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Friday 3 July 2015

A book based entirely on its cover: The Terminators - Matt Helm

Publisher: Titan Books

Yet another Matt Helm novel under my belt and of course it starts in true style with its misogynistic style! I don't know why I can put up with it, but I do, and in a way find it all very amusing!

The Scandi aspect of the book was brilliant, I liked the change! Diana was not as much of a drip as the usual females are so that was great and made me feel a bit better about the misogyny.

I can't seem to escape the oil sector also it seems as this is what drives the plot of this book. This high action, faux bond style thing that DH seems to do so well.

I have a criticism of this book though. I think it went a bit too far even for a Helm novel and that made me a bit sad. But, it's a fun and easy read nonetheless.

I also want to say...Wahhhhhh STUMBLEBUM!!!

Oh and it's a book based entirely on its cover a well...it's set in Scandinavia, there are snipers and naked ladies.....

Happy Reading


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