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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Review: The Darkness That Divides Us

Publisher: World Editions

I'm going to let you all know from the start that this is a very intense book, but one you all should read!!!

Part 1 is written by a mass voice of 6 year olds. It was one of the most intimidating and intense things I had ever read. A big homogenous voice/opinion from a collection of tiny humans about one person, their life and family is truly terrifying as a concept and is even more terrifying when written down!!! WAHHH!!!! It makes you think however. Well, at least it made me think about how opinions change as people get older, how group mentality shifts/develops/shrinks or breeds and how stigma is dealt with.

Part 2 is from Lucy's POV. This is far more personal and comfortable to read. But it is still rather dark and out can see that she is very different from the other kids.

Part 3 is so so tragic. It's so sad that life goes meh again for one that is so young and messed up because of their past, and what other people have done. Especially those people who are meant to be the ones who loved you all along. Lucy's more adult POV is good once again as she is so much older, however, I think her emotions really hit me as I wasn't in the best frame of mind when reading and could empathise.

When it came to the characters I would like to say that despite all you may think throughout reading this book, and learn about L&D, you will find them wonderful in the end. Truly wonderful.

Before I finish this review two final notes. The translation is stocking....well done. I really don't get the cover...AT ALL!!

Happy Reading



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