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Tuesday 12 September 2017

Review: The Tournament Series: Blue Fall

Self published
This book was highlighted to me as free on the Book Bub newsletter, well the whole first three were and I figured, hmmm sounds a bit realms of The Hunger Games but why not. And tbh I'm really glad I downloaded this on my kindle and I can't wait to read the next ones.
I was enthralled from the word go I love the concept of elite betting on teams around the globe battling the shit out of each other. Even if I can see the slight rip of a Hunger Games/Battle Royale kinda thing. It's more the latter tbh, but there is the new edge to it and that's awesome.
The book was clearly centric on just a few select teams, but who cares, it got me hooked.
The Youngsmith sub-plot didn't really grab me but obviously is a plot device that was warranted and we'll see what comes if that moving in to the next one.
It's a brutal book in some ways but it seems fair tbh and it's also passionate and raw which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Seriously can't wait to read more!


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