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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Review: The Country of the Bad Wolfes

Publisher: No Exit Press

If you will all recall, I read the first book in this series The Rules of Wolfe when on holiday earlier in the year and thought it was a stonker. So, when this one arrived I was thrilled, especially when I saw the size of it (I like big books and I cannot lie).

It was odd to go back to the history of the Wolfe family after the Rules of Wolfe, however, I can see why this was done, because if this was the first Wolfe book I had received, I honestly would not have bothered to read the others. I mean, I enjoyed reading it to an extent when I picked it up as I had the more recent Wolfe story in mind, however, fucking hell, did I struggle to pick this book up!

The whole thing also seemed to get very rushed after JR and this portion would have been better to have been the focus as it was far far more interesting!!!

So, we can safely say I am not a massive fan of this book..but don't worry.....I'll be reviewing the third one soon and I did enjoy that indeed!

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