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Sunday 1 November 2015

Book of Short Stories: The Angel Esmarelda

Publisher: Picador

Soooooooo, yep, this is book of short stories. I'm going to do my usual and just comment on each story.

BTW, always really loved DD, so when I came across this book about 4 years ago I was psyched. Not sure however how I didn't come to read it till recently. It seems that each story tells you a lesson...so here are some thoughts.

To start this story made me feel warm and excited. However there is reality that the men are bastards and the beauty of the story turns completely black.

Human Moments in WWII
An immense sense of loneliness came with this story. Also attempting to gain/maintain a life seems to be the drive. What is human about us? That's a question that I found made this story what it is.

The Runner
People can't and don't want the wars to be true. And others want to protect people from things even thought they knew things to be true. 

The Ivory Acrobat
Is this all about confidence? You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in each other as well. You have to ignore what everyone else says that's bad but embrace what's good. Oh and ignore mass hysteria.

The Angel Esmerelda
People really really aren't always what they seem. Oh and nuns can really be bloody judgemental it seems! I don't think I got the visions bit though....

Anything can happen in an instant, anything at all! Also, everything can go bad/tits up in an instant. The story starts off a bit whimsical but soon enough gets as dark as they come. 

Midnight in Dostoevsky
People don't want others invading and destroying their world. Especially when they are proved wrong at the same time. 

Hammer and Sickle
The story starts to make sense but then it disintegrates. Are we in a prison or a loony bin? Do these people really see daughters? The book made me feel really weird whilst reading.

The Starveling
This book told me that real life is deaf weird but it can also be pretty awesome. Take time to watch and also, enjoy it. 

Anyway, DD fans will enjoy so have a read


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