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Sunday 20 January 2013

From the days of yore!

A few weekends ago, whilst wondering around with The Boy, we begun discussing books from our childhood days!

I wanted to share some cracking ones with you and one or two things in addition!

I loved this book when I was little!! Apparently The Boy was scared shitless of it and whilst we were walking around, I quoted bits to him and he got really freaked out...it was funny!

There were many Pippo books and I loved them muchly! Muchly indeed!

The Boy had never heard of this!!!! Have you???

Need I say more?!?! AMAZING!

I read this book whilst on holiday in Greece with the Fam when I was probably about 15. I hated it! In my mind it is still the worst book I have ever ever read! Mummy Geek believes I was too old to read it when I did.

When I was around 15 I went on a school trip to Germany, I took this on the bus to read...not thinking that it may not go down too well with the Germans! What a dumb ass!

Legendary book!!!

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