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Friday 6 November 2015

Review: Gleam

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
I love a good fantasy novel and I bloody love a good quest! Huzzah all round for Gleam on that front. It's a cracking quest style fantasy novel but the best part is that the group we become friends with are bad ass losers! BOOM!
I loved the fact that the (anti) hero is called ALAN! And I love that the others have odd/interesting names in comparison.
The style was good and the characters were cracking, epic beings. I liked the slight scifi edge and the book as a whole reminded me of Ecko series due to that (still waiting to get my hands on the last one of that series BTW).
The description in this book was also epic and it was clear enough that I really could picture it all in my mind! And what was even better is that I didn't find the descriptive passages at all self indulgent as can often be the case in books of this style.
Oh, and a not on the physical aspect of the book....LOVE A HARDBACK WITHOUT A DUST JACKET! YAY!
So, happy reading

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