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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Review: City of Saviors

Publisher: Titan Books
So, I've been consistently enjoying the Lou Norton series, I've really loved Lou as a lead character. She's been fresh and different and just (to be honest) what the crime/thriller genre needed to breath a breath of fresh air in to the heroine realm.
Sadly, I have felt a tad let down by this fourth book in the series. It has felt like a filler, a bit like the latest Matt Damon Bourne film. A book to fill in some Lou time, and bridge the next arc of Lou's life. I think we could have done without that. And sadly, the crime plot woven amongst Lou's life wasn't as gripping and enthralling as the previous three have been.
Alas, I'm sorry to say I was disappointed here.
It would have been ok if the book had had a great crime plot or Lou's story was more than just bitching and whining. But there was neither, they were both neither here nor there. But I will not give up on these books - I will plough on with the next one when it arrives as I have hope we can claw this back.
Also, if you do tend to pick up and read crime novels regardless of them being in a series or not, you will not want to really read this one. It's too entrenched in Lou's story and not the crime she's investigating so you will miss a lot of context and interesting things.
Anyway, fingers crossed for the next one!


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