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Friday 31 May 2013

Review: 364 Days of Tedium

Price: £ 8.99
Publisher: The Friday Project

I bloody love Christmas, so when I saw this was a free ebook earlier today, I was all over it! And by God was I all over it as I have consumed it already! It's bloody funny and a good pile of sniggery laughter is to be had by all. Except children, DO NOT show this to your kids, it'll ruin Christmas, and Father Christmas and all that in one fell swoop.

The Duck and Whale mini comic series were fantastic as well as the reindeers mini comic series that happened on some days. Obviously Santa was being far too boring for any one to care on those days! The Shit Biscuit part with the reindeers and eye spy with Duck and Whale were my fave parts of their brief encounters. Also, the elves dressing up for the Christmas party was pretty damn awesome too!!

Defo a cracking little coffee table or toilet book that will keep you giggling. I think I'm going to have to look at it again! One of those books I'll see myself thinking about and sniggering about for the next few days and I'm sure I'll keep looking at it for a bit of anti festive cheer! Defo want the hard copy!!!

Happy Reading

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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Review: Dead Silence

Publisher: Headline
Price: £ 7.99

From the start you can tell that this book is part of a series. In the beginning this annoyed me as it took me a while to get in to the book and get over the fact that I didn't know what happened before. The recaps weren't too obvious, detailed and in your face. At any other time I would be pleased about that, but on this occasion, as the preceding novel seems to be important to this book, I was a tad annoyed. However, I got over this annoyance pretty quickly and really got in to the story! 

I was totally able to ignore the fact that this was part of a series and enjoy the book as a book, enjoy the story, enjoy the main plot and the plot running along side it. This is a YA book, however, it's pretty hardcore for a YA and there is far more violence, sex, drugs and rock n roll than I was expecting. For me that was great as it seemed far more edgy and adult than young! The sections in italics are VERY creepy and for me make the whole book. They draw you down dark, twisted and creepy paths and make the book for me!

The main characters are pretty decent, Rafe is defo an interesting one and was my favourite throughout! Vi and Jay make a decent pair and do provide some enjoyable moments, however the lovely dovey stuff got a tad annoying for me. However, with this being a YA read I can see why it was there.

Overall, one of the more enjoyable YA books I've read as it had grit and substance behind it. I would be interested to read the books that came before this so I could get even more understanding of the novel. Defo a book for the YAs out there who like something a bit more grown up and for YA fans in general.

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Friday 24 May 2013

Review: A Matt Helm Novel: The Removers

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

This is the third Matt Helm novel I've read and reviewed, and I tell you what, I'm really getting stuck in to them and the world of Mr Helm! I'm growing to like Matt more and more and find him a very intriguing character and in some cases an anti hero. He's defo not what I first thought he was and he isn't developing in the way I expected. 

This is somewhat different to the last two as Matt meets his match in some respects, in fact in many. There is an enemy that has skills, there is a minor nemesis that has skills and the women that crop up FINALLY have some balls. Beth (the ex wife) even takes on a whole new skin and grows a pair which is good to see! Moira is a woman with balls to an extent and it's good to see that she stops the misogyny that Matt has adopted in the past! The Afghan hound is truly amazing and a lovely addition to the story!!!

The whole novel is once again an action packed page turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It was also a really quick read, just like the last two, as you want to know what happens and can't stop reading. Again, it didn't feel dated despite its age and references to the war. It's rather impressive how DH has managed to write a series that feels timeless! I warn you though, there is a cliff hanger at the end...I can't wait for the next one to come through my letter box!

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Review: The Tiny Wife

Publisher: The Friday Project
Price: £ 6.99

I've only read one other AK book, Born Weird and I bloody loved it! So, when I had the opportunity to procure a copy of this little read on Monday night I was totally delighted!!!  

The phrase I'd use to describe this book/novella/short story (not really sure what it is) is beautifully mental! I would love to live in AK's brain as it seems to be wonderfully fun and creative! The crazy imagination of this man is excellent and he also seems to have a really big heart too....or at least he does when it comes to his writing. 

This is a story that seems like a fable, it has morals and it is not at all what I was expecting. Truly gorgeous and delightful! The illustrations were also beautious and contributed wonderfully to the story as a whole. Oh, and I, once again loved AK's style of writing! It doesn't feel very dudey which is always a treat...but then again doesn't feel girly either...SKILLS!

This is a pretty damn short story so I don't want to say loads and spoil it for everyone but I want to urge you all to read it! It won't take long and I'm sure you will love it! I now defo have to read The Waterproof Bible and particularly All My Friends Are Superheroes....specially because people are bullying me to read them now I've read AK's two other books!

Happy Reading

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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Review: The Last Hangman

Price: £ 10.99
Publisher: Atlantic Books

This wasn't the type of book I expected it to be at all. From what I'd read in the press release and the blurb I expected a hard hitting throat grabber from start to finish. This isn't what you get. What you get is a heartfelt, gut wrenching read that on occasions makes you feel uncomfortable and question what you believe to be justice.

This is the story of the last hangman in India, he is on a bit of a reluctant soul searching and remorseful journey through his life all for the sake of one author and his desire to write a book. The whole narrative is very touching as it is based on the life of a real man who went through all that is described and lived a hard and troubled life. The last 50 pages do introduce the turmoil and intensity that I expected and they were the 50 pages I enjoyed the most. Not in a weird sadistic way, but because they were what I expected the book to be like throughout and they are what I had braced myself for!

A very well considered and thought out book that has had a lot of effort and time as well as emotion put in to it. 

Happy Reading

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Monday 20 May 2013

The 2013 World Book Night Adventure

My WBN adventure was a tad different than planned this year as I was on a work trip over the actual period of WBN celebrations! But do not fear, I gave those books out and bloody enjoyed it and by gum, I did it despite it being on the wrong day(s)!!!!

17th April
Collected my books from Waterstones Farnham! To ensure I could get them to my car in my stupid work smart clothes I borrowed the box wheeley thing we use to move boxes of mags around! I got lots if funny looks when wheeling it both full and empty, but I was excited!!!!

18th April
I have posted the geeky book love to @ontheceiling and @bookcunt as they are both book loving beasts who I think rule!
I brought 10 other books in to work with me. Girl Assistant, Posh Colleague and Miserable Colleague all have one as I share an office with them. The others are going on a whoever comes in to the room gets one basis. So far the recipients are Sly Colleague, Swedish Colleague, Lovely Girl Colleague and the tea lady. 3 left in today's giving spree!!

This afternoon I gave Old Designer a copy. He said he wasn't interested unless there were dragons in the first chapter. I convinced him to take it home for Mrs Old Designer! Tried to give a copy to Attractive Designer, all he did was look at it and say, you keep hold of it and then I will have it if no one else wants it. That comment and book refusing has now made AD slightly less attractive in my eyes, Boy Geek will be pleased!

I gave a copy to The Boss mainly to cover up the fact that I was texting The Bezzie when he came in the room! Uh oh!!! He seemed pleased though!!! 1 left...may deposit it in Saino's later! (Then 8 more to distribute between here and China!)

The drop off has been made, I repeat, the drop off has been made! Here is it's location!

And there is a correction, there are only 6 left, I will distribute wisely!!!!

19th April
I have made my first drop of the towards China portion of my journey! Farnham train station! It is 5:15pm and I am waiting for my train to Waterloo!

And another book lands in the Severn stars, chancery lane!!

20th April
I have left a book on the tube! It's the Piccadilly line to heathrow terminal 5! What a sneaky bean!

24th April
I'm back from Beijing, and look, ANOTHER book has been left on the tube!!!

29th April
I posted a book to @geo_a_go_go for sending me a most excellent pic of a droid reading a book! WONDERFUL!

The final book will be given to my bezzie who I am seeing on 31st May!

And so my adventure comes to an end!

Friday 17 May 2013

Review: Woman Master

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
Price: £ 9.99

If you asked me outright, tell me the one reason why you enjoyed this book, I don't think I could pin one down. The whole thing took me completely by surprise. To be honest, I wasn't overly looking forward to the prospect of reading it...especially as PS from CEP told me it might not really be my thing. My preconceptions about this book were all wrong, it was a wonderfully surprising page turner and I was gripped pretty much from the start.

This is the story of Pari and all the women in her life, how their lives work, how her life develops, feminism in Iran, an Iranian woman's place in society and how the culture works. Pari is glorious. I feel for her so much and even if she isn't based on a real person, I am sure that there are people like her out there who have had turbulent lives. She has so much love to give and has experienced falls that make it surprising that she is so strong and supportive to her family. Pari also seemed rather unusual for her era, she is so strong and modern seeming. She is somewhat out of place to an extent. She is strong willed and powerful. Two other characters I loved were Ali and the opium addicted camel! THEY WERE SMALL BUT GLORIOUS!! YAY!

The female characters overall are so contrasting it is wonderful and I loved being immersed in a culture that I know absolutely nothing about. It really was completely alien to me! The book as a whole has been constructed beautifully and the writing style as well as the tone show that MS really does care about, not only the story, but the people that she has created in this beautiful book. 

A stunning read that will take you by surprise. In no way should it be dismissed or overlooked. A great comment on a society so unknown by many that will keep you turning page after page for hour after hour.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Monday 13 May 2013

Review: Seoul Survivors

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Price: £ 16.99

This is the story of a group of VERY different people who, once they arrive in Seoul, in the not too distant future, become involved in a story that questions the idea of utopia, science, evolution and what role should the human race play in manipulating the future. SS is emotional, very emotional. It makes you question everything from your moral values to where you stand with regards to genetic modification, cloning and science's role in the realms of evolution. 

When it comes to the characters, they are VERY diverse. From the Canadian wannabe model to the English dude with very few aims to the run away girl from North Korea. All characters have a very different purpose but all are integral to the events of the novel. Johnny and Sydney are two characters that have some very powerful scenes. Not only are they hugely unnerving and unsettling on occasion but they are also highly charged with tension, aggression and sexuality. I developed a soft spot for Damien as, old excellent boy assistant now lives in Seoul and teaches English. There is something of Damien about him which made this character and his part in the novel very personal and poignant! 

The phonetic spellings used for when the Korean characters were speaking English was wonderful and provided a slight amount of humour to what is a very challenging and charged read. The research that must have gone in to creating this novel was also incredibly impressive. Not only research in to Korea, its cultures, people and history, but in to science, genetics and what could be feasible in the not too distant future.

This is a glorious but rather overwhelming read. It's far more powerful and charged than you expect from the blurb, cover and first few chapters. This book will indeed take you by surprise.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Monday 6 May 2013

Review: Poison

Publisher: Gollancz
Price: £ 9.99

Firstly I would like to comment on how beautiful the book cover is, but not only that, the illustrations throughout. They are stunning and work perfectly with the twisty and sexy spin SP has put on Snow White!

I have to say that Snow is fucking annoying, no one can be that happy and cheery and lovely and kind all the time! Bloody hell! Never realised that until I read this! Loved the Queen, she was wonderful in every single way! So dark and evil and stormy! The twisting of the tale is genius and the interweaving of other fairy tales, but with an SP twist, was fantastic! Alladin was a particular favourite of mine, little bugger!

I have only read SP's crime books before and it was amazing to see her writing become so incredibly different. She is one very talented lady with many, many strings to her literary bow! This ain't no Brothers Grimm and it ain't no Disney story! Defo not a book for the babes but sure is one for the grownups! It's great to be allowed to read fairy stories, and it's even better when they have sex and drugs and violence in! The ending is totally mental and completely amazing so read the book for that if nothing else!!!

Get on this book now! I can't wait for Charm and Beauty to hit the shelves!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Friday 3 May 2013

Review: Life After Life

Publisher: Little Brown
Price: £ 18.99

Just, absolutely bloody wow! I had no idea what at all exactly to expect from this book and I'm glad I didn't as it was truly wonderful! It's the story of Ursula and her almost butterfly effect life, a life that is magical and entertaining and glorious and sad and incredible all at the same time. The entire book keeps you going with a heightened sense of anticipation! It killed me every time! I wanted to pick the book up and keep reading constantly, however, I didn't want to stop reading as I knew the book would end.

The characters are wonderful. Sylvie is so much like Mummy Geek in many ways it's scary! She is cutting, blunt, sarcastic and to the point and her comments are always full of a dark humour. Something in Ursula made me think of me, but then again, maybe I just wanted to find something of me in such a wonderful character! Also, there was something of my bezzie in Pammy!

The style in which this book is written is absolutely glorious! It is one of the most beautifully and perfectly written books I have ever come across. The dark humour, the cutting remarks, the to the point and stark phrasings were spot on! It is as if this entire novel was written for me and my own personal enjoyment!

If there ever was a more perfect book for me then I would be shocked. There is everything you could want and more from a novel here and I suggest you all read it. I am defo going to go out exploring and find more of KA's stuff because if this is anything to go by, I will be over the moon!

Happy Reading

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