enough. I am looking forward to book three!


Wednesday 20 September 2017

Review: City of Saviors

Publisher: Titan Books
So, I've been consistently enjoying the Lou Norton series, I've really loved Lou as a lead character. She's been fresh and different and just (to be honest) what the crime/thriller genre needed to breath a breath of fresh air in to the heroine realm.
Sadly, I have felt a tad let down by this fourth book in the series. It has felt like a filler, a bit like the latest Matt Damon Bourne film. A book to fill in some Lou time, and bridge the next arc of Lou's life. I think we could have done without that. And sadly, the crime plot woven amongst Lou's life wasn't as gripping and enthralling as the previous three have been.
Alas, I'm sorry to say I was disappointed here.
It would have been ok if the book had had a great crime plot or Lou's story was more than just bitching and whining. But there was neither, they were both neither here nor there. But I will not give up on these books - I will plough on with the next one when it arrives as I have hope we can claw this back.
Also, if you do tend to pick up and read crime novels regardless of them being in a series or not, you will not want to really read this one. It's too entrenched in Lou's story and not the crime she's investigating so you will miss a lot of context and interesting things.
Anyway, fingers crossed for the next one!


Tuesday 12 September 2017

Review: The Tournament Series: Blue Fall

Self published
This book was highlighted to me as free on the Book Bub newsletter, well the whole first three were and I figured, hmmm sounds a bit realms of The Hunger Games but why not. And tbh I'm really glad I downloaded this on my kindle and I can't wait to read the next ones.
I was enthralled from the word go I love the concept of elite betting on teams around the globe battling the shit out of each other. Even if I can see the slight rip of a Hunger Games/Battle Royale kinda thing. It's more the latter tbh, but there is the new edge to it and that's awesome.
The book was clearly centric on just a few select teams, but who cares, it got me hooked.
The Youngsmith sub-plot didn't really grab me but obviously is a plot device that was warranted and we'll see what comes if that moving in to the next one.
It's a brutal book in some ways but it seems fair tbh and it's also passionate and raw which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Seriously can't wait to read more!


Monday 4 September 2017

Review: The Shadow of Fu-Manchu

Publisher: Titan Books
I do indeed like it when old books are republished so good on Titan for doing it. And this oldie is exactly as it says on the quotation on the back 'at best these books are very superior pulp fiction...at their worst, they're gruesomely readable.' The book was just that, a bit of both and was spiffing company on the six hours I spent on a train over the bank holiday weekend in August.
I haven't read the others in the series, but I know about and of the legend of Fu-Manchu so I got this novel. I think however that if I didn't have the knowledge I wouldn't have liked the book or really got it shall we say.
You will need to put yourself beyond the1940s language and slightly un-PC rhetoric but as long as you can get over this you will enjoy it no end. I've read many a book with language and style of them olden days so not bothered at all now.
It's a gripping read and a bit tongue in cheek, but it's also really easy to read too.
One gripe I have is Camille. She had the potential to be so badass but in the end she was so girly and wet I was really rather cross. MAybe this is something of these books that I'm not over just yet.