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Monday 30 November 2015

Review: Savage Lane

Publisher: No Exit Press
To start off with, I really liked the writing style. It was right up my street. Also, whilst the boko is creepy and unnerving, it seems so very real and normal. That makes it even more creepy and alarming...arrrrgghhh!!!
I think one of my fave things about this book were the curve balls that are thrown at you...then all of a sudden JS backtracks and you get the explanation. It kept me hooked, 100000000% hooked and it was really well done.
When it came to the characters, they are so well formed that I hated the ones who got comeuppance and loved the ones who were good. The humour in the book made this a great read too, and that can't be forgotten by any means.
I think what really hits you with the read however is that people are, in normal every day life, really rather complex but can be seriously bloody stupid when they want to be and let emotions, love and obsession take over.
A cracking read, that I really enjoyed and I think the cover is rather awesome too!
Happy Reading


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Review: The Defenceless

Publisher: Orenda Books
I will start off by letting you all know that this is another most excellently translated book from the lovely lady at Orenda! Boom.
I don't think I lost out on not reading the first AF book before embarking on this one, however I would like to read it. So, as far as I can say, don't be worried about not having read the previous novel.
The style of the novel was great and I enjoyed the story flicking between not only voices, but complete narratives, points of view and on occasion, cases! I also liked the complete mashup of gang crime, immigration and greed that the whole book encompasses.
When it comes to the characters.....I surprisingly liked Esko and Anna the most. You will see what I mean by the Esko comment when you read it.
All in all, a good crime novel and excellently translated. It has indeed inspired me to read other AF novels and more by KH!
Happy Reading

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Review: The City Stained Red

Publisher: Gollancz
Right then, I'd not read a Sam Sykes before, regardless of having the Tome of the Undergates on my bookshelf for about forever. And I do ask now, should I have read that before this????
This novel seemed spoof like in places, and then really rather serious and hard core in others. That was a tad odd to me! Also, I didn't find it 100% easy to follow and in many places I couldn't actually find a discernible plot to follow in the first place. I don't know if I just wasn't concentrating or if I'm an idiot, but that's how I found it.
The book did however actually make me laugh out loud in places! WELL DONE SS! That takes some doing!
Now, the plot...well what I made of it...it seems to be about a band of Adventurers finding their places in the world with some politics on the side. And whilst I do have the above bugbears about it, I did find the novel entertaining and I am encouraged to read more by SS to see how his other books go.
Happy Reading and do let me know about Tome!

Monday 16 November 2015

A Banned Book: American Psycho

Publisher: Picador
SOoooooo, AP was banned in Queensland for aaaaages and now only those over 18 may buy it! BOOM!
I really enjoyed the film, so when Boy Geek read this on holiday I thought, hell I should too! However, I had to buy my own copy as he had borrowed his from a mate and they have that weird don't bend the spine rules! (Cheers for getting it for me Big Green).
The style of the book took a while to get used to, especially the conversations. I wasn't 100% into the style for a long while, but I persisted and got there.

Throughout the whole novel all I could think at the truly horrifying moments is, how can someone's imagination contain all this? I really struggled to comprehend it in places!

However, the really big question is, is this all just the crazy mind of a disturbed fantasist, or is what is going on actually real? It's a massive question the whole way through and really drives you to read on and think about the book a lot after.

Defos not a read for the squeamish or feint hearted!

Read on!


Monday 9 November 2015

A Popular Author's First Book: Sarah Canary

Publisher: Gollancz
Just to kick things off, I preferred the cover on the copy I had! :-p
Secondly, KJF is considered a legend and master, so this counts as her first book and she is popular author in her genre!
This was not the book I expected at all! It wasn't as simple and basic by any means. I wouldn't say it is particularly sci-fi either tbh so the above cover has really thrown me off.
I really liked the inclusion of Native American/Chinese politics. That was really rather interesting and definitely unexpected!
I really enjoyed the historical context parts of this novel, but to be honest, the story just made me feel really, rather bored. There didn't seem to be one.
Overall, I spent the majority of this book hoping the story wasn't the main focus and what really mattered when it came down to the crunch was the comments on women, Chinese, Native Americans and those with mental health issues. I'm really hoping that this book is one big comment on the fairness that minorities deserve. I'm really hoping the story is not what people love about this book!
I'd like to know what other people think so let me know!

Friday 6 November 2015

Review: Gleam

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
I love a good fantasy novel and I bloody love a good quest! Huzzah all round for Gleam on that front. It's a cracking quest style fantasy novel but the best part is that the group we become friends with are bad ass losers! BOOM!
I loved the fact that the (anti) hero is called ALAN! And I love that the others have odd/interesting names in comparison.
The style was good and the characters were cracking, epic beings. I liked the slight scifi edge and the book as a whole reminded me of Ecko series due to that (still waiting to get my hands on the last one of that series BTW).
The description in this book was also epic and it was clear enough that I really could picture it all in my mind! And what was even better is that I didn't find the descriptive passages at all self indulgent as can often be the case in books of this style.
Oh, and a not on the physical aspect of the book....LOVE A HARDBACK WITHOUT A DUST JACKET! YAY!
So, happy reading

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Review: Hack

Publisher: Titan Books
Just a quickie as I'm in the office and have shizz to do...

This book is very, very, very funny! It has an excellent loose and free flowing style that I absolutely loved. Totally easy to read because of this and rather enjoyable to boot.

I really enjoyed how surreal many things seemed, but how normal KC makes these events in his style of writing and approach to them. As well as how the characters deal with them. Apart from FX, he is surreal.

I also thoroughly enjoyed how the book delves into hard hitting things such as military corruption, blackmail and murder, but the combination of it with the quips and parody is excellent.

So, enjoy this read, I defos did!

Happy reading


Sunday 1 November 2015

Book of Short Stories: The Angel Esmarelda

Publisher: Picador

Soooooooo, yep, this is book of short stories. I'm going to do my usual and just comment on each story.

BTW, always really loved DD, so when I came across this book about 4 years ago I was psyched. Not sure however how I didn't come to read it till recently. It seems that each story tells you a lesson...so here are some thoughts.

To start this story made me feel warm and excited. However there is reality that the men are bastards and the beauty of the story turns completely black.

Human Moments in WWII
An immense sense of loneliness came with this story. Also attempting to gain/maintain a life seems to be the drive. What is human about us? That's a question that I found made this story what it is.

The Runner
People can't and don't want the wars to be true. And others want to protect people from things even thought they knew things to be true. 

The Ivory Acrobat
Is this all about confidence? You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in each other as well. You have to ignore what everyone else says that's bad but embrace what's good. Oh and ignore mass hysteria.

The Angel Esmerelda
People really really aren't always what they seem. Oh and nuns can really be bloody judgemental it seems! I don't think I got the visions bit though....

Anything can happen in an instant, anything at all! Also, everything can go bad/tits up in an instant. The story starts off a bit whimsical but soon enough gets as dark as they come. 

Midnight in Dostoevsky
People don't want others invading and destroying their world. Especially when they are proved wrong at the same time. 

Hammer and Sickle
The story starts to make sense but then it disintegrates. Are we in a prison or a loony bin? Do these people really see daughters? The book made me feel really weird whilst reading.

The Starveling
This book told me that real life is deaf weird but it can also be pretty awesome. Take time to watch and also, enjoy it. 

Anyway, DD fans will enjoy so have a read