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Thursday 1 May 2014

Review: Noose

Price: £ 14.95 (kindle)
Publisher: Severn House

When I saw this book on NetGalley I was rather intrigued...'No one can escape their past it says...'on the front. Yes, that's true, however, I'm sorry to say but this was a pretty tedious past to not be able to escape.

Ian is a Jurno, he used to be a little boy in the war, then he was in the RAF. Some stuff happened to him and bits of it impacted his life in the future. But really, not all that much.

When looking at Ian's childhood I wasn't all that fussed with the story. And when we looked at him from RAF career onwards, it was yes more exciting, but it wasn't really all that much to do with him escaping or being tied in by his past as the book leads you to believe. Which I was a tad disappointed by.

I found some of the chapters rather difficult to follow as the writing was very rambling and didn't flow, which then of course led me to have NO idea what was going on in places.

If this book had focussed more on Ian's life from RAF time onwards I think it would have been far more enjoyable, so I'll say the second half of the book was alright. I'm sure people will enjoy all of it, but I didn't alas. However, the first half was set in Wales. Yay for Wales!

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