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Monday 21 January 2013

Review: Amity and Sorrow

Publisher: Tinder Press
Price: Doesn't say on the book!

I didn't think I would like this as I started and I thought it would be about Amish people...I WAS SO WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS!

The book looks at the life of Amity and Sorrow and their Mother and what happens after the cult, after the fire, after the fleeing. It made me feel uncomfortable and sad and it evoked these emotions very quickly. This, for me any way, is a sign of great writing. The book is fantastically written and very intelligent. It makes you consider God, religion, control and the world around us. How other people see it, how other people live and how many things there are in this world that we have no concept and understanding of. 

The whole thing reminded me of Room. I was thinking about sheltered people, deprived people and controlled people who have no real grasp or understanding of the world through no fault of their own. Things like this fascinate me and disturb me all at the same time! 

Sorrow was the character that got to me most. I hated her but felt sorry for her all at the same time as she was a product of manipulation, indoctrination and to some extent stupidity. I didn't really find a character to love as they all had an element in them that caused me to despise them...sorry about that!

It is great to read first novels as I have no expectations or preconceptions and this book is certainly a fantastic first novel. It will be a book that people talk about and it will fuel debate and discussion. A must read.

Happy Reading

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