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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Review: Ruta

Price: Unsure
Publisher: KBM (self published ebook I believe)

Well, this was not at all what I expected! It is completely unique and stand alone. I'm not even sure what type of genre it falls in to. The style of writing feels cathartic, as if the narrator is releasing all that has been worrying him...to an extent anyway. It feels almost like a series of diary entries. Yet it is conversational in some places and in others there is the feel of a stream of consciousness. 

The story (?) is written from the perspective of an unknown narrator looking back on events that mainly surround the school he used to teach in and a girl called Ruta. It also focuses on his art, his drawing, painting and computer graphic skills. Beautiful pictures are slotted in to the piece and they provide a juxtaposition to the hideous events and evil acts that are happening in the narrative. I don't know if hideous and evil could be considered too strong, but for me they seem to fit. In a way, the pictures seem to be reminding the narrator of the events. A little bit like how certain songs bring very vivid memories for me. 

I want to know if this raw and brutal and honest work is actually based on the life of KM or if it is all fiction. It kept me reading, and reading quickly! Indeed it was a short piece of writing but it evoked emotions and made me feel rather hollow...especially the end.

An unusual and provoking piece that I think I have actually enjoyed reading...however, again, I don't know if enjoyed is the right word. It hasn't provided me with joy so to speak, but I am pleased I have read it and whist reading it I wanted to keep going.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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