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Friday 2 December 2016

Review: Forbidden Line

Publisher: Galley Beggar
I wish, oh I wish I was more intelligent so I could REALLY appreciate this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I really really did, but 1. I wish I had read Don Quixote before I read it and that I had the Peasants' Revolt sorted!
So, if you want to read this book and REALLY get to the heart and grit, get on the above first.
Nonetheless, I think this book is marvellous. It's mad, it's eccentric, it's gripping, it's lovely, it's beautifully written, it's absorbing, it's challenging...it's basically everything...it's even funny!
I love how nothing is questioned at any point, I love how the path that Is and Don are taking seems completely normal the more you get sucked in by the pages.
I think my favourite thing however is the narrator. The narrator interjections are fabulous and funny and make you realise every now and again that you should be thinking that these two unlikely friends are bloody mental.
Do read this book and embrace it. Let it suck you it and take you over.

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