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Monday 18 August 2014

Review: Graveyard Games

I can only find the audibook info now! SORRY
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Dusty's brother is dead and she is heading back to her old home town to grieve and find out exactly what the hell has been going on!

I will start at the beginning. The premise of this book had much promise as the relationships between alllll the characters were very complex. Some, were obviously so, like between Dusty and Shane and Dusty and her step mum, then some, such as the relationship between Dusty and Nick were far more complex as first made out. I absolutely loved the inter character relationships. You could see that they were all very emotional and had a lot of history and baggage. It was rather good indeed in that respect.

I also loved Dusty as her struggle with life in general, was hugely convincing. I felt really sorry for her and wanted her to be ok, I wanted to follow through with the book to make sure she found her feet and herself again.

The problem is, that the last 1/4 of the book is complete, total and utter bollocks. The book had such promise at the start. Even when Shane is telling Dusty about some things Nick told him, close to the end, it was great...then the ridiculous turn happened and the book became a complete pile of wank.

I am very sad that this book took such a turn for the worse, as until then I was really really enjoying it.


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