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Monday 28 January 2013

Review: Before His Time

Publisher: Not all that sure
Price: ebook £1.96

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the GLORIOUS sequel to Above His Station which I enjoyed so thoroughly that I was over the moon to discover that Mr. C was writing this book AND ANOTHER ONE TO COME LATER THIS YEAR.

The Station Guard and his rat friend return for more off the wall and highly enjoyable antics that you will no doubt find hard to put down. The tone is once again on occasion scathing and sarcastic which is right up my street. The recap was cracking and you are launched once again in to the Station Guard's mind/voice/narrative and you wouldn't want it any other way. The Monty Python references, film references and music references as well as a chocolate biscuit based simile make it a true joy to read from the offing and the whole way through.

Astrid does appear briefly and I still love her....I'm not sure it's ok to love a girly snake but I sure do. And of course, the rat kept me laughing and sniggering out loud the whole way through. The introduction of Lars and some of the plot was far darker and a more serious than ABH. It felt like a more serious and grown up novel in places...but those parts were just as uber great as the rest!

The flashbacks/reminiscing were still there and that was lovely as they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...of course the abuse of sales men and law based people was also back and I loved that tremendously also! 

AHS seemed more on the scifi side crossing in to the realms of fantasy and I feel that BHT goes more the other way round and does lean more to the old school fantasy realms with woodland creatures etc etc...but of course, don't you worry...it isn't all woodland creatures and nice ness.

If you have read AHS then defo read this and if you haven't read AHS then read that first as this is turning in to one amazing and crazy and funny and enjoyable series that sets things high up on the weirdshit-o-meter. DO NOT MISS OUT! READ THESE BOOKS TODAY.

I really cannot wait for Beyond His Years!

Happy reading

Book Geek

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