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Wednesday 9 September 2015

A book set in the future: Lockin

Publisher: Gollancz

Hey all

Sorry I've been so quiet for so long review wise. I've been having a shitter of a time. Things are however starting to look a bit better so I've put my review hat on for the first time in FOREVER.

I apologise that until I catch up, my reviews may not be as usual as I'm writing from notes and I read some of these books a long time ago. However, I will try my best, and thanks for sticking with me!

Now the review.

This book is set 15 years in the future (from 2014) and the concept is totally scary as hell! So scary due to the questions it brings up surrounding control of people, disease and technology. Also, as I have a very vivid imagination it gave me the heebie jeebies as such a thing as being locked in one's body but being able to live through tech is possible in my mind!! (It's an odd place) The Agora also freaked me out, as there is a whole virtual community that only the select portion of the population can have access to when they can access the rest of the world with ease!

There were a lot of moral questions brought to mind whilst reading this book and I had a lot of internal debate about if Haden's should be equivalent to people and have the rights of people...don't worry, I came to what I believe is the correct answer. But it's great to come across a book that really gets you thinking and is so politically minded.

It was strange to have the main character without human description until much later on. You really get to know Chris' personality and you completely forget that he is a person. So when his human body was described and his family it was not what I expected. It also got me wondering if physical description has an impact on opinions readers form of characters! 

On the whole a good read that was more business and politically minded than blood and gore minded. That was a good thing to see and was a refreshing when looking at the type of book I've been reading recently (you'll see).

Happy Reading


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