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Tuesday 4 August 2015

A book with magic: The Adventures of Vaclav the Magnificent and his Lovely Assistant Lena

Publisher: Windmill

I'm doing a lot of apologising to you lot lately as I keep being rubbish at tweeting, writing reviews etc. Sorry about that....got a lot of shizz going down still...hopefully it will end soon though!

Moving on...

I've put this as a book with magic for my 2016 reading challenge as Vaclav is a magician. I know it's not fantasy magic, but it's honest real life magic and I like that! YAY.

This is a perfectly, beautifully and delicately written book. It deals with love, life, family, friendship and more. I challenge you not to fall in love with it, and the gorgeous characters that have been created!

Lena will break your heart and you will feel desperately sad for her. You only want her to have something she can hold on to and get the answers she needs. Rasia is a wonderful mum! She does her best, but worries and cares. All she really seems to need is someone to love her back and listen to her. Vaclav...well...I tell you what, it's his whole place in the story that made me really get to grips with him. His relationship with Lena is incredibly touching. He really understands her fragility, angst and trauma and that is gorgeous. Trina was a character that I, to much surprise to myself, started to feel sorry for she is a caring soul in her own way.

As I said above this book is delicately written, it really is, and when you read some portions you will see what I mean. I enjoyed this book far, far more than I thought I would and had somewhat of a book hangover. It was an unexpected gem!

Happy Reading


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