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Thursday 8 May 2014

Review: Shadowmagic

Price: 99p ebook
Publisher: Friday Project

Conor lives in The Real World, however, little does he know, he's not actually from there. He's from somewhere else and his life is about to be turned upside down...but it's bloody awesome!

I love a good fantasy novel, and I love one with a good comic edge which this one certainly has! Huzzah! The whole book is very Darren Craske and reminded me a lot of Mythbound (by the way Mr C, where is the next one??). Spose that's because they have the same publishers. Bravo Friday Project, Bravo indeed!

Anyway, the characters are great, the goodies are suitably good, the baddies are suitably bad and there is indeed a sufficient level of cross purposes and skulduggery for me to have had a total hoot reading this book. There is action and there are plot twists, there is a bit of love and there are some serious laughs. It's always great to read a YA/kids(ish) book that has something for the grown ups too...not that I profess to be that grown up deep down.

Also, the book is based on a big epic quest and you alllll know how much I love a quest. The whole thing let my imagination run wild and that's exactly what I love when it comes to fantasy and why I'm such a big fan.

To conclude, this is a cracking little read, and guess what, there are two more! I've already bought them and I suggest you all do too!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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