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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Review: TV Cream Toys

Publisher: The Friday Project
Price: (ebook for the lite edition) FREE

Ahhhh, you lovely people! Go back to your youth with this fantastically funny, nostalgic and wonderfully written book! You will love the crazy arsed comedy footnotes for defo, regardless of everything else in the world!!! It is a bit 21st Century Dodo and you have to read both...you must, must, must!

There are some totally fantastic asides too! They are amusing as can be, had me grinning and sniggering and I was trying not to laugh when reading it at times I shouldn't have been!! Also, the tables are cracking...you'll love them! The Cleudo entry is defo one of my faves, it was VERY clever and witty.

I do sadly have to say that I am a tad too young for some of the toys but boy do they sound AMAZING!!

As an extra little treat, I'm going to share some bits and pieces about me and these toys with you....you may get bored of my ramblings...don't feel you have to read them, but defo read this book!!!

- Action Man's cross bow was the best accessory he had! Also, with AM it made me laugh that blue pants are painted over his smooth area!
- I have no idea how to play backgammon but I wish I could as it always seems so sophisticated...like bridge!
- OH MY GOD!!!! The Big Yellow Tea Pot and OH MY GOD...THE BIG RED FUN BUS!! Squeeeeee! *faint*
- I used to think that the chocolate from the chocolate dispenser money thing was great and tasted better than normal chocolate. Like buttons and Easter egg chocolates.
- If you like C64s you may like the song by Along Came Man with the same name. The song has a very special place in my heart.
- Etch a Sketch has to be red, ALWAYS red.
- I never knew what those rubber monster finger things were called before this book!
- I am the only person in my friendship group that has ever heard of fuzzy felt and used it.
- Hungry hippos is the original hunger games....bonus points to anyone who can find the pic I stole that from....
- Lego is possibly, in my opinion, the best sodding thing in the world ever!!!
- I only discovered Meccano when Brother Geek got some.
- Monopoly is amazing to me. Uncle Geek used to cheat ALL the time when I played it with him when I was little. The most recent time I played it was with The Boy. He insisted on reading all the instructions before we began playing to refresh his memory. He then had a massive strop when I won.
- The Mr Frosty flavourings were grim.
- Brother Geek had the fighting robots but they were plastic...boooooo.
- Scaletricx was BRILLIANT!! I have a very special memory of me and Daddy Geek ordering a cog and fixing the mini.
- The Boy gets VERY competitive and stroppy over Scrabble.
- What I wouldn't give form some Silly Putty right now.
- The Bezzie bought me a Space Hopper for Christmas about 4 years ago. She bought it for the Friend's reasons.
- I have a really early memory of playing Spirograph with my 2 goth/punk cousins. Still makes me laugh.
- Swingball is the closest I will ever get to being good at tennis. I believe the rents have one in the shed...which was originally my Wendy House.
- Top Trumps will live FOREVER!!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!
- I once got a black eye from Twister.
- I remember finding Weebles the weirdest but coolest things ever.

Happy Reading!!

Book Geek

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