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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Review: Ruta

Price: Unsure
Publisher: KBM (self published ebook I believe)

Well, this was not at all what I expected! It is completely unique and stand alone. I'm not even sure what type of genre it falls in to. The style of writing feels cathartic, as if the narrator is releasing all that has been worrying him...to an extent anyway. It feels almost like a series of diary entries. Yet it is conversational in some places and in others there is the feel of a stream of consciousness. 

The story (?) is written from the perspective of an unknown narrator looking back on events that mainly surround the school he used to teach in and a girl called Ruta. It also focuses on his art, his drawing, painting and computer graphic skills. Beautiful pictures are slotted in to the piece and they provide a juxtaposition to the hideous events and evil acts that are happening in the narrative. I don't know if hideous and evil could be considered too strong, but for me they seem to fit. In a way, the pictures seem to be reminding the narrator of the events. A little bit like how certain songs bring very vivid memories for me. 

I want to know if this raw and brutal and honest work is actually based on the life of KM or if it is all fiction. It kept me reading, and reading quickly! Indeed it was a short piece of writing but it evoked emotions and made me feel rather hollow...especially the end.

An unusual and provoking piece that I think I have actually enjoyed reading...however, again, I don't know if enjoyed is the right word. It hasn't provided me with joy so to speak, but I am pleased I have read it and whist reading it I wanted to keep going.

Happy Reading

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Monday 28 January 2013

Review: Before His Time

Publisher: Not all that sure
Price: ebook £1.96

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the GLORIOUS sequel to Above His Station which I enjoyed so thoroughly that I was over the moon to discover that Mr. C was writing this book AND ANOTHER ONE TO COME LATER THIS YEAR.

The Station Guard and his rat friend return for more off the wall and highly enjoyable antics that you will no doubt find hard to put down. The tone is once again on occasion scathing and sarcastic which is right up my street. The recap was cracking and you are launched once again in to the Station Guard's mind/voice/narrative and you wouldn't want it any other way. The Monty Python references, film references and music references as well as a chocolate biscuit based simile make it a true joy to read from the offing and the whole way through.

Astrid does appear briefly and I still love her....I'm not sure it's ok to love a girly snake but I sure do. And of course, the rat kept me laughing and sniggering out loud the whole way through. The introduction of Lars and some of the plot was far darker and a more serious than ABH. It felt like a more serious and grown up novel in places...but those parts were just as uber great as the rest!

The flashbacks/reminiscing were still there and that was lovely as they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...of course the abuse of sales men and law based people was also back and I loved that tremendously also! 

AHS seemed more on the scifi side crossing in to the realms of fantasy and I feel that BHT goes more the other way round and does lean more to the old school fantasy realms with woodland creatures etc etc...but of course, don't you worry...it isn't all woodland creatures and nice ness.

If you have read AHS then defo read this and if you haven't read AHS then read that first as this is turning in to one amazing and crazy and funny and enjoyable series that sets things high up on the weirdshit-o-meter. DO NOT MISS OUT! READ THESE BOOKS TODAY.

I really cannot wait for Beyond His Years!

Happy reading

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Thursday 24 January 2013

Review: How should a person be?

Hardback: £ 16.99
Publisher: Harvill Secker

The whole book infuriates me! Half of the book I despised and half of it absorbed me, totally entranced me. WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH THIS BOOK? I found the narrative parts to be detestable, it made me feel sorry for the author, she has no life, no sense of identity, no sense of independence, no sense of self worth. It made me angry at her for being so self obsessed and thinking the reader would care. Yet, when it came to the script/transcription/play like passages I was enthralled. The construction of what appeared a play about women within a book which is basically bitching about Heti's inability to write a play about women is wonderful. Her struggle to find out who she is and why she should be like it is far more acceptable, understandable and believable in the play passages. I wish the whole book had been like that.

The narrative passages seem gratuitous. They feel contrived and staged and scripted like some poor drama that is about nothing at all. It is how arty people speak and discuss when you see a caricature on the TV. Yet, when the transcribed passages come around, I can imagine the scene and the staging and the people, it should be a play. I would see that play. It all seems far more genuine and more real. It is crazy how the entire thing evokes such different emotions from me. It is like two books in one! One that I don't want to read and on I can't wait to read. The Judaism section with Solomon was particularly wonderful to read! So real!

The one overall feature that made me mad was Israel. I hate him...I actually hate that man!

I want to know what other people think about this book....not real critics, not people who 'have' to like it, just normal people who read it. I also want people to read it as I want to see how it makes them feel. I am glad I have read this book as I didn't realise I could feel this torn. I really don't know if I loved this or hated it!

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Monday 21 January 2013

Review: Amity and Sorrow

Publisher: Tinder Press
Price: Doesn't say on the book!

I didn't think I would like this as I started and I thought it would be about Amish people...I WAS SO WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS!

The book looks at the life of Amity and Sorrow and their Mother and what happens after the cult, after the fire, after the fleeing. It made me feel uncomfortable and sad and it evoked these emotions very quickly. This, for me any way, is a sign of great writing. The book is fantastically written and very intelligent. It makes you consider God, religion, control and the world around us. How other people see it, how other people live and how many things there are in this world that we have no concept and understanding of. 

The whole thing reminded me of Room. I was thinking about sheltered people, deprived people and controlled people who have no real grasp or understanding of the world through no fault of their own. Things like this fascinate me and disturb me all at the same time! 

Sorrow was the character that got to me most. I hated her but felt sorry for her all at the same time as she was a product of manipulation, indoctrination and to some extent stupidity. I didn't really find a character to love as they all had an element in them that caused me to despise them...sorry about that!

It is great to read first novels as I have no expectations or preconceptions and this book is certainly a fantastic first novel. It will be a book that people talk about and it will fuel debate and discussion. A must read.

Happy Reading

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Sunday 20 January 2013

From the days of yore!

A few weekends ago, whilst wondering around with The Boy, we begun discussing books from our childhood days!

I wanted to share some cracking ones with you and one or two things in addition!

I loved this book when I was little!! Apparently The Boy was scared shitless of it and whilst we were walking around, I quoted bits to him and he got really freaked out...it was funny!

There were many Pippo books and I loved them muchly! Muchly indeed!

The Boy had never heard of this!!!! Have you???

Need I say more?!?! AMAZING!

I read this book whilst on holiday in Greece with the Fam when I was probably about 15. I hated it! In my mind it is still the worst book I have ever ever read! Mummy Geek believes I was too old to read it when I did.

When I was around 15 I went on a school trip to Germany, I took this on the bus to read...not thinking that it may not go down too well with the Germans! What a dumb ass!

Legendary book!!!

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Review: Shift

Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Price: £ 7.99

Bloody brilliant! That's how I'm going to start this review! This book is cracking! It's the story of Scott, and he can Shift (however, I'm not going to tell you exactly what that is as I don't want to spoil the plot for you). This is an action packed page turner from the very start!

The tone is wonderful and the style of writing suited me down to the ground. The subtle humour was right up my street also and as this is a YA novel I was wondering the whole way through if some of that humour was there just for the A readers. I believe I spied not only an Adrian Mole reference but a Ready Brek one too...hee hee!

The plot is gripping and intriguing and takes directions I didn't think it would. There are contemporary themes such as terrorism which makes the story suck you in even more. There is love and loss and romance and intrigue and upset and ahhhhh...just everything you can pack in to a plot! The characters are also brilliant! I had one to hate (Morgan) and I absolutely loved CP! SHE RULED! I also found a character to fall in love with....*sigh*...Cain. I haven't fallen for a character like this in a while. He may not be allllllll that prominent throughout the entire book but, my, he is amazing. All the characters are great though! They are well rounded and very well developed...even the bit part ones. 

Basically if you like YA then this is defo one to try out. This is YA with balls....big, gritty, hardcore balls! There is also a lot there for the A reader, so even if YA isn't your thing then defo give this a read.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on more of Kim Curran's stuff!

Also, if you want to follow this lovely lady on twitter she's @kimecurran...she is a cracking tweeter!

Happy reading one and all!

Book Geek


Thursday 10 January 2013

Review: The Quiet Girl

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Price: $ 26

I will tell you all first of all why this book is $26. I bought it at Books Galore in Katy Mills mall near Houston. I however, only paid $ 5.97 for it as it was in the sale....anyway, now on with the show.

This was a really frustrating book! I was worried that it would be a load of pretentious drivel...and to be honest I'm not sure if it was or not!!!

In the beginning I was rather intrigued...sadly, this didn't last very long AT ALL!!!! I thought part 1 was a load of total shit. However, part 2 made me change my mind. A more sensible narrative structure and plot took over and I got on board with it. The book actually seemed like a different author took over altogether. The joy wasn't meant to last though as part 3 turned back to the shit of part 1! It however didn't seem so annoying and crappy as I think I was used it. There were more than 3 parts and this flip flopping between weirdness and normality was a theme!

I really wasn't clear about the genre of the book due to the jumping back and fore between the crazy weird and annoying stuff and the action packed narrative thriller. It seemed like two completely different books were mashed together by someone who had no idea what they were doing. Maybe separately, there would be two books in there!!! Two pretty decent books!

Due to all my uncertainties with the actual genre(s) of the book and my not totally getting the point in all of it, I have started to think that I maybe am not clever enough to enjoy the book properly. There was obviously a vague plot and I take it that there was the Thriller part however, I don't think I got the complexities that made it a Philosophical Thriller. This is a bit shameful, but part of me hopes that I am too much of an idiot to understand the book and it is not in fact a total pile of shit.

There were two parts that made me laugh and that did provide a little bit of hope for the book as a whole...Santa's limits and borderline transvestites! WHOOP!!!!

Basically, I don't really know if this was actually a good book or not. I didn't really enjoy it all that much and don't think I'd recommend it to a friend, however, if you are a very intelligent person, you may enjoy it!

Happy Reading

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Review: TV Cream Toys

Publisher: The Friday Project
Price: (ebook for the lite edition) FREE

Ahhhh, you lovely people! Go back to your youth with this fantastically funny, nostalgic and wonderfully written book! You will love the crazy arsed comedy footnotes for defo, regardless of everything else in the world!!! It is a bit 21st Century Dodo and you have to read both...you must, must, must!

There are some totally fantastic asides too! They are amusing as can be, had me grinning and sniggering and I was trying not to laugh when reading it at times I shouldn't have been!! Also, the tables are cracking...you'll love them! The Cleudo entry is defo one of my faves, it was VERY clever and witty.

I do sadly have to say that I am a tad too young for some of the toys but boy do they sound AMAZING!!

As an extra little treat, I'm going to share some bits and pieces about me and these toys with you....you may get bored of my ramblings...don't feel you have to read them, but defo read this book!!!

- Action Man's cross bow was the best accessory he had! Also, with AM it made me laugh that blue pants are painted over his smooth area!
- I have no idea how to play backgammon but I wish I could as it always seems so sophisticated...like bridge!
- OH MY GOD!!!! The Big Yellow Tea Pot and OH MY GOD...THE BIG RED FUN BUS!! Squeeeeee! *faint*
- I used to think that the chocolate from the chocolate dispenser money thing was great and tasted better than normal chocolate. Like buttons and Easter egg chocolates.
- If you like C64s you may like the song by Along Came Man with the same name. The song has a very special place in my heart.
- Etch a Sketch has to be red, ALWAYS red.
- I never knew what those rubber monster finger things were called before this book!
- I am the only person in my friendship group that has ever heard of fuzzy felt and used it.
- Hungry hippos is the original hunger games....bonus points to anyone who can find the pic I stole that from....
- Lego is possibly, in my opinion, the best sodding thing in the world ever!!!
- I only discovered Meccano when Brother Geek got some.
- Monopoly is amazing to me. Uncle Geek used to cheat ALL the time when I played it with him when I was little. The most recent time I played it was with The Boy. He insisted on reading all the instructions before we began playing to refresh his memory. He then had a massive strop when I won.
- The Mr Frosty flavourings were grim.
- Brother Geek had the fighting robots but they were plastic...boooooo.
- Scaletricx was BRILLIANT!! I have a very special memory of me and Daddy Geek ordering a cog and fixing the mini.
- The Boy gets VERY competitive and stroppy over Scrabble.
- What I wouldn't give form some Silly Putty right now.
- The Bezzie bought me a Space Hopper for Christmas about 4 years ago. She bought it for the Friend's reasons.
- I have a really early memory of playing Spirograph with my 2 goth/punk cousins. Still makes me laugh.
- Swingball is the closest I will ever get to being good at tennis. I believe the rents have one in the shed...which was originally my Wendy House.
- Top Trumps will live FOREVER!!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!
- I once got a black eye from Twister.
- I remember finding Weebles the weirdest but coolest things ever.

Happy Reading!!

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Thursday 3 January 2013

Top reads of 2012

So geeky book lovers, I'm on the band wagon...tah dah!!!!
Here are the top 10 books I read this year...I'm not going to put a big blurb bit about them all...just list them with a link and say maybe one or two lines...so you guys will know what is worth a read....in my humble opinion anyway.
By the way, they are in no particular order!

1. Above His Station - read this as a ebook on my iPhone and loved every second of it! I now have the sequel alllllll lined up on my iPhone and ready for reading! WHOOOOP!

2. A Discovery of Witches - well, this was recommended to me by my bezzie and I surprisingly enjoyed it! It was a spiffing read. I have recommended it to Wedding Obsessed Colleague....

3. THE ENTIRE GAME OF THRONES SERIES - YES ALLL OF THEM....I can't be arsed to link them all to this but you will find them easily enough as there are millions of them. THEY FRICKING RULE!!

4. The Twelve - one of the most anticipated books in my life ever ever in the world.

5. The Tattooist - this is from those wonderful Cutting Edge Press people. They print fantastic books. I haven't read a bad one from them so check those guys out!

6. The Testimony - this young man, Mr Smythe was not known to me until I read this book. I can't wait to read more of his stuff! YAY!

7. Pig Iron - wonderful and compelling and different and gripping book. Love this man! He even has a soundtrack to it! It rules also!

8. Care of Wooden Floors - funny and touching and beautiful and lovely and great to read. Not to be missed at all

9. Tom All Alone's - embrace the Dickens-esque love! EMBRACE IT NOW!

10. The Pianist - gorgeous book! The film was stunning but this is even more amazing!

Here is a little bonus......this is the worst book I have read all year.......


Happy Reading

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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Preview: Texts from dog

Publisher: Headline
Price: £ 9.99 (Hardback)

A friend of mine emailed me this fine selection of Texts from Dog a week-ish ago. I thought I would share them with you all as they totally crack me up!


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