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Friday 17 May 2013

Review: Woman Master

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
Price: £ 9.99

If you asked me outright, tell me the one reason why you enjoyed this book, I don't think I could pin one down. The whole thing took me completely by surprise. To be honest, I wasn't overly looking forward to the prospect of reading it...especially as PS from CEP told me it might not really be my thing. My preconceptions about this book were all wrong, it was a wonderfully surprising page turner and I was gripped pretty much from the start.

This is the story of Pari and all the women in her life, how their lives work, how her life develops, feminism in Iran, an Iranian woman's place in society and how the culture works. Pari is glorious. I feel for her so much and even if she isn't based on a real person, I am sure that there are people like her out there who have had turbulent lives. She has so much love to give and has experienced falls that make it surprising that she is so strong and supportive to her family. Pari also seemed rather unusual for her era, she is so strong and modern seeming. She is somewhat out of place to an extent. She is strong willed and powerful. Two other characters I loved were Ali and the opium addicted camel! THEY WERE SMALL BUT GLORIOUS!! YAY!

The female characters overall are so contrasting it is wonderful and I loved being immersed in a culture that I know absolutely nothing about. It really was completely alien to me! The book as a whole has been constructed beautifully and the writing style as well as the tone show that MS really does care about, not only the story, but the people that she has created in this beautiful book. 

A stunning read that will take you by surprise. In no way should it be dismissed or overlooked. A great comment on a society so unknown by many that will keep you turning page after page for hour after hour.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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