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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Review: The Last Hangman

Price: £ 10.99
Publisher: Atlantic Books

This wasn't the type of book I expected it to be at all. From what I'd read in the press release and the blurb I expected a hard hitting throat grabber from start to finish. This isn't what you get. What you get is a heartfelt, gut wrenching read that on occasions makes you feel uncomfortable and question what you believe to be justice.

This is the story of the last hangman in India, he is on a bit of a reluctant soul searching and remorseful journey through his life all for the sake of one author and his desire to write a book. The whole narrative is very touching as it is based on the life of a real man who went through all that is described and lived a hard and troubled life. The last 50 pages do introduce the turmoil and intensity that I expected and they were the 50 pages I enjoyed the most. Not in a weird sadistic way, but because they were what I expected the book to be like throughout and they are what I had braced myself for!

A very well considered and thought out book that has had a lot of effort and time as well as emotion put in to it. 

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