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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Revie: The Woman in Blue

Publisher: Quercus
I can't remember if I have read one of these before or not...and I mean one of the Ruth books. It feels like I have, things feel familiar....but I'm wondering this could be because this is a pretty standard/formula crime novel that fits all the required parts together nicely.
But the fact it fits the mould isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the book did the job of being an easy commuter read. It's also still a page turner and that's also, again what I look for in a decent crime novel.
I enjoyed the religious aspect of this novel as well. The women as priests debate may be a bit old now but it was interesting indeed as not come across it in a novel before....also suppose the woman as bishops aspect is topical of this for the moment.
Also, I laughed out loud a few times in the last 50 pages as there are some cracking one liners, I think I ended up enjoying the book even more because of those :-)
So, if you want an easy read crime novel, go for this one...it's decent.
Happy reading

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